Located in the northern part of Italy lies the region of Emilia Romagna. This region extends from the Apennine Mountains through the Po River. Famous for its seaside resorts, graceful medieval cities, and beautiful Adriatic beaches, Emilia Romagna is home to some of the best cuisines throughout Italy. Emilia Romagna is a lovely place to visit, from its spectacular sights to its delicious cuisines. Below we will discuss the wonders that this Italian gem has to offer.


Dreamy Seaside resorts in Romagna

The seaside resorts in Romagna are amongst its main attractions with their calm and refreshing atmosphere. These seaside resorts are a must-visit. We have provided some of the coastal resorts you can visit while in Romagna, along with their costs and other amenities.

Gelso Bianco Country Resort

The Gelso Bianco Country Resort is located in Via Claudia, Savignano Sul Panaro, and is one of the best resorts throughout Emilia Romagna. If you are looking to blow off some steam, this resort is a place to go. When you book at The Gelso Bianco Country Resort, you will enjoy:

  • Recreational Activities (Fitness Center, Pool, Tennis Court)
  • Garden
  • Nightly rate: $109

Dopa Hostel

The Dopa Hostel is one of the most popular resorts in Emilia Romagna, specifically in Bologna. This resort is about 350m from the Palazzo Poggi Museum and a 10-minute walk from the cathedral. The Dopa Hostel supplies its guests with:

  • Tons of activities (movie nights, bike tours, etc.)
  • Complimentary breakfast & access to a full kitchen
  • Nightly rate: $97

Hotel Malibรน

Located in Rimini Emilia Romagna, despite its small size, this resort stands out as one of the most well-known resorts in Emilia Romagna. The resort is 1.8km from Bradipo beach. Some of the conveniences that Hotel Malibรน supplies are:

  • Ticket reservation services
  • Garden
  • Medieval Cities
  • Nightly rate: $23-$26

Emilia Romagna is home to some medieval cities that stand elegant amongst others.

Medieval City Stops


Bologna is the capital of Emilia Romagna, and it is a vibrant and historic part of the city due to its jaw-dropping architecture of historical origin. It is home to a renowned university built in the 11th century. Additionally, the city of Bologna was nicknamed โ€œFatโ€ because of its wide array of cuisines, which are discussed later in this article.

While vising Bologna, be sure to:

  • Climb Le Due Torri, the Two Towers
  • Catch a film in Piazza Maggiore
  • Try the famous Bolognese sauce


Ravenna is one of the medieval cities of Emilia Romagna. The city is famous for the brilliant mosaics on several of the cityโ€™s central buildings, including the octagonal Basilica di San Vitale and the cross-shaped Mausoleo di Galla Placidia.

If you find yourself in Ravenna, donโ€™t hesitate to:

  • Enjoy the thrills of Mirabilandia Theme Park
  • Dine at Trattoria La Rustica
  • Visit the Tomb of Theodoric


Ferrara is a medieval city in the Emilia Romagna region. Famously known for its rich history, wealth of art, and medieval architecture. Most notable are the buildings erected during the Renaissance Era while under the rule of the House of Este, such as the Diamanti Palace and the Este castle.

Must-do activities in Ferrara include:

  • Touring the Castello Estense
  • Viewing art at Palazzo Schifanoia
  • Tasting Capellacci di Zucca

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Exploring the Beaches

A visit to Emilia Romagna would be incomplete without stopping to marvel at its incomparable beauty. From the calm waves to its refreshing atmosphere, the beaches of Emilia Romagna are indeed a treasure. Amongst them, the following reign supreme:

San Mauro Mare Beach

San Mauro Mare Beach features a long stretch of near gold-colored sand caressed by waves. The beach is dotted with beautiful beach resort umbrellas and offers tourists gyms and swimming pools. Additional benefits include:

  • Bathhouse
  • Minibike and go-kart track
  • Two shady parks

Lido di Classe

The Lido di Classe beach is close to the Baveno stream in the north and is a must-visit for visitors and tourists. Besides its soft and beautiful shore, an open-air cinema near the Lido di Classe is available for those looking to feed their eyes. Some of the amenities that Lido di Classe has to offer are:

  • First-class bathing accommodations
  • Bars and restaurants
  • A tennis court & mini-golf course

Pinarella di Cervia Beach

Pinarella di Cervia Beach, located in Cervia, is one of Emilia Romagna's finest beaches as it is also a child-friendly beach. The beach is known for its crystal-clear water, which attracts visitors and tourists alike. Additionally, Pinarella beach offers:

  • Facilities for kids
  • Watersports equipment rental
  • Pet friendly

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The Food

When eating in Emilia Romagna, you are sampling the center of the richness of the various cuisines in Italy. Emilia Romagna is the ideal place to go in Italy or basically on the planet if you are looking for some next-level dishes. Below are some must-try regional staples.


Erbazzone could easily be one of the best pies you will ever taste. The Erbazzone is a blend of various flavors of chard, spinach, pancetta and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. This dish is so delicious it leaves your tastebuds hungry for more.

  • Prepared with lard and butter
  • Crunchy
  • Consumed as a snack

Tortellini en Brodo

The Tortellini en Brodo is a ubiquitous dish among the locals and is an ideal first dish. The Tortellini en Brodo is made by hand using pasta and shaping them into little rings. Eggs are used to make this ring-shaped pasta, and then pork, veggies, or cheese is put into it.

  • Served everywhere
  • Eaten with chicken or beef
  • Most-often consumed during Christmas


The Crescentina is a deep-fried bread. To prepare the Crescentina, fresh yeast, flour, and warm milk are the primary ingredients. The dough is fried in oil or lard, and the dish is usually consumed with various types of salumi, cheese, or meat.

  • Typically served as an appetizer
  • Rosemary and garlic are the most common flavors
  • The name varies by the region

Emilia Romagna is a beautiful place and is worth every moment spent there, so why wait? Pack up your bags and get ready to go. The town of Emilia Romagna awaits!

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