Traveling with our girlfriends is one of the more fun events we will ever get to experience with them. In fact, taking a vacation with them is often seen as a major turning point in the relationship. It’s a big stepping stone that can take the relationship from the ordinary to the next level, marking a new beginning. Not only is it an opportunity to experience an incredible new destination together and take in new landmarks, but it’s a chance to really get to know one another on a level that wasn’t possible beforehand.

Sometimes that new level of the relationship that comes from spending time together while traveling is a fantastic change, but there are also times when this means seeing a side of our girlfriends that we aren’t necessarily the biggest fans of. The unfortunate truth is they do things on these trips that really can get under our skin even when they aren’t trying to. In fact, most times they aren’t even aware that they are bothering us, but it’s inevitable. Here are twenty five things that our girlfriends do while traveling that frustrate us.

25 Social Media Is on Overload

Very much like the whole frustration with the picture taking, what they do with them is just as bothersome sometimes. Does every single part of the trip have to be documented on every social media platform possible? Do our friends and family really want to see every breakfast meal we consume while in Prague? Probably not. It simply isn’t necessary to post every picture on Snapchat, IG, FB and Twitter. A few here and there to account for all of the major vacation events is more than enough to suffice.

24 No Regard for Time

Doesn’t it seem like our girlfriends simply have very little regard for time, most especially while on vacation? Seems like running perpetually late to every landmark and attraction is a given when traveling with them. In fact, we should probably bake in time to be tardy as this is a pet peeve that really frustrates so many men while traveling.

In an effort to be accommodating and keep the vacation going positive, we pretty much pick and choose our battles and this is often one we let go of until it really becomes an issue.

23 Loafing on the Beach Too Much

This one only applies to beach destinations, but it can be one of the biggest no-no’s a girlfriend can do while on vacation. When we go visit a beach city or town, part of the fun is obviously enjoying the beautiful ocean water and sandy beaches. That’s a given. But there’s also a limit to how much time we want to spend laying on the beach. Too often, girlfriends want to lie out there soaking in the sun for the entire day. We get that it’s relaxing, but limiting it to a few hours a day is all we ask.

22 The Overpacking Can be Too Much

We pack a carry-on bag with all of the essentials necessary, sometimes even forgetting some things we will end up needing at some point. Our girlfriends on the other hand, pack to the point of excess and it can definitely be a frustrating thing to deal with.

Not only does it end up being more luggage than is necessary, but it makes the airport experience unbearable at times. Beyond the inconvenience, the four pairs of heels and three pairs of sandals simply don't make much sense to begin with.

21 Comparing Everything to Back Home

Home is where the heart is and as cliché as that may be, it actually rings pretty true. We love our travel, but we love home more. And that’s perfectly fine, but one thing we notice our girlfriends tend to do is compare everything to its counterpart back home.

If we visit a museum, there’s an immediate comparison to the favorite museum back home. If we find ourselves trying a certain dish, the inevitable comparison to how the one back home is tastier comes up.

It’s not the worst thing, but it’s definitely a minor annoyance we’d rather do without.

20 They Can Overdo it with the Pictures

We want to document as much as possible from a vacation so that we can look back and remember all of the memorable moments from a trip we’ll never want to forget. That means taking pictures to capture it all which is great, but sometimes it is possible to overdo it with the photographs. It’s definitely not unheard of to see our girlfriends taking pictures of literally EVERYTHING.

We completely get the desire to photograph all the beauties of the Swiss Alps or Paris, but taking a picture of the sidewalk or some random building is simply going to get lost in our camera roll never to be seen again in mere weeks.

19 Sleeping Beauty

We don’t want our girlfriends to be too much of a strict timekeeper while vacationing, but we also don’t want the complete opposite. It can be frustrating to want to get our day started and our girlfriend is playing the part of Sleeping Beauty until noon.

It’s fine to let them get their beauty sleep in and nap away back at home to their heart’s content, but we would rather that not be the case while trying to get our day started in Rio de Janeiro.

18 The Restroom Becomes Their Safe Haven

We need the restroom as much as anyone else, but while on vacation we can pretty much forget about it being any real use to us. That small little restroom in the hotel room becomes their own room and it can be frustrating to say the least.

Their accessories, makeup and clothes that eventually creep their way onto the counters of the restroom can be a source of exasperation, but it’s something we have no choice but to accept and deal with for the entirety of the trip.

17 Getting Ready Can be a Chore

When vacationing, getting ready quickly and efficiently to take on the day ahead is a must. There’s likely a whole lot to do on the agenda with not enough time to get them all done, so getting the day started early is key. Unfortunately our girlfriends didn’t get the memo when it comes to getting ready. In fact, sometimes it seems like it’s a chore with them taking hours to get ready, even making this an exercise in patience for men everywhere.

Often times, men are thinking about touring that local brewery while their significant other is still getting ready in front of the mirror. It can be a tad frustrating to say the least.

