Sooner or later, all seasoned travelers pick up some genius hotel hacks that completely change the game as far as their accommodation experience goes. Free upgrades, the best views, discounts, and other perks don’t have to be a fantasy. These things really are available to guests just like you. All you need to do is know how to go about getting them!

The more hotel hacks you know, the better your travel experience is going to be and luckily, many hacks are as easy as pie. Keep reading to find out 10 amazing hotel hacks you need to know before your next trip.

10 Request A Higher Floor For More Peace And Quiet

There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep in your hotel room because there’s a lot of noise from outside. This can sometimes happen if your hotel is located on a busy street. To increase your chances of sleeping in peace, Skyscanner advises requesting a room on a higher floor.

Aside from giving you a better view, a room on a higher floor will naturally be further from many sources of noise, such as crowds on the street. Also, large party groups tend to be placed on lower floors, so there’s also less chance of being next to a huge party.

9 Tip For Upgrades

It’s not always possible to get a hotel upgrade by simply tipping the staff member at the front desk, but it has been known to happen. It’s always worth a try! Travel experts reveal that this tends to be successful in Las Vegas.

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When it comes to tipping at the front desk, you have to be smooth. Rather than handing the staff member your bill, simply hold it in your hand so they can see it, but don’t offer it to them. That way, if they can’t help you, you don’t lose your money.

8 Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Items To Borrow

Never underestimate just how many amenities a hotel can lend you. There are lots of items that people cart around in their luggage that the hotel actually has in abundance. By choosing to borrow from the hotel’s supply, rather than bringing your own, you reduce the load that you’re carrying around.

Things like irons and hairdryers are pretty standard in most hotels. But there are plenty of other items that you probably never knew you could borrow from the hotel, including adapters, phone chargers, hair straighteners, and even yoga mats!

7 Email The Manager If You Run Into Trouble

Sometimes, all it takes to sort out the issue you’re having with the hotel is a quick email to the manager. If something hasn’t gone according to plan (and it’s the hotel’s fault), don’t be afraid to email the manager and state the problem. Often, the manager will offer you compensation in the form of a free upgrade next time, or a similar kind of perk.

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One professional traveler revealed to Wise Bread that once she has a relationship with the manager, she is in a position to ask for even more perks.

6 Simply Ask The Hotel For A Better Deal

Ask and ye shall receive. Enquiring with the hotel as to whether there’s a better deal available than what’s being advertised might not always work. But sometimes it does, and you’ll never know that there’s a good deal available if you don’t ask for it.

You can also find better deals at other hotels and then call the hotel you want to stay at and find out if they can match it. This is more successful with smaller chains, but it has been known to work for many seasoned travelers.

5 You Can Never Have Too Many Plastic Bags

If there’s one thing you always want to bring with you on any trip, it’s a healthy supply of plastic bags. When it comes to hygiene and organization in a hotel room, plastic bags are lifesavers. In terms of hygiene, you will probably want to cover things like the hotel remote with a plastic bag so you don’t have to come into contact with too many germs.

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As far as organization goes, plastic bags are great for placing your wet swimwear in, as well as your dirty clothes so you don’t have to put them with your clean, dry clothes in your suitcase.

4 Make The Most Of The Concierge

One of the pros of staying in a hotel over a hostel is the premium concierge service that you have at your fingertips. Although the internet is helpful for finding tips and guidance, nothing comes close to having a local expert who’s paid to help you out when you need it.

You can ask the concierge for almost anything from arranging your reservations and transport for you to recommending certain tours. Concierges have also been known to give personalized directions (sometimes even walking you out of the hotel and literally showing you where to go).

3 Use The ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign To Your Advantage

Most seasoned travelers will tell you to make use of the Do Not Disturb sign. When you put this sign up on your door, you’re basically telling everyone on the outside that you’re in the room, even if you’re not. This means that staff and outsiders are far less likely to come inside when they’re not supposed to.

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If you’re worried about the safety of your possessions in your room, keep the Do Not Disturb sign up at all times and simply ask for fresh towels at the front desk.

2 Sometimes You Can Check-In Early

Travel can be unpredictable. Sometimes you’ll arrive at your destination early, thanks to reasons that are beyond your control. Rather than trying to entertain yourself for the day while you wait for check-in, you can always ring and see if early check-in is available.

The same goes for late check-outs. Many hotels will actually offer a late check-out free of charge, as long as they don’t have to give the room away. The option won’t always be available, but it never hurts to ask.

1 Let Them Know If You’re Celebrating

In the interest of providing their guests with the best possible experience, some hotels will give you special perks if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Say you’re taking a trip for your honeymoon for example and often the hotel will give you a complimentary upgrade, or free champagne.

Again, it’s not guaranteed that an upgrade will be available or the hotel will be prepared to help you celebrate. But many establishments will so check out some online reviews to find out which hotels will go out of their way for you.

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