It would seem that ever more people are saying to their bosses - "You can keep your stupid job! I quit!" The Great Resignation (or Big Quit) is upon us and has taken much of the world (the United States in particular) by storm. There are now droves of employees voluntarily resigning from their jobs and this has been going on since early 2021 and is likely a response to the pandemic.

People are quitting their jobs en masse. People are not only leaving their job in place for a similar one in the same industry but people are also leaving their careers entirely in search of something that they enjoy more and find more fulfillment in.


The Great Resignation is Taking The World By Storm


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According to the BBC, a recent survey by Microsoft of over 30,000 global workers revealed that 41% of the workers were considering quitting or changing their professions in 2021. This phenomenon is being observed from the United States to Europe to China (there called the "tang ping").

  • 41% of Workers: Are Considering Quitting Or Changing Their Professions
  • Where: Around The World - USA, Europe, China

After record numbers of forced layoffs from the pandemic in 2020, record numbers are now just voluntarily resigning. In April 2021 alone over 4 million people threw in the towel.

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2020 Shook Up The Workplace

For many, it has been the way they have been treated by their employers. Many are feeling undervalued and unheard. Many have felt that their health and safety weren't properly taken into consideration over the events of the last few years and have come to see their workplace as just about business and money with no enjoyment.

  • Mistreated: Many People Felt Mistreated In 2020

Many employees are reacting to the way they were treated and workplaces that offered their employees support are having a better go now at retaining their employees.

The events of the last few years have dramatically shaken up the workplace. People now know they can work from home and don't need to go into the office and get stuck in peak hour traffic day in and day out.

  • The Last Straw: For Many Who Were Teetering on The Edge Of Quitting Before 2020 Found Themselves At Breaking Point
  • Bad Work Environments: Companies With Bad Work Environments Have Seen Their Employees Pack Up Their Bags and Leave
  • Good Work Culture: Companies With Good Work Culture Are Tending To Retain Their Employees
  • Most Important: For Many Employees, The Most Important Thing Is How they Are Treated

People may think that they can save an hour or two from communicating. Working from home may also mean they can work remotely and have more freedom to travel and work while seeing their friends and family.

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 New Horizons and New Opportunities

The people are resigning in pursuit of their 'dream job'.

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The Great Resignation can be seen as an opportunity. So much has been shaken up over the last few years and so much has changed. Why go back to something that one was always unhappy with? Or why continue with something when there are better options?

In today's world, it is easy to change one's job and profession and it is increasingly easy to work online. For years employees were told, that they must work from the office with their job. But overnight in 2020, they had to work from home. The vale fell and more people came to see new possibilities.

  • Work Online: There Are More Opportunities to Work Online and Remotely

That means that one has the ability to completely change one's lifestyle. If one can work online, one doesn't need to live in the expensive suburbs. One can travel and work and enjoy at great more mobility.

  • Travel: More People Can Work And Travel Now

Imagine completing one's work online remotely on a tropical beach somewhere or in an alpine resort. One can even work while flying. Flying around the world was dead vacation time, now with the right job, that time can be a productive time.

  • Flying: Even Flying Can Be Productive Time And Not Come Out of One's Vacation Time

Many more people are stepping into the brave new world of being a digital nomad and being free to live wherever they want - a cabin in the Sierra Nevadas or a beach bungalow in Mexico.

  • Digital Nomad: More And More People Are Becoming Digital Nomads

For some, they are not even concerned about money as the number one priority and instead want to see and experience the world. One way people are doing this is by volunteering and traveling.

The Great Resignation is not for everyone, but it is a reminder that there are often many more options than one may be aware of.

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