Mounted on the eastern coast of Georgia, Savanna is home to incredible beaches, a picturesque coastline, a historic downtown, and an amazing culture. The region is overlooked as an ideal beach vacation spot by tourists unfamiliar with it. But it is an excellent destination for anyone looking for perfect sand, live entertainment, and some of the most delicious seafood. Savanna experiences a moderate climate year-round, meaning travelers can enjoy vacating there at any time of the year. The fact that it has an international airport and its location on Interstate 95 makes it easily accessible to visitors. Here are Savannah’s gorgeous beaches you don’t want to miss.

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9 North Beach

North Beach is one of Savanna's most visited on Tybee Island. Home to incredible shopping, historic sites, and several dining options, North Beach offers a fascinating vacation experience. Whether one chooses to stay in one of the fantastic breakfast inns, villas, bed & breakfast inns, or camp at the River’s End Campground, the stunning beach is just a short distance away. Some of the most iconic attractions not to miss on the beach are the North Beach Bar & Grill, an interesting spot for dining, Tybee Island Museum, housing the oldest and tallest lighthouse in the state, and the Fish Art Gallery, full of beautiful artwork and a mix of vintage.

8 South Beach

South Beach is known for being lively, especially its nightlife, making it perfect for travelers to party with sceneries. The beach has colorful shops, top-notch restaurants, a pavilion, and a popular pier on Tybee Island. There are numerous beach bars to experience perfect nightlife with a cocktail at hand! One of the best spots for dining is Fannie's on the Beach, a beachfront restaurant with an outdoor dining option, allowing visitors to enjoy their meals while being entertained by live music. Don't miss Tybee Island and Pavilion, an ideal spot for having a family picnic, fishing, and taking in some spectacular views of the surrounding.

7 Mid Beach

Mid Beach is perfect for visitors looking for a more relaxed and quiet beach life. So, when the vibrant nature of South Beach is exhausting, this is the perfect spot to unwind. The accommodation around Mid Beach is amazing, and the place is brimming with incredible dining options to choose from. One of the most interesting places to dine is the Deck Beach Bar and Kitchen, a beautiful restaurant by the ocean offering fresh seafood and other dishes. De Soto Beach Hotel offers rooms just a few steps away from the ocean, and beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rentals.

6 Back River Beach

Nestled at the end of Highway 80, Back River Beach is Savannah's secret gem, offering incredibly rolling waves, beautiful sightings of dolphins, and breathtaking sunset views. It is perfect for travelers who don't want to deal with crowds of other visitors on Savannah's most popular beaches. The setting on this beach is ideal for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the spectacular views of sunsets. The beach is packed with fantastic restaurants, including the Crab Shack and A-J’s Dockside Restaurant, serving delicious eats.

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5 Savannah River Beach

Located a short walking distance from the North Beach and the Tybee Museum and Lighthouse, Savannah River Beach features calm waves and shallow waters, making it a perfect spot for swimming, especially for kids and inexperienced travelers. Because there are no lifeguards at the beach, tourists must be very careful and don't let the kids out of their sight. One can also enjoy walking around the beach and looking for seashells. Don't miss going dolphin watching and having an incredible experience of the ocean on tour.

4 Little Tybee Island Beach

Travelers can only reach this beach by water through kayaking, jet skiing, or on a charter boat. The beach is undeveloped and offers the most impressive remote beach experience to visitors looking to get out of the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. The beach is a nature preserve, and fishing, birding, and picnicking are some of the most interesting activities to enjoy. If not for these activities, relaxing by the shore would be a perfect way of experiencing the incredible remoteness of Little Tybee Island Beach.

3 Butterbean Beach

This is a river beach located near downtown Savannah, closer to other river beaches on Tybee Island. The beach is an ideal spot for kayaking, picnicking, and fishing and is perfect for those looking for a nature break. While the beach is only 20 minutes away from downtown Savannah, being there feels like one is far away from the city. It is a suitable destination for a Savannah waterfront getaway and to enjoy some breathtaking views. The beach is packed with picnic tables and a pavilion, kayak rentals, a bait shop, and a floating dock.

2 East Beach

East Beach is not within Savannah, but it’s about 67 miles from the city and is an incredible beach destination for tourists looking for a range of activities. The place is suitable for kiteboarding and shelling, and due to its hard-packed sand, biking is interesting on the beach. The beach is also suitable for swimming, birdwatching, and surfboarding. One of the beach's unique features is the almost a quarter-mile-long sandbar, running off the shore when the sea is at its lowest level.

1 Driftwood Beach

Located about an hour and thirty minutes from Savannah, Driftwood Beach is just across the bay from East Beach. The beach is mounted on Jekyll Island’s north end; the beach will leave every visitor in awe, thanks to its spectacular driftwood and uniquely scenic trees. No wonder the location is popular for weddings and photographs. Only a short walking distance from the Jekyll Island Campground, Driftwood features beautiful villas, a picnic area, and a wildlife viewing area, giving visitors no room for boredom.