The west coast of Canada has tons to offer. Soaring mountain and an ocean view horizon of the North Pacific that goes on and on. Between the mountains, oceans, and city-scapes you also have the wondrous city of Vancouver. Anyone who has traveled to Vancouver would say how perfectly picturesque it is.

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According to World Atlas, this Canadian city is actually the third most populous city in Canada and the most "linguistically diverse". Vancouver is a place where travelers can meet people who have immigrated from all over the world. Bring along with them their culture and delicious cuisine. From unique dining experiences to relaxing walking trails, there's plenty to do within the city. While Vancouver has been known to be one of the most expensive cities in Canada, there are still tons that visitors can do that are free of charge.

10 Go to the Beach

Being located right by one of the biggest oceans in the world definitely has its perks. Luckily, Vancouver's coastline runs on for miles providing both visitors and locals with some of the best beaches. A few of the popular beaches frequented by locals would be Third Beach, Kitsilano Beach and Jerico Beach Park. Perfect for soaking in the sun and relaxing those worries away. If a sandy beach isn't enough, Kitsilano Beach even has a 137 meter saltwater heated pool. Keep in mind, the entering the pool will cost a few bucks to get in.

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9 Take a Photography Walk

Vancouver has plenty of interesting and cool neighborhoods to explore for photography enthusiasts. With celebrated art schools like the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, photographers can expect a city rich in street art, architectural wonders, beautiful landscapes and, really, just all things aesthetically pleasing. Nature photographers can have their pick of parks and mountains. Achitectural photographers have an entire city full of skyscrapers to shoot. Not to mention each districts own charm and flare to capture.

8 Visit Gastown

Something about Gastown is so charming that has every visitor fall in love with this little neighborhood. It was found in 1867 and has since kept its old historic charm. Right downtown Vancouver, travelers can discover this area with cobble stoned streets. It has some iconic sights like the Steam Clock and vintage streetlights. The neighborhood has tons to offer such as, famous restaurants, old buildings and adorable storefronts. It is the perfect location to stroll through and do some people-watching.

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7 Stroll Through Grandville Island's Public Market

Visiting a public market is always a good idea no matter what city you are visiting. Grandville Island Public Market is a must for multiple reasons. For one, travelers get a chance to explore Grandville Island itself. It is packed with history and beautiful sights. The island has even made a huge effort towards becoming a zero waste community. The public market has all kinds of goods available. As you stroll through, all of your senses will be pleased with delicious aromas and colorful stalls.

6 Relax In Stanley Park

In the middle of the urban jungle is Stanley Park. It is over 400 hectares wide and has all sorts of wildlife. Stanley Park has tons of activities that are available at everyone's favorite cost: free! There are a bunch of trails to explore either by bike or just walking. One of the most famous trails would be the Stanley Park Seawall. It runs on for 9 kilometers with paths designated for pedestrians and one for cyclists. With beautiful gardens to adore and magnificent landmarks to see, this park is lively for a reason. It is a popular destination to take wedding photos. Stanley Park was even once rated as one of the best parks in the world.

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5 Go Chasing Waterfalls

Everyone knows that British Columbia is notoriously known for its breathtaking landscapes. Although Vancouver is a huge cosmopolitan city, it does not lack in nature. Not only are there mountainsides and plenty of beaches, Vancouver even has some waterfalls for travelers to explore. The Kennedy Falls are located in Northern Vancouver. Catch sight of massive large cedar trees. Carefully make the trek to the rugged and slippery path for a view of the waterfall that won't disappoint.

4 Hike the Sea-to-Summit Trail

Hiking enthusiast will absolutely fall in love with the Sea to Summit hiking trail. The hiking course is about 7.5 km one-way and will take about 3-5 hours to hike. While the hike is 100%  free, visitors will often opt for the Sea to Sky Gondola return to save themselves the hike down. Once at the summit, hikers can marvel at the astonishing view. There are other things to do during this hike as well. Including visiting the suspension bridge, check out the various viewing platforms, or even spend sometime at the base-camp or playground.

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3 Go For a Bike Ride

There is an endless list of available trails throughout the city. One of the best ways to see the city and beat the traffic would be by zipping your way through the streets on bike. Being known as a green city, it is common to see numerous cyclists through the day while exploring the city. While beach and mountain trails are great for cyclists, cyclists aren't limited to them. There are bike lanes along roadsides making it extremely safe and cyclist-friendly. Biking through Vancouver is advantageous for many reasons. Skip out on parking fees and easily make your way through mountain trails, beach-sides or city roads. Get a workout and a great tour of the city all in one shot.

2 Take A Scenic Drive

Maybe hiking isn't your thing and you prefer to seek out extraordinary views from the comfort of your car. Well, visitors are in luck with the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Whether it is the drive in or out of Vancouver, it is definitely one of the 'musts' when in the area. The drive itself is 163 kilometers that would take anywhere between 1-3 days to complete as it reaches Vancouver and Pemberton. It owns its name as the Sea to Sky Highway as it drivers cruise along the seaside and eventually make their way up to the sky in the mountains of Whistler.

1 Visit A Museum

Being rich in culture, it is no wonder that the city boasts with all kinds of museums for travelers to visit. Appreciate some fine art at any of the city's museums. Be sure to check ahead of time for the days and time slots the museum has reserved for free entry or reduced admission. For example, Vancouver Art Gallery has reserved Tuesday evening admission through donations for a chance to access the gallery and exhibitions. Get a chance to see famous works by artists like Emily Carr or Robert Rauschenberg at a small cost.

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