There are a lot of really nice airports out there, and Singapore Changi Airport is definitely one of them. According to are a lot of reasons why this is such a popular airport.

One of the things that makes this place so awesome is the way it looks. This airport has a really cool design. One of the things that make it look as great as it does is the fact that there are a lot of lights on the ceiling, and they are shaped like butterflies. Another thing that makes it so awesome is that people do not seem to have to wait in line very long there.


Some people who have never been there might not know what to expect. Here are some of the things one can do while they are awaiting their flight.

The Xperience Zone Seems Like A Nice Place To Chill Out

There are many times when a persons' flight might get delayed, which usually means that they have to wait around in the airport for much longer than they would have if it had not been delayed. That is typically not a very fun experience, but it can be at this airport.

That is because people who are trying to pass some time can do it at the Xperience Zone, which is one of many cool places for travelers to hang out there. According to, this is a place where people can lounge on plush seats, which must be pretty comfortable.

Travelers can also watch some things on giant television screens that can be found there. This would probably be an ideal area for sports fans to check out their favorite games since the televisions are pretty large,

Travelers Can Check Out Sculptures Made From Flowers At The Enchanted Garden

Gardens are beautiful, and there are some awesome ones that people can see at Changi Airport. But the one that everyone really needs to see while they are there is the Enchanted Garden, which features many cool things that visitors are not likely to forget.

According to, those who visit this garden can enjoy checking out some things like the sculptures that are made out of flowers. But there are also other things to enjoy as well. Some of the people who went there have been treated to a 4D experience that showed them what it would be like to be an insect that can fly around a garden, which sounds like a truly amazing experience that one could not get if they went anywhere else. This is one experience one must not miss.

Anyone Who Is Waiting On Their Flight Can See A Movie

There are not many airports that have nice places for people to relax in while they are there. Furthermore, there are probably even fewer airports that provide a great movie theater for passengers to check out while they are hanging out there.

But apparently that is something that this place offers, which is really awesome. According to, there are actually a couple of different theaters guests can enjoy during that time, and they play some great movies.

There is also a really cool swimming pool that guests can enjoy while they are at that airport, but it is not free. Nevertheless, guests can actually access that pool for a fairly cheap price, which is awesome. The airport also allows people to use the jacuzzi that is there, as well as a nice bar.

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Free Tours Are Available

Just because an airport is located in a certain area does not mean that the people who go there actually get to see much of the area that it is located in. That is why taking tours of those areas can be a really cool thing to do.

According to, people who go there can access free tours of Singapore. This is really cool, and it's likely there aren't many airports that offer that kind of thing. That is part of the reason why so many people are choosing to go to this one. Tours are a great way to learn about a place.

Guests Can Enjoy The World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall

According to, one of the amazing things that a person can find when they go to Changi Airport is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, which is incredibly fascinating. The water in this waterfall appears to pour down a massive seven stories, and that must be a magnificent sight for one to see.

Since Singapore sees a lot of storms each year, this waterfall funnels the rainwater. To be more specific, 10,000 gallons of rainwater gets funneled each minute because of this massive thing. This airport is a beautiful place.

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