George Clooney never made it a secret that he once owned a pet pig that had the run of his palatial digs in L.A., so for him to undergo another experience involving pork probably isn't a big deal to him.

In this case, it was sampling what some scribes call "Van Ham," while on vacation in Italy with his legal-eagle wife Amal. It turns out that Clooney, who's also in the pizza principality to shoot a remake of Catch-22, still has a sense of adventure when he's out and about.

A photo of Clooney, looking rather comfy on what we presume was a day off from shooting the film, showed the actor in Sardinia as he chin-wagged with a local vendor of sausages and prosciutto cheese while standing by the impromptu display area, which was basically the back of the van. Whether that was Sardinian sausage, well, the photos couldn't ascertain the genuine nature of the pork in that regard.


But what was remarkable was how unlikely he looked as a celebrity when chatting with the meat merchant, who didn't look like he was fawning at all in mid-discussion. Clooney was casual, fashion-wise. No tux, but then it didn't look like his summer shorts and plain blue t-shirt were items that he slept in. Chances are, Amal would have had something to say about that.

Ditto for the reaction on Twitter, where Discover Sardinia posted the image. That it received four retweets and 17 likes indicates that either anything to do with Sardinia doesn't get much traffic, enabling the marquee movie star to fly under the radar, or maybe that Clooney isn't really hot property anymore.

Not likely, in the case of the latter. But it seems to be the Clooneys' style to take time off together to explore the sights of Sardinia seems off the beaten path of where celebs are more likely to hit, such as the beaches of Ibiza, St. Tropez, Monaco... you know, places where public partying are the norm for high-profile see-and-be-seen types. Besides riding motorcycles across the island while wisely wearing helmets, the couple was also seen having a romantic meal at Il Portolano in Porto San Paolo, where an octopus salad would set you back about $16 and entrees of roast herbed lamb or sirloin steak cost around $25. Nice to know that even celebs like George and Amal are thrifty.

But then, we're talking about a guy not worried about his cool factor hanging out with local meat dudes. Yep, George is like the rest of us.