Situated among the “fairy chimney” rock formations in Cappadocia, Goreme is a historical town, and no traveler would want to miss its charm. Having a population of about 2000 people, Goreme is a famous destination, receiving up to two million travelers every year. Its National Park, the most beautiful landscape in Cappadocia has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, together with the Rock Sites of Cappadocia. With hot air balloons, beautiful caves, and fairy chimneys, Goreme guarantees an unforgettable tour experience. Here are the top 10 fun things to do in Goreme.

10 Riding A Hot Air Balloon

Riding a hot air balloon in Goreme is one of the most favorite things to do and do not always miss on most travelers' bucket lists. There is no better feeling than floating over the adorable fairy chimneys and having an incredible view of the breathtaking landscapes of Goreme from above. No one leaves there without taking photos with other visitors flying up and enjoying the fascinating view of this beautiful town. The flights take place very early in the morning, so get there on time and have one of the best sunrise experiences.

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9 Visit The Fairy Chimneys

Fairy Chimneys are globally recognized rock formations, and the majority of them are found in Pesabag Monk’s Valley, and they are mostly shaped like a mushroom and have three parts; cap, neck, and body. The chimneys are formed as a result of volcanic activity and erosion. Mostly experienced through hot air balloon tours, this is a natural wonder, and travelers will feel like fairies, thanks to its spectacular nature. One historical point about this place is, that monks used to remove some chimneys to make this place their hideout, just to distance themselves from the rest of the world.

8 Enjoy Incredible Sunset Views

Sunset Point is Goreme’s most popular sunset site, thanks to the incredible views it offers and the fact that it’s accessible from town. From this point, visitors not only get to experience the spectacular view of the town but also the surrounding beautiful valleys that turn pink and golden. It is the best spot for taking some epic snapshots. Travelers hoping to witness the hot air balloons flying over Goreme town should visit at sunrise, but those seeking incredible views without the balloons can go at sunset.

7 Explore the Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open Air Museum is a rocky place and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, and is one of the most famous regions in Goreme and the whole of Cappadocia. At this museum, travelers will witness protected churches made of rocks. These churches feature incredible paintings and frescoes dating back to the 10th century. Tourists can also explore Byzantine art, one of the most impressive in Cappadocia. The rock-cut blocks of the museum form a valley with chapels, sitting spaces, churches, and dining halls. It is where the nuns and the monks once lived a monastic life and hosts the most iconic Byzantine cave churches on the planet.

6 Explore Goreme’s Exquisite Churches

Exploring the beautiful churches in Goreme is a top fun thing to do in this region. Most of these churches are located in the Open-Air Museum, including the Karanlik Kilise, Tokali Kilise, Carikli Church, Elmali Church, and the Dark Church. Travelers can also find other churches, such as the Yusuf Koc and the Durmus Kadir, situated just outside the museum. Some of these churches have histories dating back to as early as the sixth century. They are constructed in caves with beautiful architecture and are perfect for travelers who would love to get lost in some long history.

5 Explore The Underground Cities

Derinkuyu Underground City is an ancient city built underground located near Goreme. A day trip will be enough to explore both Derinkuyu and Kayak, also an underground city. While there’s not much difference between these cities, visiting there is fun as it gives travelers a glimpse of what living below is like. Kaymakli is a little larger and has both entrance and exit points, while Derinkuyu only has one way used for coming in and going out. It is advisable to hire a tour if one is going to explore the cities on their own, or else, they may just be looking at a bunch of rocks underground.

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4 Spend A Night In One Of The Numerous Caves

Goreme is brimming with caves and beautiful rock formations almost all over it, and one of the fun things to do there is sleep in one of the caves. It might sound crazy, but it's interesting, and having that experience is nothing but incredible. Rather than spending money in a typical hotel, why not try and feel like you are in ancient times for a while? There are cave hotels, but sleeping in a real cave is something travelers can live to remember! Staying or visiting Goreme is surely worth it.

3 Have Some Kebabs!

Kebab is one of the Turkish dishes that people love the most. However, kebabs made in Goreme are out of this world! Go for the Pottery or the Test Kebab, a stew made inside a clay pot. Once baked, the pot will then be cracked right on the visitor's table. Once serves, this dish’s taste is second to none, and it’s best enjoyed when still hot. Goreme is one of the few spots that bake their kebabs the old-fashioned way, Dibek being the hotspot for these delicious kebabs.

2 Explore The Pigeon Valley

Situated between Goreme and Uchisar, the Pigeon Valley is one the most stunning spots to explore when visiting Goreme. There is a hiking trail that links the two locations through the valley, which passes through beautiful Christian churches and some abandoned cave homes. It is an incredible view; every traveler will have fun doing it. A horseback and jeep safari are other ways of exploring the Pigeon Valley. The place got its name from the many pigeons that live there, and travelers can always buy some food and come with it!

1 Shop From The Locals

Supporting the locals by shopping for their crafts and other goods offers a great deal of fulfillment. There are a variety of goodies to buy, from handmade clothing to trinkets to some Turkish delight to Onyx. There is a lot to experience in these local markets. Also, engaging with the locals give visitors a chance of learning the lifestyles of the locals, attitude, and the language. It is a perfect way of completing a day tour. What could be more fun?