Are you in love with the outdoors, but not in love with the gritty, organic, natural ways of living? No showers, no running hot water, and no roof over your head? Don't worry! You're not the only one!

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Glamping - the famous word combo for "glamorous camping" - just might be for you. For those who enjoy being outside, but would still prefer the comfort of a typical indoor home, these 10 amazing glamping sites in the UK should be added to your bucket list! From the countryside to farmhouses, you'd be surprised the places you can go to experience a sunset, a starry sky, or a hike along the water, while still feeling completely at home.

10 Yurtcamp, Devon

On the outskirts of South Devon, Yurtcamp Devon is a beautiful site to have one's first glamping experience. At Yurtcamp, you'll be staying in a Contemporary Yurt, a bright spacious circular tent structure made of waterproof fabric. Through the dome at the top of the yurt, guests love watching the night sky.

Not only does Yurtcamp accept campers, but they also host weddings, summer parties, and summer long activities. The Yurtcamp Glamping site contains over 22 contemporary yurts settled on forty acres of Devon woodland. If you can appreciate a great summertime view of the countryside, this spot is perfect for you.

9 Camp Katur, North Yorkshire

Set in North Yorkshire, Camp Kátur is an 'Off Grid' Glamping site known for its luxurious retro-style furnishings that can make the meadows and woodlands feel like home. Camp Kátur is the place to go if you're seeking both action and adventure on your glamping holiday.

From safari tents to traditional teepees and furnished cabins, Camp Kátur is a perfect spot for everyone - families, couples, groups of friends, and adventure lovers included. The camp includes a hot tub and sauna, indoor and outdoor activities, and even hosts corporate and team building exercises, proving that everyone can have a great time on this glampsite.

8 Mena Farm, Cornwall

Nestled in the heart of the Cornwall sits Mena Farm, a glamping and camping site for those who can appreciate the quiet countryside. Covering over 15 acres of land, at Mena Farm, you'll be able to explore both the North and South coasts of Cornwall to experience glamping near the beach.

With tall grass, cool breezes, and just far enough from the A30, this site is a great place for a sweet escape from rushed city life. From self-catering options to family tours to pet-friendly accommodations, Mena Farm is a glamping site made for just about everybody.

7 Crafty Camping, Dorset

Looking to spend your glamping experience in the heart of the woodlands? Crafty Camping in Dorset is the perfect place to be. This award-winning glampsite comes with handcrafted tents, yurts, and treehouses to stay in. Located in southwest England, Crafty Camping is the number one place for relaxing, outdoor tranquility.

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With activities made for just about anyone, including hiking and dining, visitors must be over 18 years old. The best thing about Crafty Camping is that they understand that glamping can happen all year round, and their shelter spaces are built to keep you warm during the winter too!

6 Avon Riverside Glamping, Warwickshire

What makes Avon Riverside Glamping unique is that it's a family run business. Situated on a family farm across 350 acres, you'll be met with a friendly staff committed to making your glamping experience the best you've ever had. Surrounded by years of history and beautiful landscapes, Avon Riverside is a great place to book your summer or spring glamping trip.

Just four miles away from Warwick Castle and seven miles away from the birthplace of the world's most famous playwright, Shakespeare, endless exploration is just around the corner at Avon Riverside. Don't wait to book your spot!

5 Highway Hill, Wiltshire

As part of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Highway Hill is another family fun glampsite made for people who love the outdoors. From family fun days to hiking tours to organized yoga retreats, Highway Hill is full of endless activities, so even though you'll have that relaxing getaway at your fingertips, you'll never be bored either.

At Highway Hill, you can choose your preferred place to stay. This glampsite comes with traditional bell tents for those who love the outdoor experience, but for those who don't, Shepherd Huts, and caravans called Mr. Toad's Hideaway are all available to glamp in.

4 The Tree Howf at Craighead, Perthshire

Stirlingshire, Scotland is home to an ancient oak tree that houses the glamping site known as Tree Houf. At this treetop shelter, you'll have a 360-degree view of the Ochil Hills from your bedroom window. Surrounded by soaring green hills and countryside wildlife, many Tree Houf visitors this was a uniquely special glamping experience.

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With a king sized bed, a classic wood burning stove, and a gorgeous view of Scottish nature, it's nearly guaranteed that you'll feel right at home in this space. It's also a great spot for couples, so if you're thinking of planning a surprise trip with your loved one, this is the place to go!

3 Ockeridge Rural Retreats, Worcestershire

Named one of the Top 10 Glamping Sites in the UK by The Guardian, Ockeridge Rural Retreats is the ultimate spot for luxury glamping. Just outside the city of Worcester, the glamping site is not only surrounded by nature, but also by a variety of activities to do in historical stops around the city.

Spend your glamping trip in the countryside by staying in The Shepherds Retreat or the Ashwood Luxury Shepherd Hut, but if you're looking for the perfect spot for breathtaking views, stay in the Hillside View Shepherds Hut built with windows that allow for picture-worthy views of both the sunrise and night sky.

2 Happy Days Retro Vacations, Suffolk

Home of vintage airstream glamping in the Suffolk countryside, Happy Days Retro Vacations is a fantastic glamping site for the hippie-lovers and the young at heart. Located just minutes away from the seaside towns of Aldeburgh and Southwold, it is the perfect place to spend your summer days.

With cozy trailers and playgrounds to keep kids entertained, Happy Days is also a great place to bring your family or friends. If you're in search for that care-free happy summer vibe, Happy Days Retro Vacations should be the first place on your glamping site list.

1 Catgill Farm, North Yorkshire

Located in North Yorkshire near to Bolton Abbey, Catgill Farm has the perfect glamping site for roasting marshmallows under the stars and exploring the outdoors during the daytime. With beautiful canvas bell tents fully equipped with double beds and a space for private washrooms, hot tubs, wood burning stoves, and fireplaces, you won't have to worry about losing the feel of camping while you're here.

For those ready for a more luxurious glamping experience, Catgill Farm offers Timber Pod Accommodations that come with double beds, an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, firepit, and even wi-fi. Take your family and friends to this glampsite for a relaxing yet awesome summer.

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