Scotland has many stunning and beautiful castles to visit and Glamis Castle is one of the best in the country. Today it is the private home of the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne but is also open to the public seasonally. It is one of the best estates to explore in Scotland and is perfect for seeing both the best of Scottish architecture and the Scottish countryside.

In England, one of the best homes to visit is Blenheim Palace. It is a UNESCO-listed home that is the only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England that actually holds the title of "palace" and is the site of many movies. Over in America, visit Biltmore in North Carolina - the largest house in the United States.


About The Glamis Castle

The castle has a long history and has a history with the British Royal family. It was the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth II's mother - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Wife of King George VI. Queen Elizabeth's sister the Princess Margaret the Countess of Snowdon was also born there.

The present building mostly dates from the 17th century but the building and its predecessors have been the home of the Lyon family since the 14th century.

  • Pronunciation: "Glamis" is Pronounced "Glahmz"
  • Chapel: The Castle Has a Chapel With Seating For 46 People

Glamis is in the fertile and green valley of Strathmore in Scotland between the Sidlaw Hills and the Grampian Mountains. The castle sits on a very large estate that occupies more than 57 square kilometers or 14,000 acres.

  • Macbeth: In William Shakespeare's Macbeth (1603-06) The Eponymous Character Lives In Glamis Castle

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Touring The Glamis Castle

As of the time of writing the season for touring the castle has ended for the season and the prices for tickets have been removed from their website. When they are open they are open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. The next 2022 season begins on the 18th of March 2022.

  • 2022 Season: Starts 18th Of March 2022=
  • Availability: Tickets will Be Available for Purchase From Mid-January 2022
  • Virtue Tours: Access To their Online Virtue Tours Are Available for £8.50

The castle offers guided tours of the impressive estate that takes one into a deep dive into the stories of this castle. One will see how every room has its own story and the castle has many legends.


  • Duration: Self-Guided Tours Last For Around 50 Minutes

Private Tours are more personalized and are luxurious. They start with a welcome from the Castle Piper and a reception of tea or coffee and shortbread in the 16th century Chambers. Enhance it further with Strathmore Whisky or Champagne.

  • Refreshments: Extra £32.50 per Person ($44)
  • Piper: £120.00 + VAT ($160)
  • Private Tour: Minimum Charge £325.00 ($435)

Glamis House Accommodation

If one is looking for accommodation, then consider staying at their Glamis House (not the Glamis Castle). The Glamis House is a luxury self-catering accommodation. It is set in the stunning Angus countryside and is a perfect retreat for a family seeking a restful Scottish getaway.

It is also perfect for a corporate event or as a wedding venue. The Glamis House has one master apartment, 4 en suite bedrooms, and one 1 single bedroom. The accommodation sleeps 12 adult guests - this is luxury accommodation so it's not for those on a budget.

  • Bonus: The Glamis House Also Has Extensive Gardens
  • Sleeps: 12 Adult Guests
  • Type: Self-Catering Luxury Accommodation
  • Prices Start: £1,700 for 2 Nights ($2,280)

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Glamis Castle Gardens

Glamis Castle Gardens are stunning and are protected in Scotland. One can explore their extensive gardens throughout their open season. One of the best times to explore the gardens is in the Springtime when they are perhaps the most dramatic.

  • Pets: Dogs Are Permitted But Must Be Kept On A Leash

In the spring one can stroll along their mile-long avenue lined with thousands of daffodils. Come in summer and see dazzling displays of rhododendrons and azaleas as they are in their prime. In the autumn the flowers may be gone but one can enjoy the eye-watering autumn colors. They have various gardens:

  • The Walled Garden: This Features Fruit, Vegetables, a Fun Grass Mass, Fountains, and the Fragrance of Flowers
  • The Italian Garden: Designed By Countess Cecila and Is A Pleasure to Explore (She Was The HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother)
  • The Nature Trail: One a Strolls Along This Path Spot Herons, Roe Deer, Red Squirrels, and Pheasants
  • The Macbeth Trail: See Neith Art That Captures Iconic Scenes Of Shakespeare's Tragic Play

Scotland is full of incredible old estates and many are open to the public, be sure to add at least some of them on one's tour of Scotland and England.

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