Canada is a vast and beautiful country. When visiting the country, especially for the first time, one must research and then plan well in order to appreciate this country to the fullest. Toronto, the capital, is modern, huge, and full of life, as a result, this can be confusing and difficult to maneuver for a visitor.

However, with a good gathering of information, it is possible for a visitor to identify some cool places to spend time, and enjoy in the big city of Toronto. One does not have to necessarily stay in expensive hotels, the secret is identifying special and cool places. Here is a list of the 10 coolest and funky places to stay in Toronto, Canada.

9 Drake Hotel

Drake hotel is a hyped hotel in Toronto and is ideal for millennials and the young generation. The hotel is very unique from the rest as it features great contemporary art and retro-style furniture. It is designed to offer a feel of a rock ‘n’ roll environment and music.

For someone looking for a cool hotel in Toronto, where they get a chance to experience unique food and decor, sip cocktails on the rooftop, listen to music, activities, and arts then the Drake Hotel is the right place.

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8 Shangri-La Hotel

Although Shangri-La Hotel is not the cheapest hotel in the city of Toronto, it is located in a tall place in the area. The hotel is strategically located in a tall building giving its guests a chance to view the entire city. The hotel is also located in a good environment offering great security and amenities.

With the hotel having two bars and dining restaurants, visitors get all of their needs handled immediately. The hotel has amazing rooms, free internet, a spa, a fitness area, and a pool.

7 The Ivy

The Ivy is a boutique hotel located in serene and lovely surroundings. The hotel is situated in a historic building from the early 1800s. However, the building was restored and converted into a hotel. As a result of the work done on the building and the hotel features, Hotel Ivy has won several awards.

The hotel is located in a strategic location of Verity in Toronto. For a visitor looking for a hotel with a special and rustic design, then this is a good place.

6 Hotel Ocho

Hotel Ocho is a highly rated hotel in the city and it is housed in a building that dates back to 1902. The hotel offers amazing views of Toronto downtown and one can reach the Art Gallery within 9 minutes. The Hotel Ocho is unique and has a minimalistic industrial touch. This comes from its granite and marble accents.

However, the hotel has all the required amenities with bathtubs, flat screens, open-style bathrooms, and unique rooms. Additionally, there is a lounge and bar. One will enjoy art exhibitions, European cuisines, and a good experience for a family.

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5 Thompson Hotel

It is the best hip hotel for Instagrammers. For the social media savvy, Thompson Hotel will provide a perfect environment. It is a modern 4- star hotel equipped with the best facilities making it attractive. The hotel is known to have an impressive lounge that offers 360-degree views of the surrounding city.

Thompson Hotel is also a great location for diner and all kinds of food. The hotel has a bar on the 16th floor making it a good place for night chills. With a modern gym, there is so much to enjoy and have a relaxed stay in this hotel.

4 Ritz-Carlton

Ritz-Carlton is found on Wellington Street. The place is within the city and close to art centers, entertainment, and sports venues. Being very accessible from different parts of the city makes it good for people exploring Toronto city.

Ritz-Carlton is unique and it features modern and beautiful amenities. Guests enjoy elegant amenities. For someone looking for a hotel with great food, an indoor pool, fast internet, and a spa, this is a good place.

3 The Gladstone Hotel

One of the most colorful, fun, and funky hotels one can find in Toronto, Canada! The hotel’s funky designs and amenities are its greatest selling point and it is a good option for someone looking for a cool place.

The Gladstone Hotel rooms are themed in biker-inspired styles making it a favorite for motorcycle lovers. However, even for people who do not like motorcycles so much, there is so much to enjoy here such as Karaoke, great food, modern art, film screenings, and live music.

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2 Le Germain Hotel

Although Le Germain hotel was built in an old factory, the hotel is quite modern and provides a super sleek boutique feel to its users. The hotel is found in a strategic location within the city such that it is only a few minutes to CN Tower and Rogers Centre. Le Germain is the perfect hotel for someone who wants to escape the bustling streets of Toronto.

The interior of this hotel and its bedrooms are unique such that they make a guest feel special. One will get bedrooms with great wood touch and concrete ceilings.

1 Bisha Hotel

The Bisha Hotel is found in an Entertainment District making it ideal for people looking to enjoy the fun in the city. It is not complicated but the designs, furniture, amenities, and rooms offer the best experience.

It is designed with black marble and velvet prints all over. The rooms are furnished with a patent-leather sofa for a cool feel. One will also find great artwork within its walls.

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