The universe is filled with so many wondrous places. There are so many pockets of unbelievable things to experience in this world; you could spend your entire life exploring them and still never come close to seeing them all. Some of these unique spaces are naturally created, while others are undoubtedly humanmade. Both types of wonders are equally stunning and equally explainable.

Outside of these; The Great Wall of China, The Grand Canyon, and Victoria Falls, The Parthenon, and the Taj Mahal, there are other wonders that seem neither human-made nor naturally explainable. Theories exist regarding their construction and purpose, but no matter what the explanation is, it's hard to wrap our minds around how these ten places came to be and why they came to be.

These are the real ten wonders of the world.

10 Las Bolas In Costa Rica Are Something To Ponder And Behold

On the southern shores of the tropical country of Costa Rica lies a series of strange and unexplainable spheres known as Las Bolas, or "The Balls." Las Bolas is thought to be the work of Pre-Colombian civilizations, who fashioned the large balls out of gabbro, a rock substance that is derived from molten magma. Why these balls were created is up for debate. Many believe they were used for astrological purposes, but their truth likely died along with the groups who made them.

9 Stonehenge Remains A Great, Widely Debatable Site

Stonehenge is one of the most quizzical and astounding places on earth. Located in the middle of English fields lies a ring od four-thousand-year-old megalithic stones. For years people have debated why these stones exist and how much huge boulders ever got to where they now are. While many theories continue to float around, Stonehenge's actual construction and purpose remain mysterious to most.

8 The Nazca Lines Are Pretty Incredible From The Sky

The Nazca Lines of Peru don't look like much from the ground, but from an areal perspective, they are absolutely fantastic. To think that groups of people created these massive, intricate images thousands of years ago, long before areal flight and imaging were humanly possible is mind-boggling.

7 Nothing Is As Fascinating As The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Egypt were no small feat to construct, especially considering they were built thousands of years ago, and civilization and tools were rudimentary. Scientists have learned much about this three-pyramid grouping of structures, but there continues to be so much more left to unravel.

6 The Clava Cairns Could Have Had Several Meanings

In the Scottish Highlands lies an ancient burial ground called Clava Cairns. This rocky creation was used in two separate time frames, thousands of years apart. Visitors can not help but consider the mystical appearance and possible significance of the structure. They are definitely worth visiting if ever in Scotland.

5 Derinkuyu Is A Mysterious Underground City

There are more than one archeological wonders in the region of Turkey, but one of the most spectacular finds is that of Derinkuyu. Derinkuyu is some sort of underground city that lies two-hundred and fifty feet below the Earth's surface and has the capacity to house some twenty thousand humans. Whatever group go people built this, put a ton of thought and work into it.

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4 Some Are Stumped By The Longyou Caves

Near the village of Shiyan Beicun in Zhejiang province, China sits what many people consider to be the ninth wonder of the world, The Longyou caves. These caves are not any old caverns, though. Their sheer size, excavation process and techniques, construction precision and perfection, are all baffling, and the fact that they are not mentioned in any historical document really makes some wonder how these caves came to be.

3 What's Up With The Siberian Sink Holes

In the sparsely populated Siberian landscape, giant sinkholes are popping up, causing many scientists to wonder what is behind (or at the bottom) of them. The largest one, Batagaika crater, is the deepest one of it's kind and seems to be growing every year.  Plenty of scientific finds have resulted from the sinkholes, but much is left to study and learn.

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2 Sacsayhuaman Is Something To Behold

Are the Incan people behind the great structure known as Sacsayhuaman? Perhaps. It is hard to believe that any ancient civilization was able to create walls that consist of such massive size, weight, and perfect symmetry. I can barely build a solid snowman, so I don't know how people managed this thing.

1 Gobekli Tepe Has Made Some Question Everything They Thought They Knew

Gobelki Tepe was discovered in the 1960s, but not a ton of attention was paid to it as the site was thought to be a medieval burial ground. Another look decades later revealed the site was actually a series of the oldest temples ever to be discovered! Our thoughts on ancient civilization have now been tested with what we have learned from Gobelki Tepe.

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