10 Great Working Class Cities In The UK To Visit

The definition of working class can vary depending on what part of the world you're from and who you've been informed by. In the United Kingdom, however, it's all about social positioning. Many cities that feature hard-working laborers and people from poorer backgrounds tend to fall into this definition.

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The 10 cities on this list each have their own special niches, and that's what separates them from the rest of the pack. Here are 10 working class cities in the U.K. that you must visit.

10 Hull

As a port city, Hull is generally considered to be a pretty important hub on the Humber. With the growing student population in the city, it seems to just be going from strength to strength.

Beyond that, though, the East Yorkshire destination is full of hard-working people that aren’t really located in a place that receives too much attention from the government. It’s a little bit gritty and a bit more unconventional than most Northern cities.

9 Lincoln

In another famous university entry, we’ve arrived in Lincoln. While it may not be viewed as one of the natural choices for a weekend away, this medieval city has always served as the boundary, at least in our mind, when you drift from the Midlands right up into the heart of the north. The history that lies beneath Lincoln has been well established over the years, and the people of Lincoln have worked incredibly hard to raise the reputation of the city up to the point that it’s at today.

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If you get the chance, visit the cathedral and really take in the story behind it.

8 Birmingham

It’s known for being the second city, but Birmingham is also regarded as one of the most important cities within the Industrial Revolution. This place was a giant within the realms of manufacturing and would be considered as the pride of the Midlands in the eyes of many historians. The rough accent kind of sums up the hardened exterior of most that reside or live near the city, and we love that.

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They’re an unapologetic bunch, and they’re starting to come into their own as a cultural hub.

7 Carlisle

Carlisle is another great working-class city in the United Kingdom that you should definitely viist. Historically speaking, the locals have put in the hard graft necessary that makes folks linger around Carlisle even when they’re done checking out the Lake District. When you’re up so close to the Scottish border, it’s difficult not to allow some of that fiery spirit to rub off on you, which is exactly the sort of vibe we get.

Plus, and we’ll never stop mentioning this, they have some top-class chips & curry sauce. So definitely enjoy those foods when you come here.

6 Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent has actually been voted as the top working class city in the UK, which is more than enough to justify its inclusion on this list.

From a nature standpoint, it’s incredibly underrated with plenty of trails and lakes to enjoy, but right at the heart of it all, the pottery industry owes a great debt to the people of Stoke who have worked for years upon years to bring it up to the point we’re currently at. The landlocked city sits right in the middle of the country.

5 Wolverhampton

The Black Country took one look at the Brummies and said anything you can do, we can do better. Wolverhampton has been viewed in a lot of ways over the years, and most of the reviews aren’t pleasant. The history of this place is years of blood, sweat, and tears.

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It's a great place to visit as there is locally-made jewlery and arts and crafts, so if that appeals to you, check it out.

4 Sheffield

The steel city has been living up to its nickname for a long time. Nothing has ever come easy to the people of Sheffield and it’s never been the princess of the ball, but it doesn’t claim to be, either. The locals have a bit of banter about them, they love where they come from, and the pride of the metalwork industry shines bright.

While some would say they live in the past, others know that's not true at all, and this city definitely deserves to be included on a list of cities to visit.

3 Durham

Thanks to Durham University, this city has a lot of college students, and it's another great working-class U.K. city to visit.

County Durham and the namesake city within it wouldn’t be quite as popular as it is today if it wasn’t for the years of graft put in by those putting in the hours both in and out of the public sector.

2 Wakefield

The cathedral city of Wakefield is perhaps one of the most down to earth locations you could ever hope to visit in your lifetime. Sure, they may not have a local soccer team at the highest level, but they’re all about rugby anyway. It’s traditional and it’s a little bit old school, but if you’re part of that community for a day, then you’re part of that community for life.

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They look after their own and they work hard to enjoy the little things in this life.

1 Manchester

The strong industrial heritage that is rife in Manchester serves as a badge of pride for many of the locals, and rightfully so. It's worth noting that the north does have a working-class stereotype, but at the end of the day, when talking about Manchester, we can say that they’ve done a tremendous job of putting themselves on the map.

From the textiles work to the manual labor their heart and soul went into their work, and while they’ve drifted towards the digital side of things these days, that’s still very much the case.

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