Nobody can have a perfect holiday with their better half, because such a thing doesn't exist. You can tell your friends and family that you've had the time of your life, and while that may be true, it doesn't mean there aren't any issues. One of the key components of dealing with these issues, though, is actually acknowledging that they exist in the first place.

Oh, and yes, we are going to imply that it's all the fault of the boyfriend in the relationship - but don't worry, we understand that the girls need to share some of the responsibility too. As a man myself I'm more than happy to open up about some of these ideas, because to be perfectly honest, some of them apply to me. Not all of them, but still.

We aren't trying to throw you off the idea of going on holiday with your partner by any stretch of the imagination, because we're sure you'll have a great time. What we are trying to do, however, is open your mind to the idea that it's okay for these things to happen from time to time. Why? Because you're not alone, ladies.

The men out there reading this many choose to believe that some of these selections are a little bit over the top and irrational, but trust us when we tell you that they all mean more than you could possibly imagine. That's not a prediction, either, because we've done the legwork to try and prove it.

P.S: Some of the entries may seem to contradict one another, but that's only because we're describing any and all traits that we can think of. We aren't talking about one specific guy.

25 The over-the-shoulder glance

It doesn’t matter whether or not you think you’ve got a pretty laid back girlfriend, because she isn’t going to be cool with you looking at other women. In any context. If you’re talking about a celebrity or someone on the television then it might be a bit different given the vibe of the room, but this is a big no-no.

Most of the time your girl will rightly call you out for this kind of behaviour, but there are times when they may let it slide. You might think you’ve been able to get away with it because of this, but don’t be fooled.

24 Be Really Tight With Money

You’ve probably been saving up for quite some time for your vacation, but that isn’t going to stop your fella from not wanting to part with too much cash. We can understand his logic to a certain extent, but to be honest, it just adds another layer of stress onto things.

It’s not like you should go out and spend silly amounts, but we all need to be able to treat ourselves from time to time. If that option isn’t available then there’s always the risk of it causing some friction, which is probably the kind of thing that would leak into your day to day life once you return from your vacation too.

23 Become More Obsessed With Appearance

It’s the age-old question: who are you trying to impress?

Your girlfriend could reassure you ten times over that you look fine, and yet, any given boyfriend will decide to look in the mirror and work on their appearance for two hours straight. It leaves you wondering where that kind of commitment was when you were back home, to be honest.

We can’t exactly criticise the men for wanting to look their best, but it’s the purpose behind it that is pretty questionable. Too many guys care far too much about what other people think about them, and they’ll never admit it.

22 Complain About The Weather

It doesn’t matter how many times you check the weather app on your phone in the weeks and days leading up to your trip, because it’s going to be different in one way or another. Our advice? Just deal with it.

Not everything is going to go your way on holiday and you just need to roll with the punches. Complaining about something that you have quite literally no control over isn’t going to do anyone any favours.

Besides, the whole point is that you’re there to spend time with your partner. Isn’t that a bit more important than any amount of snow, rain or sun?

Spoiler alert: it is. It’s way more important, actually.

21 Insult Locals Without Realising

You really need to think about the environment and culture that you’re surrounded by when you go on holiday. That sounds like a pretty obvious point but you’d be surprised by how many folks are blind to the fact that things work a little bit differently overseas than they do at home.

This can lead to debates, arguments, and potentially even physical fights. If your boyfriend has a tendency to lose his temper then that becomes all the more likely, and that’s not exactly a great position to put your girlfriend.

Sometimes it can’t be helped if a local is particularly sensitive, but you can still think about what you say and do.

20 Be Too Loud

Everyone is naturally a little bit loud, but it feels like that is amplified upon taking a trip abroad. It’s almost like you leave your ‘caring’ hat at home, and you replace it with your fun hat. That’s perfectly acceptable to a certain extent, but you need to consider those around you.

If you’re being too loud, then there’s a good chance (if you’re in a crowded place) that people are starting to take notice. You may not want to let others impact your ‘buzz’, but what about your girlfriend?

This is particularly true if you’re at dinner, because that’s the kind of place that requires you to be more chilled out than you would be at a bar.

19 Take The Comedy Too Far

Everyone loves a good joke or two when they’re overseas, but there are limits to what you can and can’t say – or what you should and shouldn’t. For example: if you make a funny joke and get a good laugh out of your partner, then the best next move would be to move on and talk about something else.

You shouldn’t carry it on to the point where you kill the joke. That’s just counterproductive for quite literally everyone involved.

Save the jokes for your friendship group, especially if they’re so crude that you already know your girl won’t appreciate them.

18 Eat Way Too Much

We understand that we’re starting to sound a little bit like the fun police, but there are limits to everything on holiday.

Eating excessively is indeed usually saved for the holiday season, but when we say holiday season, we mean Christmas or Thanksgiving. What we don’t mean is every single vacation that you ever go on.

If it’s a buffet then that’s a different story altogether, but if you’re in a situation where you’re spending far more than your budget allows, then there could be issues.

Oh, and if you’re eating a lot because you’re hungover, then that’s your own fault!

17 Try To Break The Walking World Record

What is it with guys and wanting to walk everywhere on holiday?

It’s as if they forget that, most of the time, their partner is much smaller than them and would probably rather be sat down with a nice drink where she can people watch. This is especially true when you’re in a hot climate, and also if there’s an underground system of some kind.

