From Cheap To Over-The-Top: 20 Vegas Hotel Prices That Might Surprise Travelers

Las Vegas, Nevada is a major destination for people to go every single year. The reasons to go are numerous, but one primary reason is the partying that it provides. While some hit the area during the summer or winter break periods, it tends to see great business every day of the year.

This is why expenses here rarely go down. One has to find the right deal at the right time to avoid any major issues. Naturally, due to the casinos in the area, you're going to find a hotel willing to go pretty low in order to catch that person who takes a random trip to the city. That does not always mean the hotel will be worth going to.

That made us start to think, what if we could go to Vegas and spend a lot of money. Where would you go if money wasn't an option? What room would you rent and how much do you think it would cost? Meanwhile, what if someone wanted to plan out a good trip to the city that was low enough expense-wise to stay for a week or two and still have good quality behind it?

These questions puzzled us, and thus we knew it was clearly going to puzzle others too. That was when we realized it was time to look into it and find the best and worst places to go based on price and quality. We knew we could find some better results by booking months ahead of time, which we will cover. However, our results were determined on the first available reasonable room. The results we found were quite amazing, so we hope you enjoy.

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20 Over The Top - Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino (average price: $450-500/night)

via mandalaybay.com

Due to the rise of places like TripAdvisor and Travelocity, it is much harder to not find a good deal on hotels. However, it seems no matter where you go, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was overpriced. The place is very popular, so it is no surprise that it'll often be visited and thus high-priced as a result. They also have one of the most popular casinos in the entire city. They're known for offering high rollers comp rooms since they're already spending so much.

The lowest it seems to be at is $310 a night, which is the BEST we found unless you schedule several months ahead (it's still near $300). The average price is $450-500 a night. While the place does have a great casino, pool, and restaurant inside it....it isn't worth the money. Out of over 5,000 reviews we looked into, it does have 4 out of 5 stars. This is a good rate for any hotel. You're lucky to even get a room available here, much less at a good price. Plus, there are other 4 star hotels for less per night.

19 Cheap - Wyndham Grand Desert Hotel (about $125/night)


While prices vary at every hotel, it seems that the Wyndham Grand Desert Hotel has a lot going on that allows it to make sense. We evaluated the prices for what a week would look like here. While scheduling months ahead found cheaper rates, we ONLY are counting the one we saw as first available. The price was $122.68 a night, which equaled to about $858.55 for a week. The room available had a full kitchen and could sleep up to 4 people total.

It came with other normal hotel amenities inside the room too. Though they also offer free WiFi and parking. They also have a free shuttle and/or taxi service for guests as well. They also have a 4.5 overall rating among 2,400 reviews we looked into. Trip Advisor gave them their "certificate of excellence" as well.

18 Over The Top - The Cosmopolitan (About $215/night)

via nubiasnonsense.blogspot.com

We'll admit it, we actually do like The Cosmopolitan. Most of their rooms are nice, but they are overpriced. While we were able to look on a number of trusted hotel booking services, the best overall price we could find was a little over $212 a night. That means a week would cost around $1487. While $212 is not bad in some cases, the Cosmo has a lot to live up to for that. Especially when it comes to staying a week. The room we looked into had 2 queen beds, a sitting area, and lovely huge window overlooking the city, along with a nice bathroom.

This is a 5-star hotel, so expenses at this rate are going to be higher. They also have an award-winning spa here and a very nice, yet expensive restaurant. Though they do have a breakfast buffet that usually comes with the price of the room as well as free internet. The fact is that while this is a high-ranking hotel with quality behind it, they do not offer the best deal for it. Also, their known for their hotel and locals love to sneak in and use it. Can't say we blame them.

17 Cheap - Holiday Inn Express (as low as $118/night)


We're pretty sure you know by now that this type of hotel is always going to be present in Las Vegas and many other major markets. Holiday Inn is known for their lower prices compared to other hotels, so it is by no means surprising to see they have a lower total per night for a week in Sin City. One of the best deals we found involved a nice room for $118 a night, which totaled up to $738 for the week. They threw in a deal for us to keep the price down.

This includes a free breakfast and free WiFi. They're also near the airport and Las Vegas Speedway, just in case you're in town for a big race. Booking.com found us this deal and seems to see an average 8.8 rating out of 10 for the entire experience at this particular Holiday Inn. Truly when the commercial says that you should have stayed at a Holiday Inn, we can understand it now. This is one of the best values of any hotel we've seen, and the value is quite high.

