Georgia is not all about Stone Mountain and the Georgia Aquarium. It’s also home to wonderful beaches that give tourists unmatched views of the Atlantic Ocean. With that, Georgia might as well change its nickname from The Peach State to The Beach State. The Golden Isles of Georgia, a string of barrier islands, are home to stunning natural beaches that will let tourists have a splashing good time. The state’s 100 miles of coastline is perfect for solo travelers; they just need to choose the spot, and wherever it is, they are in for a sunkissed treat. That’s Georgia — a place where the shore always calls the wanderlust’s soul.

10 Driftwood Beach

Travel + Leisure considers the Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island as one of the best in the United States. On this Georgian shore, the white-sand beach is pristine and the waters are warm but what makes it unique is the presence of driftwoods. When the sun is rising or when dawn comes, the view of driftwood complements the majestic play of colors in the sky. Add the sound of the waves that crash on the shore, anyone would easily fall in love with this humble beach. RELATED: 10 Towns To Visit In Georgia For A Small-Town Vacation

9 Glory Beach

Visiting this beach on Jekyll Island will let guests into its sunshiney surprises that attracted filmmakers who selected it as the set of the war film Glory. It might be known as a movie location, but its claim to fame is its pristine stretch of beach. Its shore is a playground — perfect for those who want to have a fun time sunbathing or beachcombing. Glory Beach is so wide that solo travelers can have a reunion here and still be alone in their little spot of paradise.

8 Cumberland Island National Seashore

Cumberland Island is the state’s largest barrier island, and it’s known for its wide marshes and undeveloped beaches. The shore is perfect for a picnic, and if beachgoers are lucky, they might even spot wandering horses. The coast is clean and the water is fine, but if beachcombers want to go beyond the shore, they can take on the challenge of the island’s hiking trails. Those who will stay beyond sundown can even lie down on the beach and enjoy the views of shining, shimmering stars.

7 St. Andrews Beach

Birdwatchers are in for a treat if they visit St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island. The shore is frequented by birds like oystercatchers, piping plovers, peregrine falcons, black skimmers, marbled godwits, and Wilson's plover, among others. If lucky, birders can even spot rare gull species. Even casual strollers can enjoy the sights not just of those feathered pals, but of dolphins, sea turtles, Gulf fritillaries, and monarch butterflies. The beach is a refuge not just for critters, but also for tourists who want to be with Mother Nature’s ambassadors. RELATED: This Georgia Airbnb Is, Literally, A Potterhead's Dream

6 Lake Rabun Beach

Lake lovers will have a fun time basking under the sun by Lake Rabun. The calm waterway is perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing. Campers are also welcome, and they will always have a good morning courtesy of the lake’s peaceful views. Tourists who want to get more out of the area's wonders can hike the beach trails or take the path to the stunning Minnehaha Falls, one of the state’s most popular cascades. From the placid lake to the pleasing falls, it’s all about wonderful waters in Lake Rabun.

5 Main Beach

For a more secluded sandy day, the Main Beach of Little St. Simons Island is the place to be. There are seven miles of private beaches in the area offering tourists sunkissed memories. Little St. Simons is a private island, so it’s ideal for those who want to get away from the crowds. Aside from swimming, visitors can also try beach biking, shelling, and seine fishing. They can also kayak along the island’s waterways, hike, watch some wildlife, or just spend the day lying down on the beach — letting all the stress out while taking in the stunning views.

4 North Beach

Tybee Island's North Beach is ideal for those who want to be by the shore while enjoying some good food and checking out local attractions. The area is not all about the beach because it’s near restaurants and historic sites. The island is home to Georgia’s oldest and tallest lighthouse — a towering sight that complements the shore’s simple beauty. Tybee knows how to wow from the beach to the buildings. For the needed vitamin D and vitamin sea, North Beach is the place to be. RELATED: 10 Cities To Visit In Georgia (That Aren't Savannah)

3 East Beach

On East Beach, tourists can choose to be safe and sound on the sand, or conquer the Atlantic waves by kiteboarding. Whatever they plan to do, they are afforded a good time on this St. Simons Island spot. After a wonderful day by the beach or on the water, tourists can visit Gould's Inlet up north for some wildlife watching. They can also visit the popular Coast Guard Station Beach for more sun and the Massengale Park for a quick sandwich under the trees.

2 Back River Beach

Locals call Back River Beach a secret beach because it’s the place to be for those who want to stay away from Tybee Island’s crowd. As cliche as it sounds, this is the spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show — and it's better during sunset. The gentle waves and playful hues of the sky work together to give beachgoers a panoramic sight that’s one for the books. If lucky, some playful dolphins might even say hello to tourists. It’s a lazy day on Back River Beach but one that’s filled with memories.

1 Nanny Goat Beach

This beach on Sapelo Island is only accessible via ferry, so visitors are sure to have a quiet time here as it’s less crowded. The usually empty Nanny Goat Beach might be the perfect spot for those who want to have an alone (but not lonely) time. Tourists can have a slow day on the beach while meditating, doing yoga poses, or just observing what’s out there. Zen is within reach on Nanny Goat Beach because it’s undisturbed. However, those who want to have a splash can scuba dive in nearby Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary where a different kind of zen awaits. NEXT: Once The Setting Of ‘TWD,’ Senoia Is Now Georgia’s Most Beautiful Town