Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is a popular destination among travelers. This Nordic island is known for its hospitality, rich traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. Iceland is celebrated as one of the world's top destinations, offering travelers a rainbow of experiences. Specifically, Iceland's Blue Lagoon remains a top attraction among tourists, which means it can get pretty crowded during peak vacation season. Though the Lagoon's milky blue waters are worth a visit, this Nordic country is blessed with dozens of geothermal springs worthy of a dip.

Heading to Iceland? Before booking that tour to Blue Lagoon, consider visiting these hot springs instead!

10 Myvatn Nature Baths

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 12 PM - 10 PM
  • Cost Of Admission : $41.86 USD(ISK 5,900)

It’s quite a drive to get to Myvatn, as it lies 473 km from Reykjavík or 89 km from Akureyri. However, this nature bath is Blue Lagoon’s quieter counterpart. Bath among the billowing smoke and wispy clouds in Myvatn while enjoying the comfortably warm waters of this lagoon. When embarking on Iceland’s Diamond Tour, the Myvatn Nature Baths are a definite must-see in the area!

9 Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 24 Hours
  • Cost Of Admission : Free
  • Note: Read the signs before swimming— not all hot springs are swimmable along the hike!

Also known as Steam Valley, Reykjadalur is a treat for the senses. This gorgeous natural hot spring is only accessible by hiking it, which may take a couple of hours. However, those who persist with the hike will be rewarded with Reykjadalur, which comfortably sits amongst the Icelandic valleys and waterfalls. Take a stroll around the area to marvel at the natural landscape before dipping into the naturally warm river waters.

8 Sky Lagoon

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday 11 AM - 11 PM | Saturday, 10 AM - 11 PM
  • Cost Of Admission : Starting at $56.69 USD (ISK 7,990)
  • Note : Youths under the age of 12 are not permitted in Sky Lagoon

Staying in Reykjavík for a couple of days? Instead of visiting the Blue Lagoon, visit Sky Lagoon instead! Only minutes away from the city center, this newly built thermal spa provides a tranquil Icelandic bathing experience. Enjoy the traditional 7-step bathing ritual to rejuvenate the senses, which involves time spent in the sauna, heated pools, and a cold plunge! For hungry visitors, the Sky Lagoon provides light snacks and beverages at Smakk Bar, the Sky Cafe, or the swim-up pool bar.

7 Vök Baths

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 12 PM - 10 PM
  • Cost Of Admission : Starts at $42.50 USD (ISK 5,990)
  • Note : Hours of operation vary between season

Opened in 2019, Vök Baths is a fairly new geothermal area in Egilsstaðir. The Vök Baths enjoy its reputation as the only infinity pool in Iceland, overlooking the pristine waters of Lake Urriðavatn. These baths may not be as huge as the Blue Lagoon, but they still provide a peaceful bathing experience within Iceland’s stunning landscape. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a drink at the pool bar or have a light lunch at the Vök Bistro.

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6 Gamla Laugin (Secret Lagoon)

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 8 PM
  • Cost Of Admission : $21.28 USD (ISK 3,000)
  • Note : Swimsuit and towel rentals are available for $6.39 USD (900 ISK)

Since 1981, the geothermal pools of Hverahólmi’s Gamla Laugin were supplied by the nearby activities of geysers. Maintaining a constant temperature of 38 to 40 °C (or 103 to 104 °F) year-round, Secret Lagoon is only a short drive away from Reykjavík, making it a great alternative to the busy Blue Lagoon!

5 Reykjafjarðarlaug Hot Pool

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 24 Hours
  • Cost Of Admission : By donation
  • Note : Admission to the pools is free, but donations are greatly appreciated

Don’t expect to find a world-class spa at the Reykjafjarðarlaug Hot Pool. However, this community-run pool comes with an incredible backdrop of Reykjafjörður Fjord. Moreover, this hot pool sits right by the road, so it’s easily accessible by car! Take a dip in these warm waters, which can reach to temperatures of 40 °C (or 104 °F) due to nearby volcanic activity.

4 Geosea

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 12 PM - 10 PM
  • Cost Of Admission : $39.02 USD (ISK 5,500)
  • Note: Hours of operation vary between January to August

There is more to Iceland than the Blue Lagoon, such as Geosea’s Geothermal Sea Baths! The mineral-rich waters in the pools are sourced from two locations: an old cheese barrel at Húsavíkurhöfði (that serves as a hot seawater reservoir) and Húsavík Harbor. Overall, Geosea is a perfect way to relax after exploring Húsavík, the Whale Capital of Iceland!

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3 Forest Lagoon

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Cost Of Admission : $42.50 USD (ISK 5,990)
  • Note : Towel rentals start at $6.39 USD (ISK 900) per person

This new spa sits among the serene Vaðlaskógur forest and is a short drive from Akureyri. This stunning geothermal spa includes heated infinity pools, a swim-up bar, and a sauna. Compared to its Blue Lagoon counterpart, this spa offers a quieter experience, as it can only accommodate up to 200 visitors!

2 Guðlaug Baths

  • Hours Of Operation : Wednesday - Friday, 4 PM - 8 PM | Saturdays & Sundays, 10 AM - 6 PM | Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays
  • Cost Of Admission : $3.55 USD (ISK 500)
  • Note : Children under 15 years of age are free; hours vary between May to August 31st

While the Blue Lagoon offers stunning views of Iceland’s volcanic terrain, the Guðlaug Baths in Akranes provide unparalleled views of the beach. This property includes three levels: a viewing platform on the top and two heated pools on the lower levers. Appreciate a stunning sea view while enjoying a warm dip at the Guðlaug Baths!

1 Hveravellir Blue Geothermal Pool

  • Hours Of Operation : Monday - Sunday, 24 Hours
  • Cost Of Admission : Free
  • Note : Though admission is free, there is still an admission cost ($3.55 USD or ISK 500) to use the reserve’s shower and toilet.

Unlike the Blue Lagoon, the Hveravellir Blue Geothermal Pool is completely manufactured by nature. Located within the Hveravellir Nature Reserve, this geothermal pool runs small. However, travelers who journey to Hveravellir can bathe in warm waters while enjoying Iceland’s wilderness!