25 Hysterical Photos That Show That Traveling Isn't For Everyone

The travel pictures we see so delicately placed on our social media feeds are the dream. The white, sandy beaches are not crowded and are not littered with debris. The food comes out of the kitchen exactly as imagined, wafting delicious smells. The weather cooperates long enough for the million dollar view to be visible through days of heavy rain.

The reality, however, often does not align with the dream. In reality, the beaches are filled past capacity, the food is not necessarily tasty nor identifiable, and you need to be fully accessorized with hurricane-grade rain gear to venture out to snap even one (blurry) photo. This sounds bad, but it can be even worse for some people (seriously, some people end up in a car with a cheetah, sleeping on a hard airport floor, or flat on their faces in a wave).

If you’ve ever met a person that consistently gets lost in a new place, is always sick anytime they go on vacation, nearly misses their flight regularly due to no concept of time, or without fail forgets to pack the essentials for any length of trip, you might have thought to yourself that this person shouldn’t travel (and you definitely don’t want to travel with them).

It’s true, traveling just isn’t for everyone and here are twenty-five pictures to prove it (refer back to the cheetah, airport, and wave comments).

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25 When You Realize Too Late That You Didn't Pack A Matching Pair, Travel Isn't For You

via: Crooked Compass

Sometimes you forget your toothbrush or that outfit you swore made it into the bag never did. Maybe you’re short a sock or you will have to do without your favorite moisturizer.

Travel blog, Crooked Compass, gave an honest insight into what happens when you don’t double check that you grabbed one left and one right shoe (or even two shoes from the same pair) and don’t have time to do any shopping. These mismatched sneakers will certainly make for a good story later (because it will be funny later).

24 When Your Room With A View Wasn't Worth The Money, Travel Isn't For You

via: BlazePress

After a long day of travel, you want nothing more than to check into your hotel room and face plant on the bed. But first, it’s always important to scope out the view.

Blaze Press shared the top hotel fails of the year and right near the top was the room with curtains blocking out the very bright sun. Except, instead of the sun, it was a wall.

Poor guy in that room didn’t just get a bad view, he had no view.

23 When You Don't Know Which Way Is Right Side Up, Travel Isn't For You

via: Practical Wanderlust

A vacation for some people exclusively involves spa treatments, a good book, and plenty of sleep. For others, it means high adrenaline activities. For those more adventurous souls, ziplining through a rainforest can be extremely fulfilling. That said, it’s worth feeling extra confident before strapping in to glide at lightning speed hundreds of feet above the ground.

Travel blogger, Practical Wanderlust, really captured that confidence (or lack of confidence) with a photo of a zipliner in Ecuador hanging upside down just before launch. Help!

22 When Your Selfie Gets In The Way Of Everyone Else's Picture, Travel Isn't For You

via: MSN

And here, next to the bronze statue you’ll find a piece we call ‘tourists with selfie sticks’. Just beside that group, you will see the spectacle we like to call ‘guy takes selfie and ruins the scene for everyone’. Unfortunately, you can’t see the Mona Lisa because she is blocked from view.

We can just hear the museum guide now. Nobody wants to click through your selfies from inside the museum, so just don’t take them and let everyone else see what they have come to see.

21 When Mother Nature Gifts You With An Unexpected Blizzard, Travel Isn't For You

via: WILX.com

It’s funny when it happens to someone else, until it happens to you.

We’re talking about the freak storm or abnormal weather pattern that has even the locals confused because it just hasn’t happened before. This naturally hits when you’re least prepared, meaning you are wearing all the wrong clothes and shoes, probably lugging something heavy, most likely in a hurry, and nowhere near where you need to be.

These are the days you just wish you had stayed home and tried tomorrow.

20 When You Struggle To Find Landmarks On A Map, Travel Isn't For You

via: Pinterest

To the person that goes left when they meant to go right and right when they meant to go left, this one is for you. If directional navigation isn’t one of your strongest skills you have probably found yourself staring at a map upside down or asking Siri to tell you where to go.

Whether or not you can laugh at yourself is up for debate, but you can guarantee other people are laughing at you (especially if the thing you’re looking for is clearly in front of you, just like in this picture).

19 When You Tempt Fate One Too Many Times, Travel Isn't For You

via: The Kiwi Has Landed

Stopping to see how close you can get to gator-infested waters sounds like something you do when you’re looking for trouble. For travel blogger, The Kiwi Has Landed, it’s something you do regularly just to make the day more interesting. The shock factor is pretty high, but the bite factor could also be pretty high.

