Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic and east of the country of Great Britain. It is a beautiful country that is separated from Great Britain by the Irish sea. The island is the 20th largest island in the world with a population of about 4.6 million people. The capital city is Dublin and is a major visitation site for many people.

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Ireland is known to have a high number of medieval castles, mountains, parks, museums and high cultural richness with loving people who believe in fairy tales. Below are ten free things you should do when next you visit Ireland.

10 Aran Island

Other than booking a ferry to take you from Galway to this island, every other touristy thing is free on the island. There is a whole lot of things to explore on this island ranging from the beautiful sandy beaches, prehistoric forts, and medieval castles. You can always carry out your exploration by taking a long walk or cycling around the island.

You can walk around the island within a few hours and even make a visit to see a goat farm or seal colony. You can also make friends with the people there or simply enjoy the view of the beach waves.

9 Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick is said to be Ireland’s most famous mountain and it is named after Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. This mountain is located in County Mayo and has a magnificent view of Clew Bay. Hiking on this mountain will give you an unquantifiable joy, most especially if you can make it to the top of the mountain to get a clearer view of the Clew Bay, the hills, green and red fields of Mayo and the islands beyond it.

The mountain has been a major pilgrimage destination for thousands of people over the years and many from other parts of the world come here to make the pilgrimage.

8 Slieve League Sea Cliffs

Ireland is said to be the home to most of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Nature is greatly expressed on these cliffs. Not only do they have variable weather conditions, but they also house long miles of pristine beaches many of which you are free to roam without any restriction.

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There is a long list of experiences to get at this site, ranging from boat tours along the shorelines, coast walk and guided tour. These cliffs also house the coastal walk called “the Gobbins," which takes you on a journey under bridges, into dark tunnels and beautiful views of the sea.

7 National Parks

Ireland is home to about six national parks with beautiful plants and animals. The national botanical gardens house about five thousand acres of plants from different parts of the world. Irrespective of the national park, be it the Killarney National Park with the lakes, present in county Kerry or down to Donegal to explore the beautiful Glenveagh National Park and Glenveagh Castle.

If you want to explore nature’s blessings in Ireland, a trip to the Wicklow Mountains will give a spectacular view of Dublin Bay. Then to the west, there is also the Connemara and Burren with interesting landscapes and historical sites.

6 Seafest-Galway Harbor

Galway Harbor is a port located in the center of Galway city. It has a history that dates back to the 10th century serving the city and its adjoining area as a trading and immigration center. Galway Harbor is the host site of an annual event called Seafest. The celebration is one of Ireland’s national maritime festivals. Visitors to the festival are treated to Powerfly's fly boarders, where aerial acrobatics are performed by world champions.

In the course of this celebration, children learn about marine animals and also through the exhibition, they can get an insight into the mysterious world of the ocean.

5 Galway City Museum

If you are in search of Ireland’s historical journey, then the Galway Museum is the next stop for you. This magnificent building houses artifacts from Ireland’s complex past, as well as international treasures. The Galway Museum is ranked the 11th most popular free tourist attraction site in Ireland. The Galway Museum is located beside the Spanish arch in the center of Galway.

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The museum is loaded with prehistoric art and contemporary art based on Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rebellion against British rule. The museum offers the opportunity to learn about the city’s rich culture and people from all parts of the world marvel at the display of artifacts.

The Science Gallery located in Dublin presents both history and education for you to see. This is where you find both science and art combined to provide an unforgettable experience. The gallery displays an exhibition titled “Humans Need not Apply," which shows how the world would be if controlled by machines.

You can go on a student-hosted tour or explore the grounds on your own. The gallery also displays how art and science are combined in our everyday activities. It is one of Dublin's tourist attraction sites that offers hands-on visitor participation and great fun experiences for both adults and kids.

3 Leitrim’s Waterways

Leitrim is one of the least populated counties in Ireland, but is known for its high number of waterways. If you are in search of a location to chill in Ireland, Leitrim should be at the top of your list. This location has lakes, canals, and rivers surrounding the nook and crannies of its streets.

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Means of travel within this county can be by canoe, boats or adjoining walkways. Leitrim is also known to be the home of medieval monasteries with some up to 1,400 years old. All you are ready to explore these sites, just ask one of the locals for a tour around.

2 Viking Triangle

The Viking Waterford triangle is part of the cultural and heritage area of Waterford city. The name of the area was derived from the 1000-year old walls that once surrounded it. The grounds house many prominent museums like the Medieval Museum, Bishop’s Place Museum, the famous house of Waterford, and the Reginald’s Tower.

It is also the home of Norse settlers who created this city in 914 AD and laid the foundation of most of the towns and cities present in Ireland. Going on a tour here will give a clearer picture of the history and age-long development that has taken place in Ireland.

1 Causeway Coastal Route

The Causeway Coastal Route located in Northern Ireland houses a number of attraction sites and, of course, more free things you can do. A trip to this part of Ireland will allow you to explore many of the shooting locations of the Game of Thrones television series free of charge.

Other than this, some of the free attraction sites are the fishing villages that line the coast and investigate the Mussenden Temple. From the cliffs and fields, you will be able to see the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. A trip to the Causeway Coastal Way meets the definition of a good road trip.

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