16 Over The Top - Mandarin Oriental Hotel ($400/night)

via:Half Price - Travel Agencies with half-price discount

When it came to the Mandarin, we sort of knew due to the high-class establishment that it would likely be expensive. They tend to offer deals when you stay for a week or longer, like many hotels. However, it's not much by comparison. Unlike Holiday Inn, where it was actually economically friendly to take 7 days, that is not so with Mandarin. The average price is $400 a night. However, we found a deal through Expedia that offered a $293 a night deal for 7 nights.

The room available was right on the Las Vegas Strip, so the room given was titled "Strip View." Likely not the best name for a room in Vegas, but we digress. The room offered a King size bed. They also offer a crib if you're bringing a young child with you to the city. The issue? The hotel offers a lot and it's in a tremendous location. Free WiFi is present like most, and the room is nice for what it offers. Yet, would you pay $2,051 to be here for a week when it does not offer that many amenities?

15 Cheap - Circus Circus Hotel And Theme Park (Less than $500/week)

via familyvacationhub.com

Likely the best deal among any on this list from a price perspective is Circus Circus. This is actually a good hotel with some great things to do with kids. People often get married here too. Remember, we're searching for a week and Circus Circus filled our needs. Booking.com found an offer for a 7-day trip for the grand total of $445. Less than $500 for an entire week in Las Vegas? We'll certainly take them up on that.

This hotel comes with a lot, from the live circus shows to an indoor park, including a lot of water related things to do. Truly it is a great place for families, and for adults, the hotel is 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Overall, the real thing people are seeing from Circus Circus is overall fun for the family. The price is sensible and the rooms seem nice as well. We feel this is a great value, however, it does have a 7.1 out of 10 among 29.000 people reviewing it. So this could mean the quality is lower. Yet a lot seem to love it, so it's certainly case by case.

14 Over The Top - Wynn Hotel (over $200/night)


We liked the Wynn Hotel compared to others we've come across. Value wise, it was not bad and we thought it could work pretty well. The real issue for us was trying to avoid the major prices they had. The per night value was sitting at $200 and up for most places. Trip Adviser found us a deal that allowed for a room with a King size bed for just under $200 a night. The overall cost for the week would be around $1330. This was due to an "online deal" the hotel was offering. These are not only online and are rarely offered randomly. They're pretty much always around, so never believe the "online deal" for most.

The hotel offered free airport transportation both to and from. They offered free WiFi, a breakfast buffet, and they had a room service system in place. The latter costs extra. The overall value is great for the Wynn in Las Vegas, however, we did not like the price compared to others we have come across. This could be why the "bigger" hotels like Wynn had a room open randomly in July while the smaller places seemed to go much faster.

13 Cheap - Treasure Island Hotel And Casino ($118/night)

via latimes.com

We were sort of lucky to find that the Treasure Island hotel had openings, but we were not expecting them to be as cheap as they were. They actually reduced their prices a bit in recent months due to other hotel chains getting a lot more business it seems. We came across a double room with the full week price sitting right at $824. This breaks down to nearly $118 a night, which is pretty low compared to other hotels in the area. Booking.com found this deal, which was pretty rare to see in Vegas. Double rooms are harder to find than most.

While the casino is not the best in Las Vegas, it has become pretty popular over the years. There are far bigger and sizable casinos across the city that seem to do better business. Most of the casinos are also hotels, so it is no shock Treasure Island falls in this category. It seems this hotel has done well with couples, and it has scored an 8.9 out of 10 in over 10,000 reviews with them. However, the overall satisfaction sits at an 8.3 for all who have used it.

12 Over The Top - Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations (upwards of $400 to $500/night)

via hiltongrandvacations.com

Hilton Hotels are known for being extravagant and over the top, so it did not shock us that the hotel would be higher in price compared to most. However, we did not really expect the prices would be so much higher. Keep in mind, we're looking for a week-long stay in Las Vegas for one to two adults. That allows us to find better and cheaper options. Yet the Elara did not give us the best value. Booking.com found us a room for $1,194 for the week.

While this does break down to about $170 a night, it's pretty steep. For a Hilton Hotel, this is actually not that bad. Their prices can be extreme. We found the week deal, which worked out best in the end. However, if one were to spend a night or two at the hotel, it could cost upwards of $400 to $500 for a modest room. The things the Elara comes with are numerous, from their resort atmosphere to the amazing pools. They're also in the center of the Las Vegas Strip and literally walking distance from everything. But the price is extreme, even if it's a Hilton Hotel.

11 Cheap - Desert Rose Resort (about $114/night)

via Shell Vacations Hospitality

The Desert Rose Resort is not a bad option for people who want to find some pampering from a hotel without the expense of a normal 5-star place. They offered a sweet deal that Expedia was able to help us find. We were able to find a deal for $114 a night here. This brings us to $912 for the week, which isn't that bad in comparison to other resort hotel chains in the area.

