Finger Lakes are known for their series of finger-like slender lakes in the state of New York. Being a popular destination for a weekend getaway, the region is known for its spectacular wineries and freshly remarkable ciders, which complement stunning views of the surrounding lakes. Plus, the area also is famous for alternative reasons. Specifically, many places in the Finger Lakes Regions, from restaurants to bed and breakfasts, are proud of their haunted heritage and spooky unexplained phenomenon.

Love ghosts and tales of the paranormal? Then travelers who love a good scare will enjoy visiting these ghostly places around the Finger Lakes region!

10 Naples Hotel

The Naples Hotel is proud of its haunted past. Situated inside a 19th-century brick hotel with 32 rooms (plus a basement bar and restaurant), the hotel is home to dozens of resident ghosts, seen by staff members and visitors. Spend an evening at the Naples Hotel and hear for the Topper, a ghost known to switch off televisions whose known and flicker lights. Alternatively, be sure to catch a sighting of a ghostly mother named Alice, who haunts the hotel with her two children!

9 Seward House Museum

This beautiful historic home belonged to William Henry Seward, an American politician with an impressive political resume. The house sits on two acres of land that visitors can enjoy today while learning about the life and times of the Seward family. Aside from the impressive display of the museum's ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and vintage furniture, guests who take a haunted history experience can tour around the property to learn about the local urban legends and grizzly tales of crime.

8 Erie Mansion

This impressive mansion boasts 43 rooms, 91 doors (with three that lead to nowhere!), and hidden contraptions abound. If on-site catacombs and sarcophaguses aren’t scary enough, the Erie Mansion is also a destination for ghost sightings. Stay a few nights at this bed and breakfast and embark on a private ghost tour, hunting ghosts around the 12,000-square-foot property that’s been around since 1858.

7 Mount Hope Cemetery

A cemetery that happens to be haunted sounds cliché, but Rochester’s Mount Hope Cemetery has a storied past, housing over 350,000 people. Not only does the cemetery house notable icons like Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglass, but this 19th-century cemetery is also known for some spooky occurrences. Some people consider this cemetery to be the most haunted in the state of New York! Those who’ve visited the cemetery swear they heard eerie voices of small children at night or encountered shadow-like apparitions around them.

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6 Miles Wine Cellars

Located nearby Seneca Lake, Miles Wine Cellars is known for its divine wines, from its zesty dry Riesling to its oaky-tasting chardonnay. They even have a wine variety named “ghost,” which is described as a lighter wine with a crisp taste! The wine variety was inspired by the property, which is said to be haunted according to clairvoyants. Owners report hearing footsteps and doors slamming mysteriously, among other paranormal occurrences.

5 Genesee Country Museum

Why should travelers read about history when they can simply witness it? The Genesse County Museum is a living history museum recreating a 19th-century village in western New York! Learn how food was prepared or what kind of clothing people wore during a time free of smartphones and complimentary Wi-Fi. Additionally, for those that adore tales of ghouls and ghosts, the museum also hosts family-friendly “ghost walking tours” during the week leading to Halloween!

4 The Landmark Theatre

Located in the beautiful county of Syracuse and Onondaga, the Landmark Theatre—also known as Loew’s State Theater—is an icon of New York’s culture and heritage. Opening its curtains in 1928, this famous theater has hosted an array of world-class events and theater shows for almost 100 years. Reportedly, it’s also haunted by a ghost named Clarissa, who fell off a balcony in the 1930s. Since her death, reports of her ghostly apparition unexpectedly appear before people at the venue, spooking guests and staff alike.

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3 The Museums Of Historic Palmyra

History buffs can learn a thing or two about the heritage of New York’s town of Palmyra when visiting the local museum, which is home to collections detailing the life of the town. Otherwise, paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters will love visiting this attraction! The museum was featured in television shows such as A&E My Ghost Story, Ghost Finders, and Haunted Explorations, hosting several ghost walks and paranormal-related events year-round. Hear footsteps, feel cool chills, or take random photos of mysterious orbs passing from room to room when visiting this museum.

2 Belhurst Castle And Winery

Wine and dine at Finger Lakes’ Belhurst Winery, enjoying one of the region’s best wineries with a historical past. Due to its historic property, the castle makes for a great and relaxing stay for couples traveling around the Finger Lakes region. Belhurst Castle is a gold mine of ghost activity for lovers of the paranormal. That's because the castle has a history filled with promiscuous scandals and unfortunate circumstances. For instance, during their stay, guests may run into Isabella, the castle’s "lady in white" that hangs around Seneca Lake.

1 Split Rock Quarry

Quarries like the UNESCO Messel Pit offer a glimpse into a past life, while some offer spookier attractions. Located in Onondaga, paranormal-loving tourists can journey to Split Rock Quarry and walk on the same site of a freak accident. During the First World War, Split Rock was used as a site for munitions factories. However, in 1918, an explosion occurred inside a plant that killed 50 people. Today, brave souls who venture to Split Rock Quarry—which is situated inside a wooded area—have reported hearing faint footsteps and sounds of the Crusher (which quietly sits as a ruin at the quarry) revving its engine.

TRAVEL TIP: Due to its location in the woods (and being an abandoned site), avoid traveling at night and alone. Visit this spooky destination safely with some company on a bright day!