The huge popularity of Game of Thrones means that the destinations which served as filming locations are now tourist hotspots. But as the world’s most visited cities understand, there is such thing as overtourism. Read on to find out which country has been negatively affected by its starring role on Game of Thrones.

Other GoT Filming Locations That Have Affected Local Tourism

Game of Thrones has also been a game-changer for tourism in Northern Ireland, with many travelers now visiting Belfast and other filming locations. The BBC reports that one in every six tourists in Northern Ireland arrives just for the GoT connection.


Fortunately, Northern Ireland is still not at the point where huge numbers of tourists are becoming a problem. The national tourism board is still promoting GoT filming locations and tours, enjoying the economic boost brought on by the show’s popularity.

That said, locals living in the country’s smaller villages near popular filming locations are noticing that the increased levels of tourism are becoming a nuisance. The Dark Hedges near County Antrim, for example, have been excessively popular since their brief appearance on the show. Increased traffic in the area has caused an intrusion into the lives of locals and has also resulted in damage to the trees.

With the show’s prequel primarily being filmed in Northern Ireland, it’s expected that the rise in tourism will continue to grow in the country. Now, Northern Ireland is well and truly one of the world’s most popular screen tourism destinations.

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