Geocaching is a great way to pass the time and explore new places while on vacation. They come in a variety of sizes, but those who have gone before, understand the value of trinkets. If a geocache is large enough, it holds a piece of paper, possibly a pencil, and some small objects.

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These objects can be anything, but if you want to take one of them, then you have to be sure to leave something behind. It should be small enough to fit inside the geocache, but it has to represent you as an individual. Keep reading to learn about ten trinkets you can put in a geocache!

10 10. Small Compasses

Chances are that the place you are looking for the geocache is somewhere you and other searchers have never been before. A compass is always a solid choice to put into a cache for this reason as it helps everyone find their way home.

Even if they don't use it, this object could be symbolic of their journey as they searched for a hidden cache by using the power of cardinal directions. This trinket will remain a keepsake on their shelf for years to come as they remember the day they uncovered that elusive geocache.

9 9. Trading Stones

One thing that a lot of people choose to purchase or make themselves are something called trading stones. The reason why people love them so much is that they are customizable to represent you. You could put owls, backpacks, or even your initials on the stones.

It allows you to put a personal touch on your find and allow the next person to gain an insight into the other personalities that discovered this treasure. It could even be fun for the whole family as each person designs their own personal stone to leave behind as a replacement for another treasure.

8 8. Keychains

These are great because they are cheap to buy and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many people choose to leave keychains that represent places they have been or places they want to go.

The entrepreneurs of the world like leaving keychains with their business information on it as a way to promote their brand to other geocachers in an effort to increase their business. There are so many options to choose from and they can easily fit in most medium to large geocaches.

7 7. Kid's Meal Toys

If you have a soft spot for children and want to encourage their love for geocaching, then you should consider leaving some toys behind from your old kid's meals. It will serve as a reward for a young child and keep them interested in something they might otherwise want to give up on.

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The knowledge that there might be a toy waiting in the geocache they find will inspire them, and your toy could keep that curiosity alive. It might be a good idea to bring something else along in case it doesn't fit, as some medium-sized containers don't allow room for children's toys.

6 6. Disposable Rain Ponchos

If you are someone who is relatively forgetful or has issues minding the weather before you head out to find a cache, then you should consider leaving a disposable rain poncho behind.

You never know when it could come in handy for you or someone else, and it will ensure that you are never caught off guard in the rain ever again. You could choose a specific color or ones with patterns and they can also be squished and mashed to fit into any container.

5 5. Jewelry

If you have some old necklaces laying around, or some beads from mardi gras, then you might want to consider leaving that as your trinket. It not only helps you rid your home of unnecessary junk but it also gives someone a new piece that they can add to their collection.

Some people also have custom necklaces made with the location of their favorite geocache that they choose to leave behind. You might want to consider a smaller piece, rather than a chunky bracelet because you never know how much room is left for you to leave your item in a geocache.

4 4. Coins

This is another item that you can buy and customize to your own unique tastes, but others take this as a way to pass on some of their loose change. There are several collectors out there who hold these found coins close to their hearts as they find more and more in geocaches they uncover.

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If you decide you would rather leave some spare change, others have decided to leave some loose bills or even foreign currency as their gift to the geocaching community. They see it as a way to pay it forward and continue giving people hope in this amazing hobby.

3 3. Toy Soldiers

This trinket could be reminiscent of your days spent fighting for your country or be used in support of those who do. They represent the power and sacrifice given by our armed forces which is why it is the perfect thing to leave in a geocache.

It could also serve as a reminder of a loved one you might have lost who couldn't be with you when you searched for a particular geocache. It might have been your hobby or something you wish you could have done with them, but now all you have is something to leave behind so others can remember them too.

2 2. Hot Wheels

If you are a car fanatic or an avid collector of Hot Wheels, then you should consider leaving one car behind for others to find. This can be a simple car you picked up from a garage sale or the dollar store, and it is up to you to decide exactly what type of car you want to leave.

There are so many colors and styles and it is a known fact that everyone loves them. This is one trinket that you can't go wrong with as you drift your way to finding your next geocache.

1 1. Travel Bug

You can buy something called a travel bug for $5, which is an item that has trackable numbers on it. How they work is you assign the bug a certain goal like traveling to Europe or visiting 20 different geocaches.

The users who find these bugs enter the information online and it acts as a diary for the bug. It lets you see where your trinket has traveled and allows the fun of the game to continue long after the geocache you found has been put back in its hiding spot.

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