Home of the illustrious 20,310 feet-high Mount Denali - the highest peak in America that looms over interior Alaska - Denali National Park is six million massive acres of pristine wilderness bisected by one lone road. Such untouched lands teeming with wildlife and unrelenting beauty conjure up a wealth of wonderful sights, sounds, and incredible activities worthy of the most intrepid travelers' bucket list. From humongous hiking trails, birds-eye flightseeing tours, and mesmeric mountaineering to camping, off-roading, horseback riding, and puppy cuddles, there are so many amazing things to tick off during one's sensational exploration of Denali National Park - one of Alaska's most breathtaking territories befitting of the fantasies of adventurous outdoors enthusiasts, fans of stunning scenery, and animal lovers.

10 Hop-On A Park Tour

Why not jump on a park bus for a comfortable tour of Denali National Park? It's one of the best and only ways to explore the heart of the reserve since private vehicles aren't permitted to pass mile 15 of Denali Park Road - the only road that goes through the park's entirety, sectioning it into two. Searching for wildlife, enjoying glorious scenery, and getting up close to Denali mountain are made even better on a bus tour; a trained, experienced naturalist offers commentary throughout the trip, highlighting points of interest and recounting intriguing information about the reserve. Not quite a fan of group tours? Then there are other options - one of which is taking a smaller van tour with fewer passengers. But for even more peace and privacy, visitors can fly in one-way, or even explore Denali on two wheels by renting a bike and cycling through its scenic landscapes.

9 Enjoy Birds Eye Views From Above

Want a unique perspective of Denali and its beaming beauty? Then soar high above its vastness and soak up the scenes on a flightseeing tour, which allows adventurers to enjoy uninterrupted wildlife shows, vast panoramas from a different angle unseen from below, and of course, it affords fliers exclusive close-up encounters of the mountain peaks. Flightseeing the reserve can be done by plane or helicopter, the former covering more terrain, and the latter providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land on a glacier or to hike along the beautiful alpine tundra. And true adrenaline junkies without a fear of heights will relish the chance to zoom along on a zipline tour - the one and only heart-pumping way to soar freely and unobstructed right in front of the face of the imposing Mount Denali. Related: Flightseeing Tours Are The Best Way To See This Alaska Park

8 Hike The Park's Beautiful Trails

Despite ample adventures to be had aside from walking, there are six million acres of lush lands in Denali National Park and Preserve, which naturally translates to this question: where the heck do hikers begin? Though fear not, with an array of guided hiking tours on offer, trekkers can be safe in the knowledge that experienced guides are there on hand to help them not only pick a path but also navigate each one. Be it a day hike, a multi-day trek, or a customized route with a small group, there's a trip complete with a seasoned guide to making wherever one's exploration of the park may be a reality. Visitors also have the choice to hike on their own as well, following the marked and maintained trails near the entrance of Denali or those in the park's backcountry. Related: Denali National Park Is One Of Alaska's Most Beautiful Spots

7 Puppy Love At The Husky Homestead & Denali Kennels

It's fluff and huskies galore at both Denali Kennels and the Husky Homestead, which for obvious reasons are among the most famous and popular attractions in Denali National Park. Guests get the exciting and adorable chance to interact with Alaska’s most famous working dogs and learn all about the work they do as part of Alaskan culture. Plus, it's not just pup-loving visitors who get hugs and happiness out of a visit here; the dogs benefit too because, like all four-legged friends, they need socialization. And if guests really want to see something super cute, they should time their visit to see the huskies during early summer when they may just get to meet the newest and youngest addition to the pup-pup family - floofy puppers who could be as young as a few days old.

6 Spot Denali’s Big Five

It's not just huskies that most visitors to Denali want to see; it's also the park's official "Big Five" that people come to witness. The Alaskan version of southern Africa’s sought-after safari animals, the Big Five of Denali are as follows: grizzly bear, moose, wolves, caribou, and Dall sheep - all species that are possible to spot by those who really keep their eyes peeled. Related: What It's Like To Summit Denali, The Everest Of North America

5 Go Off-Roading

Steer off the beaten road and explore Denali by Jeep or ATV for a true thrill. Splashing through the water whilst cruising through the Alaskan tundra deep into the backcountry and whizzing by astounding mountainous landscapes offers panoramas and sensations that genuinely can't be compared to hiking and touring by bus. With local tour operators and businesses offering both Jeep and ATV rentals, there's no excuse not to give this smashing way of exploring the park a try.

4 Get Wild And Wet On The River

Rafting the Nenana River is one of the top experiences in Denali reserved for the most energetic of thrill-seekers. Completely different from the tranquil hikes and beautiful bus tours that many visitors opt for, raft rides are one of the most exciting ways to explore and enjoy Denali's wilderness and its natural environment - and there are several unique options to suit every kind of rafter. One can try a float trip, which affords a calmer flow along the river with float-by views of snowy tipped peaks, while on the complete opposite end of the spectrum there are the action-packed raft journeys through kinetic waters and energized rapids - two of the most famous boasting names like Ice Worm and Coffee Grinder. Other rafting escapades include fully guided river routes in which the guide navigates the boat, or alternatively a group raft where everyone paddles along and powers it together. Whichever boating trip one chooses, all provide a memorable experience of winds rushing through one's hair as glistening glacial rivers and fascinating wildlife bustles on the riverbanks. Related: White Water Rafting: The Best Places In The US For Beginners

3 Enjoy Expert-Led Education & Entertainment

Visitors can take advantage of the wealth of education to be had at the park's various information centers, including the one and only Denali Visitor Center. What's more, curious guests can get insider details and tips from the park rangers themselves. And for even more family-friendly fun, indulging in the humorous and light-hearted dinner theater experience is a wonderful way to end one's day of exploration. The Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theatre is a highlight of the Miners Plaza at Denali Park Village, where funny, true-to-life performances of the 1900's Gold Rush tale take place, whilst delicious, hearty food fills the bellies of fatigued park guests. Want more entertainment to end the day with? Then concluding the day with the Music of Denali at the McKinley Chalet Resort is another awesome way to kick back, relax, and tuck into some well-deserved Alaskan grub whilst musical performers tell the story of the first brave adventurers to trek to the summit of Denali.

2 How About Horseback Riding?

Feeling like a cowboy is inarguably part of the adventure in Denali, and there are numerous horseback riding operators turning fantasy into reality. Various horse riding routes see riders explore many remote sections of the park, with one of the most highly rated parts being situated in the north of Denali National Park - a ride that sends people through the low Boreal forest and then out onto the tundra for show-stopping scenes of the Alaskan landscapes. Related: This National Park Has The Most Glacial Hikes Outside Of Alaska

1 Camping Under The Stars

There are a handful of campgrounds in Denali National Park perfect for those adventurous nature lovers who have no issue with sleeping on the ground and waking up a little bit chilly, or retreating to a charming logwood cabin for the night. Campers can choose between several grounds, with favorites including Denali's largest campsite - Riley Creek - that's open year-round and conveniently located just a quarter of a mile into the park. Visitors will also enjoy camping at Savage River, which is accessible by private vehicle and just 14 miles into the park. At 22 miles into Denali, there's also Sanctuary River, a campground that can be reached by transit bus, or alternatively, there's the Teklanika River ground 29 miles into the park - also accessed by transit bus. Also reachable by transit bus is Igloo Creek, which lies on mile 35 near a big river, meanwhile Wonder Lake is another tranquil site situated deeper within Denali at 85 miles into its interior - the very furthest point that visitors can go into the reserve. Next: 10 Places You Need To See In Alaska To Truly Appreciate It