We were able to track this room down for a good rate, and it's even a suite. There is no telling if the rates could be lower throughout the year or not. However, this was checking on first available. You could save money by trying to book months in advance and spend even less. However, this is a great price for a resort in Vegas. They tout their security, which is nice to see. Trip Advisor ranks them #37 out of all Vegas Hotels to stay at. Which is pretty good.

10 Over The Top - The Palazzo Resort And Casino (over $228/night)

via Cuisineist.com

Likely one of the most well-known Las Vegas hotels would be The Palazzo. When we talk fancy, these guys clearly bring it. However, their prices are extremely high throughout all times of the year. While we're only looking for first available, we did check out the price months from now in December and January. The prices were still high. The rate we found here was $1,594 for the week. This breaks down to nearly $228 a night. This is quite extreme for any hotel in the area, however, they can charge this rate simply out of name and word of mouth.

We were able to track down their pricing to see what you're spending all that money on. It isn't much, but you do sometimes come into deals where they offer a small bit of money to play. They'll make it back, so why not, right? They have a spa connected to the hotel, but the casino is quite popular and likely their top amenity. They also have amazing restaurants close by and you're literally in the heart of the city, something the hotel touts highly.

9 Cheap - Embassy Suites By Hilton Convention Center ($104/night)

via Kayak

Embassy Suites Hotels are usually a great value. Our biggest issue with most hotels is that they are either far or too expensive, even if they offer great amenities. Or they come with the issue of being cheap and people tend to get what they buy, which isn't good. Embassy Suites typically removes this issue from the start and have had quality backing them for many years across several cities around the United States. Las Vegas is no different. We found a nice room for $104 a night, which rounds out to about $728 for the entire week.

The hotel includes breakfast in this fee, every morning. They also include WiFi and have a nice pool, like many in the area. Trip Adviser ratings look pretty solid, with a 4 out of 5-star review for the hotel across 1,700 reviews from customers. The deal we found included a king size bed with a sofa, which can also turn into a bed. Ultimately, you could fit 4 to 5 people in this room depending on the size. That said, the hotel is also close to mostly everything in the Vegas area.

8 Over The Top - Residence Inn By Marriott ($1,158 for the week)

via Orbitz

The Marriott hotel chain can be kind of a hit or miss for people. Sometimes people can find amazing deals, especially in package form. Timeshares typically offer the deals here more than most, for example. However, the average price per night can be steep at the Residence Inn. The rate we were able to see was $1,158 for 7 nights, which is not technically terrible for a room like the one we found. It includes a king size bed as well as a sofa that folds out to a bed.

However, the room is quite small in comparison to others and for such a price...that seems a bit weird. There is a total of 399 feet in the entire room. They included a kitchen, microwave, and everything. Not to mention they offer free breakfast each morning. Interestingly, they tout having things that should just be obvious. They include toiletries, ironing facility, television with cable, and air conditioning as well as heat. Are we paying $1,158 for this? Really? You can clearly see why we thought it was over the top.

7 Cheap - Suncoast Hotel And Casino (as low as $70/night)

via Hotels.com

One of the best values on this list and likely in the entire city of Las Vegas is Suncoast Hotel and Casino. They have a ton for their customers, which we find to be tremendous. So first off, the price seems excellent. They offered a deal for $70 a night at the lowest. This would give us two queen size beds. If we bumped up to a better room, it would only be for $82. It gave us a slightly bigger room with a king size bed and view of the city. You'd spend $280 or $574 for the week. Truly, it does not matter as both are extremely low.

Obviously, the name gives away that they have a casino. They also happen to have a bowling alley and theater room for customers, which is often included. They also have a theater show as well, which has a lot of room. Treat it like the room you'll see for theaters on cruise lines. They have free breakfast but anything you have at their restaurant or bar for the remainder of the day is on you, usually at $11.99 per person. Guests seem to love the place as it has a 4.3 out of 5 stars from Travelocity and Trip Advisor ranked it #20 in best value hotels for Las Vegas.

6 Over The Top - The Venetian Hotel And Casino (close to $200/night)

via booking.com

We've mentioned hotels that are over the top and fancy, but it seems that the Venetian Hotel and Casino is pretty out there. They are known for their casino, and guests are treated extremely well here. They have a 9.0 or 8.9 among every website we checked regarding customer satisfaction, so that helps a lot when deciding on places. Clearly, The Venetian would be a great place to stay, until you look at the price.

Prices fluctuate throughout the year with the summer and winter being the highest. That said, we're in July. The best deal we found was a room with a king size bed that touted the size of the room, which is around 700 square feet and their marble floor and tile. But the price was sitting at a hardy $1,262 for our online deal. It normally goes for $1,346. That said, you're paying $180 or $192 a night to stay here.

