Florida is a popular vacation as this US state offers a little bit of everything. For couples, they can kick back and relax at the best resorts in the Florida Keys. Meanwhile, families can head to Disney World to enjoy their vacation. But, regardless of who’s visiting, Florida is an excellent destination for a summer vacation. Specifically, the city of Naples (no, not the one in Italy!) is a friendly and sunny destination fit for many travelers. The city is blessed with beautiful coastal views, stunning beaches, and plenty of activities for the fun-seeking traveler. Take a look at all the summer things tourists can do in Naples!

9 Walk The Naples Pier

The Naples Pier is a great place to relax and rest while enjoying the Floridian sunset. What’s more, this pier is equipped with boutique shops, bars, and several eateries. This centuries-old attraction is a perfect way to end the day enjoying Naples. In addition, however, Naples Pier has several historical attractions for the traveling history buff, including the Palm Cottage and the Norris Gardens.

8 Birdwatch At The Naples Bird Gardens

Located on Purple Martin Drive, the Naples Bird Gardens is a sanctuary dedicated to rescuing parrots. While visitors may not get to see a vast host of bird species, they can still check out over 100 bird species found across the world. At the same time, there’s an array of butterflies and other flora to appreciate at The Naples Bird Gardens. Visitors may even get a chance to hold some birds! Otherwise, the Naples Botanical Garden is another gem in the city worth visiting, even during the hot Florida weather. What’s more, tourists can stroll along the area while appreciating the local wildlife here, birds included!

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7 Explore The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

The sunny Florida weather is not only great for sunbathing on the beach but also for appreciating the local wildlife. Thanks to the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, tourists can leisurely walk along the sanctuary’s trails and explore Florida’s lush vegetation. Walk amongst Naples' tall trees and the sanctuary’s boardwalk while taking in some wildlife sights. The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is home to hundreds of local species, including alligators, red-bellied turtles, songbirds, the Florida panther, the Big Cypress fox squirrel, and the Florida black bear. Aside from local animals, the sanctuary houses the elusive ghost orchid.

6 Visit The Ten Thousand Islands

The Ten Thousand Islands lie in Southwest Florida and are a series of intricate mangrove forests and water bodies, far away from the bustling city. As part of the Everglades National Park, the Ten Thousand Islands is a destination fit for activities like kayaking, shelling, and wildlife watching. In addition, there are boat tours that leave from Naples to tour this natural landscape, usually for a half-day (or full-day). While embarking on the journey, visitors may also spot some friendly mammals, like manatees and dolphins.

5 Enjoy The Beach!

What better way to enjoy tropical weather than to relax under the sun on a white, sandy beach? Many of the beaches in Naples are nearby residential areas, so visitors don’t have to worry about noisy crowds or overly loud music while enjoying the ocean waters. Some of the best beaches in Florida are found in Naples, whether it’s taking a dip at Lowdermilk Beach or finding unique seashells at Barefoot Beach.

4 Go Manatee Watching

Also known as sea cows, these gentle marine creatures are adorable and make a popular sightseeing activity for tourists. Florida is keen on protecting these gentle giants, but their curiosity and delicate nature make them a favorite sight for visitors exploring the waters of Naples. Take a boat tour, snorkeling, or kayaking, and travelers may come across a manatee.

3 Rent A Boat

Naples is blessed with miles of coast, and one way to appreciate it is by exploring it with a boat. Those who know their way around a boat and are traveling with other friendly companions can go about renting a boat for a day or two in Naples. Whether for sightseeing, fishing, or getting one’s sea legs in, renting a boat can be commonly done on Naples' Bonita Beach or even on Marco Island.

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2 Get To Kayaking

Kayaking is not only a fun physical activity (perfect for couples and travelers visiting Naples with family), it’s a great way to see Florida’s beautiful swamps and mangroves. Kayaking is available all around Naples, especially around the Imperial River and Estero Bay. Tourists can even rent kayaks on Naples beaches, specifically Fort Myers and Bonita Springs. Visitors may even come across a cute manatee or two on their kayaking excursion!

1 Bike On The Bird Rookery Swamp Trails

The Bird Rookery Swamp is a sanctuary for birds while being a popular tourist attraction for hiking and biking. Visit the park’s boardwalk to be amongst the lush Floridian vegetation, or rent a bike and tackle one of the park’s biking trails. The area is a known swampland, so it’s home to various animals, including alligators. There will be “alligator flags” marked on some areas of the trails (especially in deeper waters), so tourists need to keep an eye out for them and these menacing gators. Florida has some of the best swimming holes to cool down, but it isn’t at the Bird Rookery Swamp Trails!