Georgia Is First On Travel Lemming's Top 30 List For "Emerging Destinations"

Travel Lemming revealed its list of the top 30 2020 "emerging destinations", and the country of Georgia came in at No. 1.

The list was compiled when Travel Lemming asked "government and tourism boards" to come up with candidates. They handed them over to a judge panel, which included elite travel bloggers.

And with that, the nation that is home to lost under four million (according to World Population Review) was tops on the list. Travel Lemming pointed out the glorious Caucasus Mountains and its renowned wine regions.

Ushguli and the capital city, Tbilisi, are among the primary destinations to visit in this nation. The Georgian National Museum and Anchiskhati Basilica church are among the more popular tourist attractions in Tbilisi.

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia finished second on Travel Lemming's list. This Maritimes province is home to approximately 965,000, per World Population Review. There's a beautiful waterfront scene in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Those who enjoy sailing on the calm waters should make it a priority to visit Nova Scotia one day.

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Maritime Mueseum of the Atlantic and Skyline Trail are other can't-miss tourist attractions in Nova Scotia. This is really a beautiful area for those who enjoy the active outdoors lifestyle.

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Coming in at No. 4 on the list was Rwanda, the No. 1 voted location in the continent of Africa, while Kyrgyzstan (No. 5) was the top voted destination in Asia. Rounding out the top 10 in order was Ecuador, Gothenburg, Sweden, Churchill, Manitoba, Dominica and Uzbekistan.

Other entries include Launceston, Tasmania (11th), another Canadian Maritimes province in Prince Edward Island (16th), Colorado Springs, Colorado (17th). The country of Ethiopia claimed the 30th spot on the list.

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