London is getting a little more magical this month, with a new wand art installation created to raise awareness for J K Rowling's charity... and for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film, of course! The latest installment in the massive Harry Potter world (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald) is set to hit theaters November 16th, bringing fans back to the world established in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. The Crimes Of Grindlewald is the second of an estimated five films in the series, and there's no shortage of publicity for it this year!


One of the ways that the latest Fantastic Beasts films is being marketed is with a light installation in London, built to look like wands used by the characters in the series. The installation is more than just a publicity stunt for the film, though; it's also a way to draw attention to the charity Lumos, and special pins for the film are also being sold as fundraising.

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The installation spans the walkway between Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral in Central London, and is made up of nine enormous wands (15 feet tall), which light up every evening between 6:45 and 10:45 pm. The wands are illuminated from the base, as well as lighting up at the tip for a twinkling display. Visitors can go see the wands from now until November 13, as well as attending a series of 'Wizarding Wednesday' events - like a marching band playing the music of Harry Potter, and a wandwork class.

The installation was created in partnership with Lumos, Rowling's charity (founded in 2005) that focuses on institutionalised children. Lumos works to try and deal with the root causes of children separated from their families, as well as attempting to reunite children with their families wherever possible. In addition to the installation raising awareness of the charity's work, Lumos is also selling limited edition pin badges featuring Newt Scamader's wand and the Occamy serpant to raise money for the charity.

While some will no doubt claim that this is just a big marketing stunt to get more people into theaters for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald (and it will certainly do that), it's also fantastic to see awareness being raised for a great charity like Lumos. The installation also simply brings a little happiness to fans of the series and visitors to the walkway who can enjoy the light display, and adds beautiful temporary art to a public space - and marketing ploy or not, there's a little bit of magic to free art!

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Source: Lonely Planet