10 49th State Brewing Company

49th State Brewing Company builds its nest of unique beer in Anchorage, Alaska. Their beers are small­-batch handcrafted artisan ales and lager that pay tribute to the great beers around the globe. If their mix of malts and hops don't get you through the door, their brewery sure will. Both of their locations showcase the best of Alaska in their backyard. They offer twilit patio tables where you can enjoy the serene skyline while you sip on one of their tasteful Belgian brews. 

9 Old Firehouse Brewery

Commissioned out of a remodeled firehouse, Old Firehouse Brewery in Williamsburg, Ohio has a friendly spirit embedded into its red brick walls. Their beer is themed to fit the setting, with craft beers such as the Chief Vanilla Porter ready to be tapped. Their concept is simple but eye-catching. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a nice Code 3 red ale in a fully decked out fire station?

8 The Church Brew Works

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's former St. John’s the Baptist and Lawrenceville Church has been reformed into everyone's favorite local craft brewery. The 1902 massive church building closed down in 1993 and reopened as a brewpub in 1996 after renovations. All of the standard makings of the church can be found inside The Church Brew Works so that you can worship over their award-winning Celestial Gold beer at the altar. 

7 Taft's Ale House

Taft's Ale House in Cincinnati, Ohio took an old church and reopened it as a craft brewery. The bar looks like something out of Harry Potter with its immaculate ceilings and high rise kegs. This craft brewery is stunning inside and out and on every level of their establishment. Hop inside for a Judgement No. 6 or their Snake in the Grass Belgium Blonded.

6 Monday Night Brewery

Monday Night Brewery is an after-work hang out in Atlanta, Georgia. They think weekends are overrated and strongly suggest getting together with your friends at their craft beer spot any day of the week. They even have a wall to hang your tie on. This small pub is intricate in its features, which only speaks to what their beers taste like. Their craft brews are aptly named with titles such as I'm On A Boat Blonde Ale, Slap Fight IPA, and Dr. Robert Blackberry Lemon Sour.

5 Canmore Brewing 

This craft pub has Canada's ice-capped mountains as its playground. Enjoy a nice, refreshing Ten Peaks Pale Ale while you reveal in Canada's intense natural landscape. Canmore Brewing offers an array of locally crafted beers that can be found in stores or at their tasting room in Canmore. From their Railway Avenue IPA to the Mineside Stout, it's all "beer awesomeness."

4 Sweet Water Brewery

Sweet Water Brewery is an established microbrewery in Georgia. Two college boys who had a passion for beer decided to turn their school books in for brews. Sweet Water Brewing became their dream job, and it shows from their well-designed beers and brewery. Their industrial warehouse is the pinnacle of Atlanta's craft brew parties, with floor to ceiling glass panels and high-bricked walls to give into its modern aesthetic. It's a grand-scale establishment, so there is plenty of room for you and your craft brew buddies to join. 

3 Salt Springs Brewery

This highly rated craft brewery can be found in Saline, Michigan. Like others on this list, it's been converted from an old church—with its glorious glass-stain windows still intact. The springs next door are the apex of their locally-crafted beer and food, but they bring the feel of nature right inside the taproom. With quilted cushion bar stools and an antler chandelier to boot, Salt Springs Brewery has more to offer than just a tasty beer. Their brewmaster does go above and beyond to craft their beers, taking to the springs themselves to filter a crisp stream and making their beers the most refreshing ales this side of Michigan.

2 Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens

San Diego's very own Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens turned from a small two-man endeavor into one of the most successful craft breweries in the U.S. Not only do their beers reign supreme, but their brewery is one to be envied. With their literal stone walls, transparent ceiling-high windows, and own personal garden, Stone Brewing offers home-grown food. Their fresh ingredients are also meticulously ground up and used for their one-of-a-kind local beers.

1 Craft Vancouver

The Craft Beer Market services small microbreweries throughout the U.S., but none are as monumental as Craft Vancouver. From the inside out, this craft brewery has the fixtures to draw you in. If their luminous Craft sign doesn't catch your attention, maybe the smell of their freshly brewed beer will do the trick. Inside, you'll find a U-shaped bar with seemingly never-ending seats with plenty of sports on their TVs. Their high industrial ceilings bring in a natural light that creates a gregarious atmosphere that booze lovers will want to visit.