Geocaching is the art of uncovering secret hidden containers without local muggles discovering exactly what you are doing. It is a fantastic hobby and a great way to go out into the world to experience all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, not all cities have a lot of participants that hide these treasures, but others are loaded with them.

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If you are interested in basing your vacation around Geocaching, then you should consider taking a trip to these cities. They are filled with hundreds of caches, all within walking distance of one another. Keep reading to learn about ten of the best cities to go geocaching!

10 10. Saint Arnaud, New Zealand

New Zealand comes highly recommended by a variety of geocachers because of the location and the high volume of caches in a single area. The city of St. Arnaud has about 30 different caches for you to find in a variety of sizes and difficulties.

You will be able to see the natural sights from the lake that is nearby to waterfalls in the area. Many people travel here for the hiking trails, and these are the spots where caches will pop up. You will have a fantastic time uncovering hidden treasures while seeing the beauty of the countryside in New Zealand.

9 9. West Bend, Wisconsin

There are so many geocaches in this area, and part of it is because every year they hold an event for geocachers. This event is Cache Ba$h, and there is a raffle held where a thousand dollars is given away. If you can't make it, that's fine too because you don't need an event to search for the hundreds of geocaches in the area.

There are numerous puzzle caches and if you are a fan of swapping trinkets then this is a place you should go. If you want to enjoy some other activities then you can check out the art museum and the Shalom wildlife zoo to complete your trip to this city.

8 8. Las Vegas, Nevada

As you gamble your way through Las Vegas, you can also look for geocaches. There are some on every street corner and it makes it more interesting since the area is so heavily populated. There are also several puzzles to solve, so if this is your favorite type of cache then you should plan a trip here.

You have probably heard of Las Vegas and all of its shows, parties, and casinos, so in your spare time, this is a nice way to break up your vacation. It might even be a good idea to plan your visit around the caches you plan on finding during your trip.

7 7. Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is known for its harsh environment and highly unsettled lands, which is why this is the perfect place to look for geocaches. If you head up to Anchorage, there are a few hundred within the city waiting for you to find them.

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This location is also great because there are so many hidden along trails or deep in the wilderness where no one will ever find them. It also allows the caches to be larger in size because there is no fear of anyone else ever disturbing them when they accidentally come across them.

6 6. Shelbourne, Nova Scotia

We chose Shelbourne, Nova Scotia as the place to be for geocaching, but the truth is this entire area is amazing for cachers. The people here are fans of placing caches in lines along a single path, as well as creating different shapes with their puzzle caches.

It is probably the most intricate system of geocache placement that we have seen and we have to give them props for this arrangement. It makes it super easy for any avid cacher to find several in a single day because it doesn't involve you driving to Timbucktu and back for a few measly caches.

5 5. Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

If you travel to the southern edge of the Bighorn National Forest you will find numerous geocaches in the depths of the wilderness. These caches allow you to explore the area and the trails, while still searching for these secret treasures along your way.

You won't have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city and all of its muggles, but you might have to avoid the prying eyes of a few other patrons who are using the trail.

4 4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco might be a big city, but that doesn't mean there are not any caches to find. This place is filled with micro caches that will take all of your brainpower to find. It is a challenge like nothing you have ever faced before as you try and find caches without looking too suspicious to those passing you by.

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There are several puzzles for patrons of this hobby to solve and the caches come in several different difficulties. You will be amazed by the ingenuity of these hiding places as you look around every corner in San Francisco for another.

3 3. Carson National Forest

There may not be a ton in this area, but the views you will find as you search for the caches will make the trip totally worth it.

These caches will have you traveling down trails and through areas that will take your breath away, and the caches are hidden in some pretty thoughtful places too. If you are looking for something a bit more cache heavy then you can head south to Santa Fe where hundreds are waiting for your undivided attention.

2 2. Frankfurt, Germany

Your European experience wouldn't be complete without a trip to a major city like Frankfurt, and luckily, there is an abundance of geocaches located here. They can be found all over town and several of them are multi-caches, which means it will take numerous clues for you to reach the final destination.

These are great because they help you explore new places and see things you otherwise might have missed if you had only followed your travel itinerary. This location also has several virtual caches, where you will uncover unusual places that other travelers might have missed.

1 1. New York City

New York City is always bustling with people lurking around every corner, but this is half of the fun. This city is filled with micro caches and will also test your ability to sneakily uncover geocache hiding spots.

The city is always filled to the brim with people, but hopefully, no one will see you searching for a secret hiding place where the mystery item is hidden. It will add an extra dimension to your travels as you find these objects in between your visits to various stores and historical landmarks.

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