Sometimes living on the edge leads to some great travel stories (that your friends will beg you to stop telling), though in this case it might lead to a painful one.

18 When You Do Something Even Though You Know It Is A Bad Idea, Travel Isn't For You

via: da Surf Engine

Expand your horizons and try something new, they said. You might not get the chance to do this again, they said. It will be fun, they said.

These are all famous last words right before you hesitantly agree to something and immediately fall flat on your face. If you’re the type of person that always gets convinced to be the guinea pig of the group and it never goes well, you might want to put some other (better) ideas on your travel bucket list to balance it out.

17 When You Find Yourself In The Company Of An Unwanted Guest, Travel Isn't For You

via: Now This News

The concept of a safari is that you get to see wild animals in their natural habitat closer than you ever would otherwise, but from a relatively safe distance. However, animals can be just as curious as us.

Now This News reported on one safari traveler that got more than he bargained for when a cheetah jumped right into his jeep.

What you can’t see from the picture as reported is the other cheetah on the hood of the car.

We’re guessing this guy wishes he would have picked a trip to the zoo, instead.

16 When You Can't Resist The Tacky Tourist Photo, Travel Isn't For You

via: Buzzfeed

You are not the first person to walk like an Egyptian, hold a distant Eiffel Tower in the palm of your hand, use your might against the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or stage a crossing of Abbey Road with your friends.

All of that has been photographed likely millions of times and we’re due for something new (preferably something less offensive than dancing in front of the pyramids).

Try to fight the urge be the obvious tourist and just enjoy your surroundings like a normal person.

15 When The Dolphins Don't Like You, Travel Isn't For You

via:Dolphin Quest

If on more than one occasion a flashback to a past travel experience has made you facepalm, then it's fair to say you've had a bit of misfortune. Swimming with marine life can be a memorable experience, and we usually say that with a positive connotation.

However, if the friendly dolphin decides that your face should be a target for its mouth-made water jets, then it's a little less fun than we thought.

14 When You Don't Quite Make That Connecting Flight, Travel Isn't For You

via: Pinterest

We tend to think we have superpowers when it comes to traveling and one of those superpowers, in addition to being able to eat all that heavy airport food with reckless abandon, is that we can get all the way across the airport in under thirty minutes for a connecting flight. It’s like when the airline cautions you against the option it makes you want to do it more just to prove you have the legs of a sprinter and the heart of a champion.

But sometimes we miss that flight because the distance between terminals really was too far and we end up sleeping on the floor and on standby for the next flight.

13 When You Seem To Find A Way To Get Hurt/Stranded Often, Travel Isn't For You

via:Hubbs Movie Reviews

Travel isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s tweaked back muscles from sleeping on mattresses that aren’t your own, stomach ailments, and sometimes things like lost passports. Add to that a proclivity to run into something or fall off something and you’ve got yourself a painful and exhausting ordeal.

The woman that authors travel blog, Crooked Compass, shared one of her travel fails that resulted in an epic bruise. This was after the car got stuck in the mud and the airline lost her luggage. She admits to being accident prone, but this was too much for one trip.

12 When You Are The One Nobody Wants To Sit Next To, Travel Isn't For You

via: The Daily Dot

They always say there is at least one person in a room that is the oddball and if you can’t pick out that person, it is probably you. This theory applies to travel, too, because there is always that one person on an airplane, in a tour group, or waiting in line for tickets.

The Daily Dot captured one airport’s oddball in the form of a costumed person patiently waiting for his or her large fish head to come down the luggage conveyor belt. We would love to hear the full story from that person’s seatmate on the plane.

11 When You Can't Steer Your Way Through A Tour, Travel Isn't For You

via: Pinterest

City tours must have been getting too boring. No longer did people want to sit on a bus or see the sights on foot, so guides had to take it up a notch to things like Segway tours. These seemingly popular tours require a bit of skill because you need to be able to listen to the guide’s lecture while also steering a motorized device (without running over crowds of other tourists).

Multi-tasking can be hard and sometimes the Segway wins. All the more reason to ask for a refund and just stick with the walking tour.

10 When Your Perfect Holiday Card Photo Is Ruined, Travel Isn't For You

via: Guff

It is finally happening. Your whole family is together in one place. The kids aren’t whining, the sky is clear, and the scene is set for a family photo that will be the hallmark of this year’s holiday card.

Then, out of nowhere, a stranger (or as happens in New York City sometimes, a celebrity) photobombs and your holiday card photo is tossed into the blooper pile.

It looks like they will just be sending out regular cards this year.

