The feeling you get from being on an airplane is one of freedom. You're on your way to your next destination and there's no telling what might be in store. Sure, the takeoff might be a little intimidating but planes are a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. They are also, apparently, a place where you can get a bunch of free stuff.

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It might seem hard to believe considering the cost of plane tickets themselves can be so exorbitant, but there is actually a decent amount of complimentary amenities that you can get on planes. All you have to do is ask. From exclusive tours to vacations around the world, here are ten things you can get for free on planes.

10 10. A Tour Of The Cockpit

If you have ever been curious about what the front seat of an aircraft looks like, you're in luck! Some pilots and airlines are more than happy to give passengers the grand tour. The best time to do this is right as you board or directly after the flight lands (your best bet is for the latter). As long as the pilots aren't on a strict timeline, they can give you a front-row look at how they operate this mammoth of a machine.

They are also more likely to give in to this free item if there are kids involved. And on top of that, kids can also get free pilot "wings" or a pin that they can proudly wear around the airport.

9 9. First Aid Supplies

This one may seem obvious because airlines definitely want their passengers to feel at ease at all times. So if somehow you get a cut or wound, your flight attendants are more than happy to supply you with as many First-Aid supplies as you need. They usually carry the basic kit, plus most attendants are trained to give this basic form of medical assistance. So don't be shy if you have something that can be easily remedied with a band-aid. Ask your flight attendant for help and they will get you what you need.

8 8. Snacks And Soda

Snacks on airplanes always seem to be handed out hesitantly, as if they are never enough small bags of pretzels to go around. Well, you will be relieved to know that planes are fully stocked with peanut and pretzels. And, if you ask nicely, they might be willing to give you an extra bag or two for free.

The same goes for sodas. If you're a habitual flyer, you'll know the standard procedure for flight attendants is to pour beverages from a can into a small cup and then move on. The full soda can doesn't fit in these small little airplane cups, so they will use what's left for the next person. But if you're really looking forward to that cup of Sprite, you can ask your flight attendant for the whole can. No charge.

7 7. Checked Bags For Military

Military veterans are also subject to free checked bags. This isn't standard for all airlines, but it doesn't hurt to ask. They won't advertise it either.

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But as long as you have your military I.D. on you, checked bags might come for free, which will really lighten the load for your carry-on. It's the leat airline can do for the men and women serving the U.S.A!

6 6. Upgraded Seating

Middle and front aisle seats are always the best. They come with ample leg room and you can be one of the first ones off your flight. If you notice that your particular aircraft doesn't have its seat filled, you may be able to score one of those upgraded seats. you may be even lucky enough to get a first-class accommodation if there'ss room for it. This works especially well if you have medical ailments that you can attest to or if you are a frequent flier. Don't be boisterous about it though. Just ask nicely, and if there's room, you may get a free upgraded seat.

5 5. Blankets Or Socks

Planes are always kept between 70 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit and the real-feel can make it seem even colder. Airlines are perfectly aware that sitting in these cooler temperatures can be uncomfortable for some passengers. And for those who cam idly prepared, they have some free items for your leisure. Blankets are available to anyone who is need of some extra comfort, or socks if your feet are feeling extra frigid. Along with these amenities, some airlines also supply free eye masks or neck pillows so you can feel more at ease during your flight.

4 4. Water Refills

Although you are required to dispose of any liquid before going through security, you can obtain beverages while you wait at the gate. These are perfectly fine to bring with you on the plane, though, you're likely to run out during your flight.

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If you are feeling extra parched during your flight, and you have an empty water bottle or canister handy, your flight attendant can refill it with water for you. This free service shouldn't seem like a luxury item, but most people are under the assumption that everything on an aircraft costs money, so they won't even ask.

3 3. Kids Crafts

Everyone is happier on a flight when kids are kept distracted. But even for those well-behaved children, airlines want to make sure they are entertained. You can ask your flight attendant what kids crafting supplies they have in stock or other sources of temporary entertainment to make their flight more fun. And of course, these supplies come at no charge. Anything for the kids!

2 2. Sanitizing Wipes

Flight workers know all too well the dust and grime that is left behind on aircrafts. Walking through the airport itself leaves passengers vulnerable to all kinds of germs, which is why you can ask for free sanitizing wipes on your plane. They really come in handy if you're feeling particularly dingy, if you've split your in-flight snacks, or if your kid has made a mess.

1 1. More Flights

Free flights on your flight? How can that be? As most people are aware, airlines have an (admittedly frustrating) habit of overbooking their flights. When this happens, the airline will offer ticket vouchers for anyone willing to give up their seat.

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These free plane ticket vouchers come with stipulations, but if you use your negotiating tactics, they can be worth more than the original flight you paid for. So essentially, you're getting a free flight out of the deal by simply taking a later flight!