If you love sausage, this the hotel for you. The Gasthaus Böbel, aka the Böbel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast, in the small southern German town of Rittersbach in Baden-Württemberg is owned by the local butcher and features an all-sausage décor, including sausage wallpaper, sausage pillows, sausage bars of soap and nightstands that look like drums of pork mince.

According to the owner, Claus Böbel, “This is absolute bratwurst heaven and I love that. I wanted to get a bit of holiday feeling in my house and make the bratwurst attractive for the whole world.”


Böbel, 48, is a fourth-generation German butcher and his hotel is next to the family's butcher's shop, in an converted barn. The butcher, who lives next door with his wife and two daughters, decided to open the seven-room hotel to honor his favorite German dish. "I like to travel around the world -- and when I travel around the world, I like different foods, food culture," Böbel told CNN Travel. "And I thought: 'Why only abroad?' I made a place where people meet in Bavaria in my home and eat typical food and connect together."

The sausage décor is not only limited to the walls and the bedding. You also find butcher’s knives on the walls and hooks on the ceiling with real sausages hanging from them. “Our slogan, ‘Sleeping under a bratwurst sky’, is not just a marketing slogan but actually for real, so that when I look up from the bed, I see sausages,” Böbel says.

Granted, some of the décor seems a bit terrifying, yet Böbel also has a romantic side. You can also buy a loved one a smoked bratwurst bent into the shape of a heart. And of course, the hotel has a sausage-inspired menu that features staples such as bratwurst in a bun, with sauerkraut, or raw pork mince spread on bread, as well as original items like bratwurst soup, bratwurst salad, and bratwurstschnitzel– a flattened bratwurst in crispy breadcrumbs with potato salad.

You can also enjoy a kleine spontane bratwurstprobe, which is a sample platter with different sausages, as well as, bratwurst ice-cream and chocolate pudding with slices of bratwurst for dessert.

The Böbel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast opened last September and Böbel says he's already hosted guests from around the world, including China, Japan, Nigeria, France, Italy, Sweden and Spain. The butcher says most of the guests make a reservation after seeing pictures of the hotel online, adding that he has yet to have a disappointed visitor.

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As for expanding his business, Böbel prefers being hands on and interacting with the guests. He says that he earns enough money with the current seven room setup and admits that he can’t eat more than two sausages for lunch or dinner, so he’s happy with the way things are.