The runners of Ski Week and Yacht Week are going to pay two people to cover their events on social media, and you can apply for the job.

Everyone has a dream job when they're a kid, and that dream job will change and evolve as we get older. It quickly becomes clear that "candy taster" and "monster fighter" aren't actually real jobs we can attain, at least not most of us. However, later in life, we may also find out that it's also pretty tricky to land our dream job even if it does exist.


Many of us won't end up doing the job we went to college for, and if we do, it might not be everything we thought it might. Never give up on chasing that dream job, though. You never know when the next opportunity will come. In fact, it might be coming right now if you have a passion for yachting, skiing, and traveling the world.

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If you do love those activities, chances are you will have heard of Ski Week and Yacht Week. Well, its organizers are looking for two 'content creators' to attend the events and document them on social media. In fact, the job will require its two lucky applicants to travel the world for an entire year and get paid for the privilege.

The job pays $18500 per year which might not sound like much, but all your expenses will be paid for so chances are you won't be spending much of that money until your year is over. You might be reading this thinking "I have no photography skills or social media prowess," but that's not a problem either. Before you get started you'll be fully trained in what the organizers need from you, and you will also have a professional on tap year-round to go to for advice.

Now for the important part, how to apply. It's as simple as yeading to the Yacht Week website and filling in all the necessary details. Applications are open until November 1, 2019. All applicants must be over 21, have a valid passport, and have a "love of people" and "spirit for adventure."

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