10 Game of Thrones Themed Places Every Fan Should Visit

Now that the final season of Game of Thrones has come to an end, fans all around the world keep missing the show every day. But if you can relate, fear not. We have a remedy for your heartbreak.

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Because what's a better way to relive the best moments from the show than to visit some GOT-themed places that'll make you feel like you're in one of the Seven Kingdoms? Maybe you could take a quit trip to Winterfell, home to the Starks in the North, or Braavos, King's Land, or even the lands beyond the Wall. It sounds like a dream, but it's now actually possible. Here are 10 Game of Thrones themed-places you should visit if you're a fan!

10 Lapland Hotels Winter SnowVillage In Finland

Lapland in Finland has now got quite a special place for GOT fans all around the world: a beautiful - as much as accurate - GOT-themed hotel. Built by HBO Nordic in collaboration with Lapland Hotels Snowvillage, this hotel is entirely made out of snow and ice. It has required as much as 20 million kg of snow and 3,50,000 kg of crystal clear natural ice just for the construction. And the pictures speak for themselves.

If you're interested in visiting it, you'll find it in Kittila, a resort situated at 200k above the Arctic Circle, and a 90-minute drive away from Helsinki.

9 Game of Thrones-Themed PUB & Restaurant in San Francisco

Taste of Thrones, a popular Pub & Restaurant situated at 25 Lusk in North Beach, San Francisco, transformed its lounge into an elaborate six-days-per-week Westeros-inspired experience. Here you'll get plenty of opportunities to have fun and enjoy some good time with your friends.

The restaurant features a castle-motif along with a photo-ready Iron Throne where everybody is invited to take epic selfies and group photos. You'll also be able to spot one of Daenerys' dragons and of course a themed drink and food menu, which includes smoking cocktails and shots out of eggshells. And you're invited to dress up!

8 Cafe of Thrones In Wakad, India

Considered another must-go place for Game of Thrones fans, Cafe of Thrones in Wakad, India, offers a great place to hang out with your friends while immersing yourself in the GOT magic atmosphere once again.

All the dishes on the menu are named after the most famous and iconic characters from the show, plus there's a replica of the Iron Throne where you can sit and take pictures that will make your Instagram profile pretty epic-looking. And the interiors are rich with details every Game of Throne fan would appreciate. According to some Trip Advisor's reviews, "the Crown Fondue Pizza is a must-try!" Dinner is coming!

7 Game of Toast in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Game of Toast restaurant in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, offers yet another authentic and delicious experience in the Game of Thrones universe. With its themed dècor which includes swords, shields and of course a map of Westeros, it immediately finds its way in every hard-core fan's heart. The food at Game of Toast is known to be more on the fiery-side, tough, so make sure you're fully equipped to handle the heat. Some of their top picks include indeed the Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

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Want to know a little fun fact? The restaurant has the official Game of Thrones TV soundtrack playing in the background all the time.

6 Game of Thrones Pop-Up Bar In Washington DC

Even tough the series is announced to be officially over, fear not: you can still immerse yourself fully again in the blood-stained world of Westeros. There's a new sprawling GOT-themed bar in town. In Washington DC to be exact. The bar is a collaboration between the Drink Company and Ommegang Brewery, which are also known to have worked on other themed pop-up bars, including one dedicated to Stranger Things that got people waiting in line for hours during its first opening.

Besides the iconic Iron Throne replica and a Hall of Faces, here you'll also find a fire-breathing dragon and - as predictable - plenty of cocktails inspired by the show, yours to enjoy.

5 GOT-Themed Cruise Trip in Croatia

If you'd like to match your love for Game of Thrones with your love for traveling, here's your chance. There's indeed a GOT-themed cruise that travels all around Croatia to stop at the show's most iconic shoot locations around the island, including King's Landing, Qarth, Braavos and the Westeros Riverland.

You'll have to wait a bit to start your GOT-themed fun, tough, because the cruise will make its debut in 2020, departing from Split on August 8, 2020. If you're still recovering from the series finale, the beautiful beaches of Croatia might help speed up the process!

4 Westeros Café, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Westeros Café, a GOT-themed café in New Delhi will immediately make you feel like you have been transported to a GOT set. Not only because the ambiance and the lighting reflect the mood of the tv series, but also for the yummy yet affordable food and drinks inspired by the show.

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The place also hosts Trivia Quiz events from time to time, which would be the perfect occasion to test and prove your Game of Thrones hardcore-fan knowledge!

3 Blood & Wine Pop-Up Bar In Edinburgh, Scotland

Looking for the perfect bar to lift a glass and say: "I drink, and I know things"? You might have just found it. Blood & Wine is a Thrones-themed bar from Pop Up Geeks in Edinburgh, Scotland.

One of the best things about Blood & Wine is that it allows fans to sample Arbor golds, Dornish reds, and other vintages mentioned in the show or inspired by George RR Martin's novels. The basement setting resembles a Westeros castle, with wanted posters for characters like Tyrion and The Hound.

This would be the perfect setting to discuss your favorite Game of Thrones episode with your friends, no doubt.

2 GOT-Themed Lounge, Northern Ireland

This might not be your full pop-up bar experience or even a themed hotel made entirely out of ice and snow, but it still deserves a spot in this list. The Fullerton Arms Restaurant, located in Northern Ireland, has decided to pay tribute to one of the most bloody and entertaining tv series of all times, by dedicating an entire lounge to it, which features a Game of Thrones door and a replica of the iconic Iron Throne.

Here you won't get themed cocktails or an over-the-top décor full of details from the show, but you'll still be able to enjoy some good food while hanging out with your friends in a special place.

1 Gospel of Taste, Bandra West, Mumbai

Gospel of Taste, located in Bandra West, Mumbai is Mumbai's first Game of Thrones-themed restaurant. Its main goal is to combine healthy eating with curated interiors that resemble the beloved tv series.

As you enter, you'll find a giant throne waiting for you, which offers a great photoshoot background for epic Instagram pictures. And other curated décor pieces inspired from the series get full marks on this point, too. As for the healthy menu, it includes milkshakes, juices and a variety of desserts to enjoy.

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