Finding a family trip that all members of your family will enjoy can sometimes be a challenge. If you have teenagers, planning a fun vacation can be especially hard, as teenagers might not want to do the vacations that adults or younger children are interested in. If you have teenagers in your household, you want to make sure they will enjoy the trip and make memories they will keep throughout their lifetime. You also don’t want them to dread or complain about what you're doing.

When planning a family trip with your teenagers, there are some ideas that are sure to please. These 10 ideas make great vacations that your teen will be sure to enjoy.

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When it comes to teenagers, spending time on social media is important. Having a vacation where they can post beautiful pictures that make them look fabulous and cool is a must these days. This is why Hawaii is such a great place. Honolulu offers both a city as well as the beautiful landscape and beaches of Oahu. Teens will love going to Waikiki Beach or exploring the city. Also, you can make the adventurous teen happy by going snorkeling or hiking.


A cruise makes a perfect family vacation for people of all ages. There are many different kinds of cruises available. Depending on the age of your family and the interests of your teens, you can pick a destination and cruise line that will be the right fit.

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Many cruises offer activities specifically for teens including lounge areas and dances. Plus, a cruise is perfect for teenagers as the food is always available and included. Your teens will love being able to eat all day and be surrounded by the ocean.


For many teenagers who aren’t growing up on the East Coast, New York City is seen as a fabulous city and destination to visit. NYC is perfect for Instagram photos and has many iconic places that teens will love. There are many sites from movies all over the city for a teenager who loves pop culture. Also, there is shopping galore. This is an action-packed, high-energy city that’s perfect if your teenager loves cities and wants to get that kind of experience. Also, landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge are sure to please.


Los Angeles is another city in the United States that is often associated with glamour. There are many things here that teens interested in pop culture, or just with being hip, will love. Whether it’s taking pictures of the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, or Santa Monica Pier, there are places all around that will make your teen feel like a celebrity.


If you live in the United States, one thing many teens probably want to do on vacation is to go overseas. If you’ve never taken your teen to a foreign country, London is a good place to start if English is your native language. There is a lot of history here as well as many modern, hip things to see and do. Plus, if you're a teenager is more on the nerdy side, there are a lot of fun nerd related things to do in London from Harry Potter sites to Sherlock and more.


While amusement parks might be associated more with family vacations for young children, they are also great for teenagers. Disney parks have things that people of all ages can enjoy, but you can also opt for theme and amusement parks that cater a bit more to an older audience.

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Universal Studios seems to be catered a bit less to kids, and you could also try Disney’s California Adventure. Plus, there are many unique theme and amusement parks across the country that provide thrills and fun.


While some teenagers are all about glamour and social media, some enjoy being adventurous and getting more active. Even for a teen who is more indoorsy, seeing some of the sites in Yellowstone can be worth it.

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This park can be more relaxed as you can drive to many of the more iconic sites such as Old Faithful. Or, if you want a really active visit, you can plan to hike many of the trails in the park and spend time camping.

3 3. PARIS

Many teenagers are all about romance and love, even if they don’t know much about it yet. Paris is the perfect overseas destination for a teenager who wants to go somewhere with history, culture, and beautiful places to take pictures. They will love trying the delicious foods including delicate pastries. Plus, going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

2 2. TOKYO

Tokyo is a city that offers a wide variety of activities. There are modern skyscrapers and neon lights everywhere mixed with traditional buildings and sites full of history. Tokyo offers a city experience that is unique and exciting. The Tokyo Skytree gives a great view of the city. There are a million shops and delicious food to explore, and your teen will love it here. There is something that everyone in the city can enjoy.


An all-inclusive resort has many of the perks of a cruise but with a slightly different flair. These resorts allow your teen and you to pick the activities you want to do and go your separate ways. This is appealing for teenagers who probably don’t want to spend the entire trip glued to your side. There are some family-friendly, all-inclusive resorts in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico that offer beautiful beaches and active sports. You can also check out Mayan ruins and more for some history.

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