5 Cheap - Homewood Suites ($109/night)

via Hotels.com

We really liked the Homewood Suites. The overall price was great, but really they did something few other hotels have done. They showed us the room that we would be staying in, exactly. Not a model room and not a room from somewhere else in the hotel that we won't get. They did not try and make us love the pool or lobby, or even the city. They showed us the dang room! They offered it for $109 a night, which comes up to around $763 a week.

The room offered a king size bed with sitting area around it. There's a small but useful kitchen in the room. This is in addition to a nice size bathroom and shower/bathtub. The rub in all of this is that it is by the Las Vegas Airport, which likely does mean some noise. Though it does have a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor and 4 out of 5 rating out of 1,000 reviews from customers. Overall, this is a good place to be as it is near everything you'd want to go to in the city and cheaper than most other hotels.

4 Over The Top - Marriott's Grand Chateau (About $200/night)

via Hotels.com

This just sounds expensive, right? It seems when you start seeing French in the United States, you're clearly in the big money territory. Marriott is expensive enough, but their Grand Chateau takes the cake. The hotel is very good, and highly rated among guests. It should be, as it costs nearly $200 a night on average. We divided this regarding the best "week offer" we had with them. It was right at $1,343 for the 7-night stay. This did not include resort fees. Oh yeah, there's a resort here...

The room we could find here included a king size bed and sofa, which folded out to a bed. They are in the middle of everything it seems. They're a 5-minute walk to the Las Vegas Strip, so you're ultimately getting a lot regarding location. While guests rated the hotel a 9.4 out of 10 stars at Booking.com, the expense is insane compared to others. If you have money to blow, they're great. But for the average person? Avoid it.

3 Cheap - Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower (as low as $300 for the week)

via reviewjournal.com

We came across a hotel calling itself Stratosphere. It's an ambitious hotel with casino attachment. They truly tout their Tower and ultimately they're unlike any hotel in the area as a result. The prices here are amazing, especially compared to others on this list. The range for a week here will cost you around $260-600. This is a far cry from other places that charge over $1,000. They have deluxe tower rooms for amazing prices as well as smaller 400 square foot rooms for under $300 for the week. They're also well known for the height of the building and use it to their advantage.

The tower is exactly 1,149 foot tall and showcases their rides. They have a restaurant, obviously named Top of the World. They also serve cocktails for the adults at their Level 107 Lounge. Their casino is not highly known, but it does seem to be a pretty good place. Oh yeah, and they have a spa called Roni Josef that tends to be loved by every guest. There is something to do here 24/7 and the guests tend to rate the hotel an 8.0 and above.

2 Over The Top: Four Seasons Hotel And Casino (One night can get close to $700 to $900)

via True 5 Stars

Likely one of, if not THE best known Las Vegas hotel is the Four Seasons Hotel and Casino. Their casino is liked by guests and high-rollers have been known to get comp rooms at the hotel, which makes visiting the casino a must for tourists. They're located literally next door to the Mandalay Hotel, which as we mentioned earlier, is also far too high in price. To stay at the Four Seasons, however, you're going to have to hand over a few arms and leg, not just one.

The best price was a two-bed room, queen size of course. Any king size, one bed room seemed to be much higher. But the price, the LOWEST ONE was $3,043 for a 7-night stay at the hotel. Yes, they have a lot of amenities here and they're right on the strip with a famous casino in the hotel itself, as well as many amazing places to eat and drink. But dang it, this place is almost $435 a night! This is the most ludicrous price we've seen in the entire city for a 7-night stay. One night here can get up to $700 to $900 too. Insanity!

1 Cheap - Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino (as low as $60/night)

via Booking.com

The best value among all hotels in Las Vegas is the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. It seems they know guests do not want to spend an arm and a leg on the hotel, but rather the Las Vegas area. They're smart about it, as their casino gets a lot of business from their customers. Ultimately, they make more money out of them while the customer does not feel cheated out of hundreds of dollars. The best price we found for them sat at $60 a night. We found this at BestDay.com, and it seemed they also threw in an 8th night, bringing us to $478 total for the 8-night stay.

Out of over 4,000 reviews on Trip Advisor, it seems that they felt the hotel deserved 4 out of 5 in ratings. They're considered a top value by most travel website we've come across. The casino is well-liked here, and they're right by a number of other casinos too. They have amazing places to eat around here as well, but the hotel throws in a free breakfast. They tout the hotel as a place that Elvis Presley performed over 400 sold out shows at, so be prepared for a lot of Elvis material here. Other than that, you're going to have a nice time here it seems.

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