16 The Walking Sometimes Gets the Better of Them

If there’s one thing that men really get bothered with quite easily, it’s complaining. It’s even more cumbersome when traveling. Men certainly aren’t immune to complaining themselves, but during a vacation, it’s the one thing that we are hoping to get away from, considering it’s time to forget all the stresses of home and enjoy a new city or backpacking trip.

We get it. There’s going to be a lot of walking. We even told our girlfriends to pack a comfortable pair of shoes for all of the getting around on our feet, so when the complaining starts, it can be a bit difficult to deal with.

15 We Know, The Food is Different

Part of what makes vacationing fun is the prospect of trying new things that we would otherwise never get to experience. A big part of that experience is trying new foods that are very much a part of the culture and country you are visiting. Sure, the food is most definitely different, no doubt.

In fact it differs in every way, from the appearance to the taste and even the smell, but it’s something to be experienced because chances are you are going to be pleasantly surprised or at the very least, open to something new from a different world.

What doesn’t work? The girlfriend downright refusing to even taste it because it looks “gross”. It’s just a mood killer to what is supposed to be an otherwise enjoyable eating event.

14 Souvenirs Simply Aren’t Worth It

Why does it seem like buying incredibly overpriced generic souvenirs is a rule for girlfriends everywhere? We all know the recipient is going to see them as a pretty unimportant gesture and they’re going to end up on someone’s work desk forgotten soon. But somehow there always seems to be a justification behind spending a hundred dollars on these cheap items that can be found in just about any gift shop in the world.

Honestly, we wish the souvenirs would get skipped altogether.

13 Sometimes It’s Ok to Not Talk

Part of the beauty of traveling the world is getting to enjoy the incredible nature of our planet. Sometimes that means taking in the beauty of each landmark in all its serenity and peace. There isn’t always a need to talk through every magnificent site, but sometimes we get a bit frustrated with our significant others feeling the need to chat through every experience. We love the company and wouldn’t trade it in for the world, but sometimes trading in some us time for a bit of silence to bask in the glory of an idyllic world landmark is in store.

12 They Don’t Look Up From Their Phones

Being able to soak in everything that’s around us while vacationing is part of the joy of traveling. One thing we truly don’t want to see our girlfriends doing while sightseeing is the phone dominating the entire trip. Seeing them with their faces glued to their screens and never looking up from their iPhones sort of defeats the purpose of traveling.

There’s nothing that she’s going to find on her social media feed that’s going to top what she can experience up close and personal while in New York City or Italy.

11 The OverAchieving Time Keeper

We definitely understand the importance of hitting all of the great spots on the agenda so that we are making the best out of our couple’s trip together. But there’s also a line when it comes to sticking to the itinerary without any room for deviating.

When our girlfriend is the overachieving trip planner, it can just be overwhelming to the point that it no longer becomes enjoyable and we’re just worrying about checking everything off our list.

10 No Regard for the Budget

We get that traveling is expensive so it goes without saying that we are going to drop some serious change while vacationing together. I think both parties understand that money is going to be spent, but one thing that gets us stressed is the overspending that sometimes comes with our girlfriends.

On occasion, our girlfriends tend to forget about the money and throw caution to the wind, racking up some charges along the way that only worry us and our wallets.

9 The Dreaded “I’ve Done This Before” Saying

We all know an experienced traveler that has made their way around the world from one incredible city to another. When that person happens to be our girlfriend, it can get tiring to always hear her talk about how she’s visited a city or famous landmark before. If she feels the need to always top the trip she’s currently on by comparing it to her previous vacations, it can get old really fast.

8 There’s More to Traveling than Bars and Clubs

We love partying as much as the next person. It can be fun and exciting, but sometimes if all she wants to do is visit clubs and bars while traveling, it can be tiresome.

Sometimes it’s fine to go out and let loose with the local nightlife, but other times we simply want to enjoy the sightseeing and museums and local attractions without the need to rave all night until the sun comes up.

Finding a good balance between relaxing, sightseeing and partying is what it should be all about.

7 Packing Too Much on to the Itinerary

Making the most out of a trip is the best route to take when traveling so that you get your money’s worth. But sometimes there’s such thing as too much to do while on a trip and girlfriends tend to do this from time to time. Packing too many activities on an agenda can overwhelm the senses and keep us from really getting to enjoy the trip itself.

Keeping it a bit low key while focusing on some of the major activities that are at the top of the list is best.

6 The Moodiness Can Overwhelm

We all know and understand that our girlfriends have a complex set of emotions that are driven by their very genetic makeup. It’s actually one of the endearing qualities that we love about them so much.

But there’s no doubt that while traveling, we are secretly hoping that they can keep their emotions within the normal realm, without any significant out-of-the-ordinary outbursts. When we see it coming from a mile away while vacationing, we start to get a bit nervous.