Exploring a new country means making lists of sights, learning some of the language (the best that we can), and finding some amazing restaurants. Traveling to Greece means fresh food (including fish) and getting the chance to eat outside since the weather is so lovely. There's nothing like enjoying our mid-day or evening meal with some fresh air and a cool breeze on our faces... and there are many restaurants in Greece that offer up incredible scenery along with delicious food.

These restaurants in Greece come with a view, so besides checking out landmarks that history buffs will love, we're going to pull up a chair at these spots.


Lauda Restaurant Is Right On The Stunning Blue Water In Santorini

When you're thinking about restaurants in Greece where the scenery is as beautiful as the food, you definitely can't miss out on Santorini. While you'll want to check out the Blue Domed Church when you're there, you'll also want to dine at Lauda Restaurant. Santorini is such a special place with super blue skies and matching blue water and you'll feel like you're experiencing the best of it here.

Imagine enjoying a basket of bread, a glass of wine or cocktail, and beautifully composed food while looking out at the water. It sounds like heaven and this is exactly what you'll get here. As a Trip Advisor review explains, "Food, staff, view. No words to describe how amazing was my experience at Lauda. I’m calling it an experience because wasn’t just dinner. Seriously, you can’t miss that."

The food is pretty fancy, ranging from Octopus to Lobster to Chocolate Mousse for dessert, so you'll definitely have to treat yourself. You can get either the Tasting Menu (which has six courses) or the Discovery Menu (which has eight courses). You might want to come here twice during your trip to Greece so you can try out either option.

7 Thalasses In Rethymnon, Crete Has Incredible Seafood And Romantic Views, Too

Rethymnon is a city in Crete (an island in Greece) that we don't want to miss out on. And while we're there, we're going to have to try a restaurant called 7 Thalasses. Between the seafood that is on your plate and the water view, it's not hard to imagine why this place has so many fans. A customer shared about the beautiful atmosphere on Trip Advisor: "Upon arrival we were greeted with a very warm welcome and seated on the perfect table literally NEXT to the sea, the surroundings were amazing!" This is a super romantic restaurant and this would be the perfect place to go when celebrating a birthday or anniversary. This restaurant is so beautiful that it should totally be considered a landmark in Crete.

You can find literally any type of fish here, from salmon to sea bream to tuna and shrimp, and even the appetizers are very seafood-heavy along with being super creative. Want Guacamole with crispy shrimp? What about Grilled Squid that also has lemon, olive oil, and roasted pine nuts? Everything on the menu sounds great, and there's even a brunch buffet that includes pancakes served with chocolate and nuts.

These restaurants in Greece come with a beautiful view and sitting right by the sea while dining on seafood is a lovely way to spend a warm evening. Looking at these pretty photos we can almost smell the sea air and feel the breeze on our faces.

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