Seeing and visiting the places we know from television shows and movies can be quite a surreal experience. Going past the apartment block that was used for the external establishing shots in Friends or grabbing a bite in the iconic diner from When Harry Met Sally, there are any number of famous locations to take in if you put in the time to go and look for them.

How would you feel if we told you that you could actually live in one of these places, and a pretty epic one at that? One of the castles used for filming Game Of Thrones is up for sale. More specifically, for fans of the show, it's the castle that belongs to the family of Catelyn Stark and is situated in Riverrun. In reality, it is named Gosford Castle and can be found in Northern Ireland.


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For those of you dreaming of owning a castle, here comes what you would think is the heartbreaking part, the asking price but it's not too bad. The castle's current owner is considering offers as low as £500,000, which works out to be only a little bit more than $650,000. At the end of 2017, the average price for a condo in New York was more than that.

If you do have the money to be able to afford Gosford Castle, there will be yet another plus on top of actually owning a massive piece of television history. Airbnb caught wind of the listed property on Twitter and is interested in striking up a deal with the new owner. The company wants to renovate one of the castle's rooms to make it look like it does on Game of Thrones so that it can list it on the site.

Who could pass up a deal like that? The castle is quite affordable for some individuals, but the owner would be able to have an authentic Riverrun experience if they let Airbnb renovate a room in the castle. Hopefully whoever does end up buying the castle will be made aware of Airbnb's offer and works with them to renovate one of the rooms. It would certainly make for a cool experience in what is already a beautiful part of the world.

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