There's nothing like the thrill of knowing that one is (safely) standing at great heights, getting a true bird's eye view of everything around them. If this kind of thrill is the thing that travelers are looking for then they're in for a nice surprise - Starting in May of 2021, British Columbia will be home to a grand skybridge that gives once-in-a-lifetime views. The views from this bridge won't just be any 360-degree vantage point of the surrounding area, though - the views from this skybridge will also be views from the tallest skybridge in the country.


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Around the world, those who seek out an adrenaline rush flock to glass skybridges and viewing platforms that make them feel as though they're hanging over cliffs or cities. And now, Canada is joining the ranks and has a few more surprises up its sleeve in the form of a second, slightly lower bridge, and a zipline through the Rocky Mountains. This is what visitors can expect when it all opens in a month.

What Visitors Can Expect From This Thrilling Experience

The skybridge gets its name from the town of Golden where it has been constructed and it's also from this town that visitors will get 360-degree views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The bridge itself stretches across a canyon in Golden and sits at a height that's just over 426 feet, suspended over a waterfall that reaches a height of roughly 200 feet. The bridge now holds the title of being the longest in Canada and Golden will also hold the title of having the country's second-highest suspended bridge in the same location. A second, lower bridge will sit at roughly 262 feet, making it about half the height of the main bridge.

The bridge itself is suspended via ropes and cables with a solid wood plank walking platform that's held up by it all. To some, this is the perfect way to experience the nature of Golden, British Columbia without having to strap on hiking boots or find some mountaineering gear but for others, this is like something their worst fears conjured up. Golden Skybridge certainly won't be for everyone but for those who have no problems standing at such high heights to take in the surrounding area, it'll be nothing short of breathtaking. With full views of the Rocky Mountains surrounding and a cascading waterfall below, chances are that visitors will be far too distracted by this town's beauty than the height at which they're observing it.

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After walking across the bridge, visitors might find that they've worked up an appetite - and the Golden Skybridge is delivering on that front, too. Once they're finished observing even more of the landscape via viewing platforms that are separate from the bridge, visitors can head to the courtyard at the base of the attraction which will be home to a café. After all, it's easy to work up an appetite when you're suspended almost 430 feet in the air over a canyon! This attraction will highlight the Columbia Valley in an attempt to bring travelers to a new, lesser-traveled, and lesser-known part of British Columbia, featuring views that rival that of other more well-known parks.

A statement from the president of Pursuit, the adventure travel firm behind the bridge, David Barry, made clear the goal of the Golden Skybridge: "The Columbia Valley is one of those remarkable places that is uniquely positioned to provide a stunning yet accessible mountain experience. Whether you're staying in Golden or making it a stop along your journey between Alberta and British Columbia, the Golden Skybridge will soon become an iconic experience for Canadian and international visitors alike."

Additional Golden Adventures

If you thought that two bridges were the only attractions that can be found in Golden, you'd be wrong. Along with these, visitors can also expect a tandem bungee swing, as well as a zipline that spans over the width of the canyon, stretching 3,937 feet in length. In comparison, the bridges spanning the width of the canyon will total roughly 1.8 miles from one end to the other.

The latter two attractions will be open by the summer of 2021, in just enough time for visitors to experience all of the summertime beauty that Golden has to offer when the canyon is in full swing... no pun intended. Golden is located only 90 minutes from Banff which makes it a worthy stop, and also sits between Calgary and Vancouver, providing easy access for those coming up to Canada to experience its natural wilderness.

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