There are random things travelers should know before visiting the Grand Canyon. Then, there's this article. Not only is the Grand Canyon kid-friendly, but here's how to plan a day the whole family will love. That's right.

Of course, you and your family can stay in the Grand Canyon for two days, but we're sure you'll get enough of the canyon in one day just like Will Smith and his family did. The canyon, which dominates a 277-mile stretch of the Colorado River in Arizona, is one of the world's most iconic landmarks. While it's unclear how old it actually is, we're sure you know what to expect on your trip, but end up bumping into some surprises along the way. We'll tell you more.

10 Yes, You Can Plan A Cheap Trip To The Grand Canyon

Arizona is affordable, and the Grand Canyon isn't an exception, but you should steer clear of the helicopter tour if you want to plan a cheap trip. You'll be able to get the same great views from the ground, the rims, and the national park, which has recovered from a massive trail closure back in 2018. You should also book directly with one of six lodges in the national park. Yavapai Lodge is the most economical.

9 Both Rims Are Great, But The North Rim Wins By A Mile

Both the north and south rims are great, but the north rim wins by a mile. The south rim offers more activities suitable for families who are traveling with young children, but the north rim is less trafficked, so you and your family can see more rare and unique views all around you. Just remember to bring light layers since the average precipitation in the north rim is between one and three inches per month.

8 Kids Can Get A Taste Of The Wilderness On The Bright Angel Trail

If your children want a taste of the wilderness, take them to the Bright Angel Trail, which opens up with a pretty gentle grade, but it eventually reaches all the way to the bottom. But, have no fear, as there are water and rest stops throughout the trail. As per TODAY, the local park service suggests that younger children should turn around after a half-mile walk before the first switchback starts. Just a heads up.

7 Ride The Grand Canyon Railway To Minimize Driving

You might want to consider riding the Grand Canyon Railway, which departs from Williams, Arizona, to minimize driving for a little while. It'll give you and your children an opportunity to sit down, relax, and look out the window for scenery and wildlife. Plus there's entertainment onboard such as music and a reenacted robbery scene with actors acting as bandits on horseback. It doesn't get more wildly fun in the wild west than this.

6 Try To Stay Inside The Grand Canyon National Park

As we've mentioned earlier, you should stay at one of six lodges within the Grand Canyon National Park. It's not only convenient, but you'll also get to experience nice amenities, beds, and scenery. Be sure to book your stay as soon as possible, as such spots open up 13 months in advance. Also, be sure to reserve two rooms or one room with a few beds, as your family needs extra space for lounging and sleeping.

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The El Tovar Hotel features the El Tovar Dining Room. The hotel opened in 1905 and has been on the National Register for Historic Places for many years. Therefore, the dining room menus include items that have been served for many years such as a prime rib, portabella mushroom, and beef tamales. Keep in mind dinner is a very popular meal and dinner reservations open to hotel guests 90 days in advance and non-hotel guests 30 days in advance.

4 Save Room For Dessert At The Bright Angel Fountain

Hope you saved room for dessert because you might have to bribe your children with a scoop of ice cream from the Bright Angel Fountain so they can be motivated to finish their walk on the Bright Angel Trail. Who would resist ice cream? The heat can be extreme, and this stop would be perfect to cool off for a bit, as you get in and get out to enjoy ice cream and scenic views.

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3 Learn More About The Tribes And Ruins At The Tusayan Museum

You can learn more about the tribes and ruins at the Tusayan Museum and Ruins, which is located in the Grand Canyon National Park and just a short distance from the Desert View Park. After you park, you'll see signs leading to a trail and then more signs on that trail about the ruins of an ancient Pueblan village. From there, you can check out a museum of handmade crafts or shop at the gift shop.

2 Dress Comfortably Since You'll Be Outside A Lot

It's important to dress comfortably since you'll be outside a lot. It's a good idea to wear clothing made out of cotton, as it's a lightweight and breathable fabric for most, if not all, everyday situations. Also, wear a hat and sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun and its harmful ultraviolet rays. This especially applies to the hikers who will hike because the heat can be fatal and heat exhaustion isn't a laughing matter.

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1 Don't Get Your Hopes Up At The Grand Canyon Skywalk

As per Earth Trekkers, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is located in the Hualapai Indian Reservation and you can only get there by a shuttle bus. As of 2020, tickets would cost $304 for a family of four, but it's not the most ideal experience because cell phones and cameras aren't allowed, so if you want a photo, you'll have to purchase one. Its stunning views and historic Indian culture lessons aren't worth the price and add-on prices.

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