Located in the Western Pacific, Guam is a tropical island only hours away from the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Those who know Guam know the island for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous coastal views. However, those who have yet to explore this beautiful island will fall in love with it, the same way people admire the adventures at Koh Phi Phi.

At the same time, this American territory is home to the native Chamorro community, an indigenous community of Guam that inhabited the island as early as 2000 BC! Though many history buffs enjoy learning about Chamorro culture, hundreds of historical sites go back to the second World War and times dating to the Spanish and American periods.

All in all, whether a traveler is seeking the history of its gorgeous beach views, Guam has it all. Discover some incredible landmarks around the island perfect for history buffs and beachgoers alike!

8 Gef Pa'go Cultural Village

Ever wondered what traditional culture was like in Guam? Thanks to the Inalahan Foundation, visitors can learn about the Chamorro culture, the native community of Guam. Staffed primarily by elderly Chamhorros, tourists can check out Gef Pa'go and learn about traditional cuisine, art, and handiwork. The village is located close to Inarajan in Southern Guam.

7 Hagatna's Chamorro Village Market

Hagatna's Chamorro Village Market is bustling from Monday to Friday, offering visitors an eclectic variety of artwork, crafts, food, and souvenirs to bring home. Located in Guam's capital city, the market is also popular on Wednesday nights. Visitors can enjoy dancing underneath the tropical skies. At the same time, foodies will also love Hagatna's, Chamorro Village Market. There are numerous food stalls to discover Guamanian cuisine. Influenced by various cuisines, foodies can enjoy local delectables like kelaguen, buñelos aga, or eskabeche! This is a fun way to learn about Guam's local traditions and cuisine and is perfect for travelers who love to shop.

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6 Guam Museum

Exploring Hagatna by foot is a perfect way to admire the city's architecture (with some signs of Spanish influence). In addition, tourists will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the Chamorro culture on Guam, from its traditional music (known as Kanton Chamorro style) or the local folklore surrounding some landmarks. However, the permanent exhibits at the Guam Museum are a great way to learn more about the history and heritage of Guam's Chamorro people. Through photos, videos, and 300+ artifacts, visitors can learn about the island's history that dates back thousands of years!

5 Guam's Spanish Forts

Guam has a rich history tied to Asian and American influences despite its small size. Guam also has influence and ties to Spain. Starting in the 16th (until the 18th) century, the European nation built fourteen fortifications across the island to protect their Pacific trade routes. Today, visitors can explore some of these forts, including the Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad and Fort Santa Agueda.

Alternatively, for some more history, in some southern homes in Guam, the Spanish influence is visible through their architecture. For example, some churches call many villages home on the island, some dating back to the 17th century! Alternatively, history buffs can marvel at the remains of buildings with Spanish influence, such as the Plaza de España or the village of Sumay.

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4 Valley Of The Latte

Valley Of The Latte is ideal to satisfy both history buffs and nature lovers! This eco-friendly tourist attraction is an action-packed adventure park filled with nature, activities, and local history programs. Visitors at Valley of the Latte can enjoy carabao rides, paddle boarding, fishing, and kayaking! Alternatively, tourists can take a relaxing ride on the river cruise along the Talofofo and Ugum Rivers, learning about the Latte site and local wildlife. Visitors who've gone to Valley of the Latte recognize it as one of the best excursions in Guam!

3 Fish Eye Marine Park

Located in Piti, the Fish Eye Marine Park is a family-friendly destination built for fun! Soak in the sights of Guam's gorgeous coral reefs and tropical fish and cross the park's ocean bridge to watch some dolphins playing around. The park also offers eco-snorkeling excursions for tourists and an exciting dinner show for guests!

2 Southern Guam's Priest's Pools

Merizo is home to Guam's Priest's Pools, stunning bodies of water against the backdrop of the island's lush, vegetative landscape. This gorgeous sight comprises eight pools that draw water from the nearby Pigua River, making for a peaceful and quaint hike. Visit the pools while taking in scents of the fields of wildflowers! The Priest's Pools were named after Spanish priests (presumably from the nearby San Dimas Catholic Church) who often frequented the pools to refresh and bathe.

1 South Pacific Memorial Park

The South Pacific Memorial Park was once an intense battle toward World War II. Today, the peaceful park serves as a memorial to those who lost their lives for freedom during the war, especially those of Japanese, American, and Pacific Islander descent. The park is adorned with a 50-ft memorial, alongside a Buddhist temple home to countless war artifacts.

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