By staying at hotels plagued by legends of hauntings and possessions, some guests get more than they bargained for. The following hotels from around the world are believed to be home to spirits that emerged from tragic events that took place there. Read on to find out about the ghosts that guests claimed to have seen in these famous hotels.

The Ghosts At The Savoy Hotel In India Inspired An Agatha Christie Novel

India is home to some prestigious and world-renowned hotel, but the Savoy in Uttarakhand is famous for another reason. The dark history of the hotel has led to a possible haunting, with several guests claiming to have seen and heard supernatural phenomena within the hotel’s walls.


The creepy occurrences date back to a British clairvoyant who was poisoned with cyanide while staying at the hotel. The murderer was never discovered, but the clairvoyant’s doctor also died of poisoning not long after. The unsolved murder inspired the 1920 novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles, written by Agatha Christie.

Since the poisoning, guests have reported hearing and seeing ghosts. The most common claim is strange noises coming from rooms in which nobody is staying. A prominent Indian author even recounted the ghosts that he came face to face with in his room.

Male Guests Are Most At-Risk At Hotel Monte Vista, Arizona


Thanks to the haunted sightings at Hotel Monte Vista, the Arizona hotel now has a reputation of being one of the most haunted in the state. Guests who stay at the hotel often claim that they’ve spotted the ghost of a man who used to board in Room 210. He can still be seen hanging raw meat from the chandelier (because ghosts aren’t scary enough, even without hanging raw meat from the light fittings!).

In particular, male guests at the Hotel Monte Vista, which has been standing since 1927, are thought to be targeted by the spirits that possess the hotel. There have been a few claims of male guests who have been nearly suffocated in their sleep by two female ghosts. Even the actor John Wayne visited the hotel and left with the unshakeable belief that it was haunted.

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The Lady In Red Haunts Vancouver's Fairmont Hotel

As far as creepy hotels go, the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver doesn’t seem especially spooky. Just from looking at it, you wouldn’t think that this regal building was home to ghosts and ghouls. But local legends speak of a spirit that has settled right into this stunning hotel: The Lady in Red.

In 1944, Jennie Pearl Cox was killed in a car accident. Before she lost her life, she was a frequent visitor to the Fairmont Hotel, so it makes sense that she’d want to stick around the grounds for eternity. Guests have claimed that they’ve seen here between the first and fourteenth floors of the hotel. It is said that those staying on the fourteenth floor have the best chance of spotting her.


Unlike other spirits, the Lady in Red is said to be a friendly ghost that doesn’t cause any harm to the guests. She doesn’t even want to frighten them. She’s just content to roam around the corridors of the hotel, enjoying the building that she loved so much.

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The Ghosts Of Children Can Be Seen At The Q Station Hotel In Sydney

Any hotel that is built on the site of such sadness and misery is bound to attract a few unhappy spirits. Where Sydney’s Q Station Hotel now stands on the shore of the world-famous harbor was once a quarantine station. The station confined people who had diseases such as Spanish influenza, the bubonic plague, scarlet fever, yellow fever, typhus, and smallpox between 1833 and 1984.

In total, more than 500 people died on the grounds, often in pain and surrounded by sickness. The spirits of some of the people who lost their lives at the quarantine station are thought to live on in the hotel today.


Guests report seeing the ghosts of children, in particular, not realizing that they’re ghosts until after they’ve interacted with them. One of the most common reports is of a little girl with blonde hair who holds hands with the guests and shows them around the premises.

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Spirits Walk The Corridors At The Swisshotel The Stamford, Singapore

The Swisshotel in Singapore is another hotel that is harboring a dark past. During World War Two, the hotel land was actually used as an execution ground. Japanese soldiers executed their prisoners of war here, which has led to the legend that the hotel is now haunted by the spirits of prisoners of war, still in despair after all these years.


In 2015, two people committed suicide at the hotel, further fueling the rumors that there’s dark energy on the grounds. Guests have reported seeing ghosts walking through the corridors. The spirits are most often in distress and pleading for mercy, just as the prisoners of war would have eighty years ago.

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