9 When You Refuse To Budge On The Trip Itinerary, Travel Isn't For You

via: Moms:Tots:Zurich

Travel requires a certain level of flexibility. You have to be okay with things not going according to plan (they rarely do) and the possibility that you might not get to do everything you had hoped. However, one mom turned travel blogger believes in working around obstacles to stick to the plan.

In her blog, Moms, Tots, Zurich, she shared a photo of a slightly soggy picnic taking place under ponchos.

That picnic was on the itinerary and she wasn’t about to skip it despite the rain. We're thinking that maybe a plan B should have been in place.

8 When You Decide You Can Figure It Out Without The GPS, Travel Isn't For You

via: YouTube

Travel really is about the journey and not so much the destination, so sometimes it is fun to get a little lost and meander without a definite next step. Other times, it is just plain frustrating.

Navigating without a GPS can lead to dead ends, missed turns, or traffic jams. In this case, the traffic is a herd of wooly sheep.

In this case, found on YouTube, a very fluffy and very stubborn traffic jam. We’re guessing the conversation in the car just before this photo was taken was a plea from one person to the other to stop for directions.

7 When You Don't Make Friends Easily, Travel Isn't For You

via: Imgur

As a solo traveler, sometimes you feel obligated to be a little more social at certain points in your journey.

So, instead of sitting alone for dinner for the fifth night in a row, you opt for a group outing with others your age that you meet at the hotel. You might be a little hesitant about it, but at least you’ll have someone to talk to other than yourself. However, maybe something embarrassing happens (like an elephant puts its trunk on your face) and everyone laughs. Yep, back to solo immediately.

6 When You Don't Know What It Means To Pack Light, Travel Isn't For You

via: Twitter

There are always people that speed past airline desk attendants with five carry on bags when they have made one thousand announcements that you can only have two. These are the same people that go away for a weekend trip but have enough luggage to make you think they are moving permanently.

It’s nice to be prepared, but if you haven’t worn that outfit in two years, you’re probably not going to wear it on vacation. Skip the extra stuff and just pack light (or at least lighter).

5 When You Always Need A Nap, Travel Isn't For You

via: Bored Panda

One guy nearly broke the internet when he documented what was supposed to be a fun cross-country road trip with his wife that turned into him doing all the driving while she slept.

In a series of hysterical images shared by Bored Panda, the husband looks into the camera from behind the steering wheel while his bride peacefully snoozes in the reclined passenger seat.

We get it, traveling is hard work and naps make it all better.

4 When You Ignore Potentially Life Saving Signs, Travel Isn't For You

via: Freaking News

We admit language barriers can at times make it difficult to follow all the rules. It can be funny to see a dog fetching a ball on a strip of a grass next to a sign that says ‘no dogs allowed’ or a man puffing on a cigar in front of a ‘no smoking’ sign.

If there is a sign with exclamation points and bold letters, you might want to find out what it means and heed the warning, especially if the warning has something to do with things that bite.

3 When You Are Missing A Key Ingredient In Your Plan, Travel Isn't For You

via: Pinterest

Raise your hand if you’ve been unlucky enough to miss a connecting flight because of something that wasn’t your fault.

It has happened to all of us and for some reason it seems to happen without a logical explanation. The weather is perfect and all the other flights are running on schedule so you know you won’t have any delays, but then the desk attendant comes over the loudspeaker to say the aircraft or crew hasn’t arrived yet. The only thing worse would be getting all lined up to board and then being told that.

2 When You Try Too Hard To Get A Good Shot And Pay The Price, Travel Isn't For You

via: XYU and Beyond

There is an unwritten competition to post the best photos of your vacation and people are going to great lengths to get the shot. People are scaling buildings, balancing their phones on rocky cliffs, and standing way too close to water for the best angles.

It’s great when the risk is worth the reward and you come away with a prize-worthy photo, but there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to come away with a broken phone, damaged lens, or wet clothes.

1 When You Mock Someone's Job The Second You Have Entered Another Country, Travel Isn't For You

via:Hopscotch the Globe

This might be news to you, but the guards at Buckingham Palace (and any other location) are working. They aren’t there as decoration or to pose in photos with you to send to your grandparents. They most certainly aren’t there to be mocked and don’t deserve it.

People don’t come to your office and stand ridiculously close to you while making faces, so why would you do it to someone else? Have some respect for the working class no matter where you are because they are probably doing a job you wouldn’t want to do, but one that is very important.

References: Crooked Compass, Blaze Press, Practical Wanderlust, Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Buzz Oye, Now This News

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