The German word “angst" means fear, a feeling that is associated with haunted places. Germany has her fair share of haunted sites, especially in consideration of the dark times in her history. Countless sites around this country are said to tremble with the paranormal activities that have occurred there.

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The sites associated with these tales are abandoned buildings, medieval castles, old barracks, dark forest, and old religious buildings. These stories range from ghosts of people that were tortured by Nazi soldiers, suicides and murder that took place. These sites have become a source of terror and fear to the locals living near them. Here are ten of the most haunted places in Germany.

10 Frankenstein Castle

Tourists' visitation to this castle have confirmed its creepiness. This castle was built in 948BC and is known to be the home of the Frankensteins. The last of the Frankensteins, Konrad Dipple Von Frankenstein to reside here, was an alchemist, grave robber and scientist. His experiments were on dead bodies. He was reportedly said to have tried reanimating the dead. According to legends, the town’s people stormed the castle but on getting to his doors, Konrad took one of his poisons and died in his laboratory.

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Based on popular lore, the ghost of Konrad still haunts this castle especially during Christmas and New Year. A number of movies titled Frankenstein are based on this folklore.

9 Conn Barracks

This site holds some of the historical remnants of the second world war. Popularly know as Schweinfurt by locals in Munich. It was formerly a Nazi mental hospital and subsequently became living quarters for US soldiers in 1945. The tales of the haunted nature of this site were told by the US soldiers that lived here. They believed that the Nazis never left this site and their spirits still reside there. According to reports by the soldiers, some believed to have seen a Nazi soldier and a nurse covered in blood watching them sleep. This barracks was returned to the German government in 2014.

8 Black Forest

This location shouldn’t come as a shocker on this list as it is generally believed to be haunted. This forest is surrounded by castles, monasteries, and ruins. The wilderness of this site has many tales to its name, making it one of the most haunted sites in Munich. Based on local folklore, ghosts, witches, werewolves and even the devil are believed to haunt this forest. One of the stories about this forest is the tale of der Grossman. A man believed to have many arms and bulging eyes. It was said that he made bad children confess their sins on entering this forest and the worst ones disappear never to be found again.

7 Reichenstein Castle

This site is a UNESCO world heritage site and its construction dates back to the 11th century. It was built to protect a neighboring village and had undergone different phases of siege, demolition, and reconstruction during its time. Based on popular folklore, this castle was a haven to a robber baron named Deitrich von Honhefels and his nine sons. Upon their capture, he pleaded for pardon for his sons but his request wasn’t granted. They were all executed with von Honhefels decapitated and buried in the St. Clement chapel within the castle. Since then it has been said that his headless ghost haunts this castle.

6 Wessobrunn Monastery

Stored in the library of this site is are famous works of German poetry, the Wessobrunn Gebet or prayer, along with other short works. They were all written prior to 814 AD as the death of Charlemange is noted on one of the manuscripts. The monastery is also known as one of the haunted sites in Germany.

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Based on an event in the 12th century, a sister in the monastery went into hiding in the underground tunnel because she broke her vows. She was locked inside and reported to have died of starvation. This resulted in the tale that the sister’s spirit is never at rest and still roams the walls of this monastery. Many who have visited the place have reported seeing a woman crying in the hallway of this site.

5 Eltz Castle

This medieval castle located in the hills between Koblenz and Trier on the Rhine River of Germany. This site is still occupied by the original family who built it and it is said to be one of the few castles in Germany that have never been damaged by the events of the medieval era or subsequent wars. Not only does this castle protect the living, it also caters to the dead. According to local lore, the ghosts of dead knights of this castle have been seeing guarding the castle. It is a major tourist site but photos are not allowed to be taken inside this castle.

4 Osnabrück Hünenbetten

This site was formerly a pagan temple located outside the city of Osnabrück. According to legends, troops of Charlemagne set out on a mission to convert the inhabitants of this temple to Christianity but it ended in a bloody massacre. As the desecration of sacred grounds never bears good fruits, so it was for the attack that took place here and led to the death of many pagan priests. The troops destroyed the largest altar stone to prove the supremacy of the Christian God over paganism. Visitors have reported seeing bloodstains on the rocks and hearing the screams of the slain, especially on winter solstice and summer equinox.

3 Berlin Zitadelle

The German word Zitadelle means citadel and this particular one was built in 1557. It is known to be one of the best-preserved military renaissance structures in Europe. It has a museum, bat cave, theatre, and periodic concerts are held here. It has had its share of ghost stories. History has it that this site has been used as a prison and military research facility. According to legends, this citadel was the palace of the 15th-century ruler Joachim the Second. After his death, Joachim’s son locked his father’s ex-lover Anna Sydow in the castle. It was reported that she died there and is said that her spirit still roams this site as the infamous white lady.

2 Babenhausen Barracks

This site now a museum, but was formerly a home for soldiers during the second world war. It is believed that the ghosts of the WWII soldiers haunt this place. Classic signs of paranormal activity have been reported to have occurred in this site. Signs like lights turning on and off, stomping footsteps with no source and voices being heard in the basement. German soldiers have reported to have heard a lady speaking over the telephone and speaking backward. In this town, it was reported that a witch was burned at the stake around the 19th century. It is rumored that her ghost seduced and killed several German soldiers.

1 Kransberg Castle

A medieval building that served as a safe haven for soldiers during WWII and Cold War. The castle was a Luftwaffe headquarters during the WWII. All these became the source of negative stories associated with the castle . After the war, it was turned into a prison camp for Nazi war criminals. Countless numbers of deaths occurred here. People have reported strange occurrences happening and it is said that you need to watch your step and keep your eyes open when threading the grounds of this castle. An extensive bunker was added to this castle to link it with other buildings in the complex.

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