There is never a bad time to explore Phoenix, considering all the beautiful attractions it has. Arizona’s Capital, one of the most populous cities in the nation, is surrounded by incredible mountain views and some of the most impressive sunsets. With its downtown having a metropolitan feel, Phoenix's cost of living tends to be high. Despite the pricey nature of the city, it is brimming with fantastic free things to see and do, from outdoor opportunities to adventures to arts to cultural activities. There are plenty of markets, hiking trails, museums, and historical sites to explore. These are the ten totally free things you can do in Phoenix, Arizona.

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10 Explore The Museums And Art Exhibits

Downtown Phoenix has plenty of museums and art exhibits to experience. Whether one is looking for contemporary arts, interactive science exhibits, or the largest collection of musical instruments on earth, it's all in this gorgeous city. Museums are free to visit and offer a fun, educative tour experience of Phoenix. Don’t leave without exploring some art exhibits at City Hall, the Washington Carver Museum, and Cultural Center. Also, check out Heritage Square. Although it charges a small fee, visitors can still learn something by walking around and reading what's written on the walls for free.

9 Go Hiking

Phoenix offers tourists plenty of hiking opportunities. Hiking is free, and solo travelers, couples, and families can all have a great time doing it in the Valley of the Sun. There are many recreation spaces and parks, with many trails to hike to vacationers' abilities. Visit South Mountain Park and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. Or head to Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon, walk plenty of routes, and have an adventure of a lifetime.

8 Explore Desert Botanical Garden For Free During The Community Day

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is among the world's largest collections of desert flora, and it's definitely worth the hype! Arizona has a plethora of beautiful gardens, but the uniqueness of this botanical garden is second to none! Thousands of trees and flower species thrive in the 55-acre botanical garden. The garden is perfect for relaxing and taking in some fresh desert air. Community Day, held every second Tuesday of every month, is the time to explore the garden for free.

7 Experience The Street Art

One can just walk or bike around the city and explore some of the best street art. Roosevelt Row is the most impressive spot to check out. Roosevelt Row is working towards enhancing initiatives focused on arts by cultivating a conducive environment to support the sustainable growth of artwork. There are plenty of murals from talented artists. Also, one can explore the many bars, shops, and incredible restaurants owned by the locals.

6 Downtown Phoenix

There are a bunch of free things to do in downtown Phoenix. Everything is incredibly vibrant, with plenty of free nightlife options and rooftop yoga opportunities. Don’t forget to pass by during the First Fridays and enjoy the art walk, occurring every first Friday of the month. Be sure to get some free souvenirs from the event. Who wouldn’t be at Phoenix’s city center and enjoy all the free wonderful things it offers? Downtown Phoenix is a perfect place to hang out with friends and family, grab some delicious eats, or simply relax and take in the fantastic atmosphere.

5 Enjoy The Free City Concerts

What’s life without good music? Travelers visiting Phoenix will have access to free concerts at any time of the year. Free indoor concerts are held throughout the city courtesy of the Chandler Symphony Orchestra. Summer is the best time of the year to visit Phoenix for entertainment, as there are many musical options to explore. When going for free concerts, travelers must be on their toes. Get there early and grab a seat before they are taken!

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4 Go Mountain Biking In Papago Park

Recognized for its buttle formations, Papago Park offers excellent outdoor recreation space to travelers. Home to numerous portions of the city's history, this park is best for biking. Its terrain consists of sandstone that comes with easy routes for mountain biking. It is not hard to understand why the park is referred to as the ''bunny slope'' of mountain biking. Its biking trails are perfect for visitors learning how to mountain bike. There are also moderate and technical routes to keep things spicy for experienced mountain bikers.

3 Go Shopping At Phoenix Farmers’ Market

Farmers' markets are free, and visitors will enjoy shopping for all kinds of goods, spending money on only the things they are taking home. The Phoenix Farmers' Market is a great place to buy garden produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables. With numerous locations all over the city, travelers can go to any market near them. Even if not shopping for anything, it's always fun to watch people trade products and walk through the markets for window shopping. Check out the Phoenix Public Market or the Ahwatukee Farmers' Market.

2 Visit St. Mary’s Basilica

Constructed in 1924, St. Mary’s Basilica is Phoenix’s oldest Catholic parish and one of the most stunning. It's hard to believe the many years the church has served because it is well maintained and doesn't look that old. It is a great place to relax and do some meditation. The church provides self-guided tours, and visitors can see a lot about the church's history. The building’s architecture was southwestern-inspired. St. Mary’s Basilica is definitely a beautiful spot to explore when visiting Phoenix.

1 Freely Take Sunset Photos In Phoenix

Phoenix sunsets are always spectacular, and no one views them without taking some epic Instagram-worthy pictures to take home. Visitors can view the spectacular sunsets from the top of any hiking trail. Located within South Mountain Park and Preserve, South Mountain is the place's highest accessible point and is one of the best spots in Phoenix to enjoy breathtaking sunset views. Papago Park is also a great place to watch Phoenix sunsets. Other places to visit are Temple Town Lake, Deem Hill Park, Desert Botanical Garden, and Different Point of View.