Walking is a great form of exercise but if there are alternatives available, especially when you’re on holiday, why wouldn’t you take them?

It’s probably just a case of the man trying to take charge of the trip, which is a theme we’ll come back to later.

16 Not Know Their Partying Limits

Look, everyone loves to party from time to time. It’s not like that is a foreign concept to us by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, there are certain levels when it comes to partying, and it’s 100% safe to say that not everyone lives to abide by the rules.

If your boyfriend is acting like a complete fool courtesy of his partying ways, then it can cause some pretty significant issues for you. It’s not like you can leave him alone, because there’s probably nobody else there that knows who he is.

Just swallow your pride, ladies. Sorry.

15 Cliche Proposals

Oh, you hid the ring in your champagne glass?

Oh, you got down on one knee when you were walking along the beach?

Oh, you were in front of the Eiffel Tower? (You get the picture).

A proposal is supposed to feel really unique, and a lot of the time, we won’t hesitate to say that a lot of fellas tend to be quite ‘same old, same old’. There are certain elements that would probably seem quite imaginative to some, but we’d argue that they’re few and far between.

Congratulations and all that, but the girl wants something special. Follow through on it.

14 Buy Tacky Stuff

The definition of tacky can vary depending on your point of view, but we tend to believe that it comes down to something you wouldn’t usually buy – and something that a lot of others probably wouldn’t buy, either.

It’s funny to an extent but it depends on what else your man is spending his money on. Is he spoiling you like he should be? If he is then that’s absolutely fine, but if he isn’t, then you should probably try and drop a hint for him to change his ways.

Oh, and yes, we understand that the majority of holiday purchases are quite tacky.

13 Talk To Strangers

We just aren’t big fans of this, and we’re perfectly fine with admitting it.

We came on holiday to converse with our partner, and we didn’t come on holiday to make friends with a bunch of strangers we don’t even know. That sounds a little bit harsh but it’s true, especially if you’ve gone all inclusive.

It seems like there are more couples out there just searching for people to hang out with, and after one drink too many, it can be easy for your fella to introduce himself.

On very rare occasions you might end up making a friend or a collection of friends for life, but again, that’s rare.

12 Worry About Work

You’re on holiday!

You can panic about whatever is happening at work when you get back, not when you’re trying to relax. You should just shut your work email off altogether when you’re on vacation, because it’s just going to wind up stressing you out and who wants that?

We certainly don’t and we can’t imagine your partner does either. The second that your laptop comes out that is an immediate red flag to your partner, because what possible purpose could you have for going on it?

Oh, and don’t even think about answering a work-related call unless it’s an absolute emergency.

11 Use TripAdvisor All The Time

We’ve come back around to something that can be pretty annoying for partners around the world: TripAdvisor. Your girl likely went on holiday thinking that she just wants to walk from street to street, impulsively selecting a place to eat or drink. After all, that’s part of the adventure.

Alas, specifically pinpointing where you’re going to go makes it feel like you’re on a specific schedule and that’s never good. You need to have a certain level of freedom because if you don’t, then you’re going to have the same kind of holiday that you could have if you went with your school.

10 Talking To Other Girls At Bars

Looking at other girls is one thing, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

How dare you flirt with other girls at the bar, probably thinking that your partner isn’t noticing. It’s one of the most insulting things that you could do and you deserve a big old slap in the face for it.

It’s hard enough being insecure, but when you factor this into the equation it becomes ten times worse. Do yourself a favour: think before you act upon your impulses, because the state of your relationship could well depend on it.

9 Go On Their Phones Too Much

Checking Twitter or IG? Looking up the football scores?

Yeah, well, don’t. You’re on vacation and you can do all of that at home. If you’ve got a bit of downtime or you’re bored at the airport then we could perhaps let this one slide, but if it’s a constant thing that you’re doing, then it can be problematic.

We’ve all heard about people who are obsessed with social media and their phones in general, but that doesn’t mean your girl should just let it slide. She deserves to have fun and be spoilt, too, and that’s just a fact.

8 Embarrassing Karaoke

We could probably give most folks a pass for this one, but only if they’re doing karaoke in a jokey way. If they’re doing it seriously and they’re utterly butchering the words and lyrics in the process, then that’s not cool. That’s not cool at all, actually.

Karaoke can be funny in the comfort of your own home but when you’re up there in front of a bunch of strangers, it can go one of two ways. Either you make everyone laugh, or you make everyone awkwardly cringe as they count down the seconds until it’s over. We assume most of you fall into the latter category.

7 Try And Find Local Comforts

Don’t try and find an Irish pub, an American bar or a place serving a full English if you’re on vacation (those are just three of the many examples).

If you’re a bit homesick then you can always talk to someone from home. You’re supposed to be immersing yourself in a brand new culture and you can’t do that if you’re reverting back to your old ways every two minutes.

Nostalgia is nice and all and we all like what we like, but at least try and make the effort to try something different. If you do, then who knows, perhaps you’ll discover something you really enjoy.

6 Go For A Run

Some people might say that it’s nice for guys to try and keep themselves in the best possible condition on holiday, but a run? Really? It just seems so counterproductive when the aim of being on holiday is to relax and pig out a little bit.

Plus, it can cut into your schedule for doing other things. Imagine if you’ve got a couples massage arranged and you have to postpone it because the guy is just dying to get a two mile run in before he begins his day.

It’s selfish, regardless of whether or not you’re trying to keep fit.