Sedona is one of the most appealing parts of Arizona. With its unique rock formations, mesmerizing natural views, and spiritual atmosphere the city treats travelers to an adventurous and spiritual experience. While so many experiences require financing, there are also lots of free things to do in this rejuvenating landscape. For starters, here are some activities in the city that won’t ask for money.

10 Take A Scenic Road Trip Through Interstate 17

A road trip is an exciting way to see the unique landscape of Sedona and the numerous cities in Arizona. Interstate 17 is a great place to begin this outdoor adventure. This road trip actually begins from Phoenix and extends into Sedona, taking visitors through scenic rock formations, several attractions, and several small towns, many of which seem completely abandoned.

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9 Visit Sedona’s Vortexes

Sedona is considered to be one of the few places on earth to find energy vortexes and there are lots of these energy emitting spots all over the city. Other smaller vortexes can be found in the city, but the most popular ones are The Airport Vortex, the Cathedral Rock Vortex, the Boyton Canyon Vortex, and the Bell Rock Vortex. While there are several vortex tours presenting yoga and meditation sessions to visitors at these natural attractions, one does not have to pay to have a quiet time here.

8 Take A Scenic Road Trips Through Red Rock Scenic Byway

Also known as Route 179, this road trip gives visitors a scenic view of the beautiful city of Sedona and its unique red rock formations from the highway. The byway stretches for 14.5 miles and the trip will have visitors stopping at shops and restaurants and also getting different views of the city’s unique rock attractions.

7 Visit The Chapel Of The Holy Cross

The chapel of the holy cross is an easy stop to make when driving along the Red Rock Scenic Byway. While the impressive design of this Roman Catholic chapel is one thing to admire, its construction on red rocks just makes it more unique. In addition, the chapel offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and visitors will also get to see the impressive artworks displayed inside the chapel.

6 Camp In Nature

Sedona is a charming outdoor destination and camping is one of the better ways to get intimate with this incredible city. While Sedona mainly consists of paid campsites, free campsites are available at the nearby Coconino National Forest, many of which offer some amenities, privacy, and accommodation for RVs.

5 Visit Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

The Tlaquepaque arts & crafts village is a stunning shopping center with a typical Mexican atmosphere. While it is free to enter this shopping center, travelers might want to purchase some beautiful art and wares and this obviously requires money. Nevertheless, it remains a must-visit for travelers in Sedona even just for the atmosphere.

4 Go Hiking

Sedona is a mecca for hiking. This outdoor activity in Sedona is characterized as peaceful and scenic. The trails run through the scenic canyons and stunning red rock formations offering trekkers an unparalleled view of the landscape. Many trails in Sedona require passes, but the city also has free trails that are open all year round. Some of the most popular free trails to hike include - the Fay Canyon Trail - for a less-strenuous and scenic trek; Scorpion Pyramid - for peace and scenery; and Mescal Trail - for a picturesque view of the mountain and a little difficulty.

3 Watch The Sunset

A simple and natural thing like watching the sunset can be a traveler’s most exciting and unforgettable experience, especially in a magical place like Sedona. Sunset is the best time to be in Sedona to witness the colorful views of the landscape. Everything in the desert glows red and orange during this time of the day from the rocks to the ground. Although one can witness this mesmerizing scenery from any part of the desert, there are elevated viewpoints where the scenery is more magical and many of these viewpoints are accessed via trails, some of which are free. Cathedral Rock, Airport Messa, and Sugarloaf Hill are some of the most popular locations to enjoy this exciting activity.

2 Star Gaze At Night

Sedona is a mecca for lovers of astronomy and stargazing as the city is known worldwide for its exceptional star-filled night sky. It gets so dark at night in Sedona that one can easily see the Milky Way and the stars as they light up the sky in their thousands. On a clear day, visitors camping at the city’s campsites will witness this mesmerizing experience all night long for free.

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1 Visit Amitabha Stupa And Peace Park

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park is best suited for those seeking an atmosphere of peace, meditation, and prayer. The park welcomes people of all faiths to come and enjoy the views of the magnificent Stupas and also engage in the popular activity of walking around the stupas while meditating.