Drunken French Mayor Chases Travelers Away With A Katana And A Handgun

A French mayor was arrested after trying to chase away migrant homeless people with a katana and a handgun.

Wissous is a small suburb in the southern part of Paris. Recently it’s had to deal with the problem of homeless people setting up shop, which can be a blight on the city and the quaint air that Wissous tries to surround itself with. Quaint, right up until the mayor walks up brandishing a sword and reeking of alcohol.

According to Le Parisien, when a group of homeless people tried to settle in a local kindergarten parking lot on Sunday, mayor Richard Trinquier chased them away with a katana and a 9mm handgun.

A katana, for those who haven’t seen a million bad action movies, is a Japanese single-edged sword commonly held by ancient Samurai warriors. The sword has since become a symbol of Japanese culture and history, and can commonly be seen in various media as the “ultimate” sword.

As much as homelessness can be a problem, the solution is definitely not threatening people with violence. When the mayor came at them brandishing weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest, the police were called and promptly arrested him.


“He threatened the travellers with a katana,” said the local prosecutor’s office in a statement. “Evidently there were tensions between the mayor and the [homeless] community.”

The story doesn’t end there. Once in custody, they relieved him of his armaments and tested his breath to find that Trinquier had a blood alcohol level of 0.8--that’s ten times the legal limit.

Trinquier has a permit for sport-shooting with a handgun but does not have a permit to wear the gun in public. Moreover, when investigators searched his home they found over a dozen additional weapons that his wife tried to hide from prosecutors by giving them to a scrap metal dealer.

Mayor Trinquier was still in custody as of Monday night. An emergency town council meeting was postponed until he is released. One imagines there may be some very pointed questions from local councilors as to the appropriate behavior of a sitting city official.


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