One of the major experiences people enjoy is touring different parts of the world. The cultural, social and historical exposure you get from these experiences form part of the interesting memories you have while aging.

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Peru isn’t short of these features as it is known to possess many amazing historical sites, cultural and modern attractions. Most of these locations are available to tourists at affordable prices while some are available at no cost. Peru is one of the countries where tourists get memorable and beautiful experiences. Below are the ten free places you can visit while in Peru.

10 San Bartolo Beach

If you are in search of on-shore sea experience, then San Bartolo Beach is the right place for you. This beach is one of the most toured sites in Peru with its close proximity to hotels and clean water. Activities are present at every turn on this beach with stalls and booths present to provide anything you might need to have more interesting beach experience.

Food stalls and cafes are also present to provide year-round delicacies to hungry tourists visiting this area. Night-time festivals occasionally occur on this beach and the hotels provide a beautiful view of the ocean.

9 Parque El Olivar

This city park, located in the San Isidro District houses up to 1500 olive trees that were planted during the colonial era from just three plants that survived the journey across the Atlantic. It also contains 44 trees and is dubbed The Olive Grove Forest.

Due to its location, the park is viewed as a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not really a forest but a lovely park with welcoming benches, paved walkways, and a small lake that makes it a perfect picnic site. This forest has been declared a natural monument site making it a considerable location for tourists to visit and make good memories.

8 Malećon in Miraflores

This site is one of Peru's most beautiful locations. It has six miles of broad walkway located between the top of a cliff and the sea. Along this walkway, you can find a number of beautiful attractions such as local gardens, colorful benches, a lighthouse and even people engaging in activities such as jogging and cycling.

Not only can you visit the beach to chill off but you can also engage in outdoor activities like surfing, skating, and swimming. If you are interested in surfing, you can get a trainer there. It is a great place to go sightseeing in Peru.

7 Center of Historical Cusco

Another site of architectural marvels can be found at the historical center of Cusco where travelers can see a number of historic Peruvian sites. It was formed by the union of two different structures that are based on Incan cultures and palaces of royalty.

This area contains multiple historic sites where tourists can go without paying a dime because they have been opened by the government. Here, tourists can tour colonial-time buildings, La Catedral and Plaza de Armas, which are recommended locations to visit while in Peru. The cathedral was built on what remained of an Incan royal palace in the 1560s.

6 Plaza Mayor

The plaza mayor is also known as “Plaza de Armas of Lima,” and in the world, it is traveled to more than any other location. It is one of the major sites where tourists visiting Peru should explore. Every turn in this location offers a historic figure.

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Major central monuments located in this site are in the main square where you will find a fountain surrounded by the Basilica cathedral, municipal palace, and the presidential palace. These areas are mostly open to the public for free. Other than being good tourist attraction sites, colonial architecture is known to be very outstanding. It is a great spot to hang out and take pictures.

5 Iglesia de San Pedro

This church is known to be among the oldest historical sites in the capital city. It offers a rich history of Christianity in Peru. In English, it is Saint Peter Church and construction was completed in 1638 and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This church is an architectural marvel and an excellent example of baroque colonial-era architecture. The internal walls are covered with images of saints, including the ceiling. It is richly decorated with Moorish-style glazed tile and carvings and gilded altars.

4 The House of Peruvian Literature

This site was formerly a huge train station, it was built in 1912 and designed by Rafael Marquina. It has a beautiful Art Nouveau-style skylight, with the face of the building done in Beaux-Arts style with classical pilasters and vertical faux columns. Years after the station was closed it was repurposed in 2009.

The Peruvian House of Literature is located behind the Presidential Palace. It houses thousands of Peruvian books, artifacts, sculptures, and paintings. It is one of the most visited historical monuments due to its architectural sophistication. It is a good spot to read a book and take a cup of coffee.

3 Government Palace of Peru

The House of Pizarro can be likened to the White House in the united state of America or Buckingham Palace of England. It is located in the Plaza Mayor and the official residence of the president of Peru. You can enjoy the scenery of this site but picture taking is restricted in some sites there.

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One major event that occurs here is the guard changing ceremony in front of the gate at noon. It features military bands and uniformed marchers. Sometimes, this ceremony occurs in the presence of the president and first family. Pictures are not allowed to be taken in front of the gate.

2 Parque del Amor

Located in Malecon, strollers will find Parque del Amor, which means ‘park of love’ and should be a stop for tourists in Peru. The park is a pleasant place to take a stroll or sit and people watch, and it provides excellent views of the ocean.

It is also the home of a magnificent sculpture by artist Victor Delfin of two sweethearts exchanging a kiss. The tiled wall is colorful with romantic quotes. The Park of Love is a must-see for anyone visiting Peru. With its fabulous view, lovely, manicured grounds and artwork, it is a welcome refuge from the city.

1 Museum of the Holy Inquisition and Congress

This is among the most visited historical monuments in Peru having a high turn out annually. The museum was founded in 1968 and is known to have been the center of justice during the colonial era. This was where people convicted of religious crimes were punished and tortured.

The architecture of the congress building dates back to 1570 and is amazing on its own. Tourists are allowed to go into the dungeons to witness how people were tortured back then using dummies as subjects. All these make the museum of the holy inquisition and congress an interesting tour site with historical richness.

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