Man has long searched for the mythical "fountain of youth" all around the world and for thousands of years. There are numerous mythical stories of where the fountain of youth is or of secret cities where one returns to one's youth. According to Nigerians, their Awhum Waterfall is filled with healing powers and is a secret largely unknown to the outside world.

Perhaps the fountain of youth has finally been found - and perhaps the fountain of youth is not in Florida after all. Travel to St. Augustine - the oldest city in America - and one will find the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park where one can learn about a very different take on what and where the fountain of youth is.


Where And What is The Awhum Waterfall?

The Awhum Waterfall is located in the Enugu State in southern Nigeria. Here one will find a tropical region with many fascinating stories, cultures, and traditions. The waterfall is formed out of a massive granite outcrop and is normally warm enough to enjoy and bath through most of the seasons (it can still get a little chilly in the winter).

  • Location: Amaugwe Village In Southern Nigeria
  • Height: 30 Meters (90 Feet)
  • Awhum: Sometimes Spelled: “Ohum”

The Awhum Waterfall is a local attraction with many locals believing that the water has special healing powers. But not only is it believed to have special healing powers, but it is also believed to be able to drive away evil spirits if one uses it. It is particularly popular with religious tourists of the region.

The Awhum Water Is Sacred In Nigeria

Because of the local belief that the water wards off evil spirits, a monastery has been built close by. The Awhum Waterfall has become a pilgrimage and prayer destination for Nigerian Christians and is considered sacred.

Beliefs Of The Awhum Waterfall

  • Healing: The Awhum Waterfall Has Special Healing Powers
  • Evil Spirits: The Awhum Waterfall Drives Away Evil Spirits

There is a sign at the waterfall reading:

"All pilgrims can go in together and pray but where the number does not allow, a group is to spend only 20 minutes and come out. No deliverance nor exorcisms is permitted in the following spots: this point of arrival, along the spring or river, inside the cave and waterfall."

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Is The Awhum Waterfall The Fountain Of Youth?

The fountain of youth is a mythical story and so the fountain of youth doesn't exist. But still, even if there is no scientific evidence for it having special healing powers, it is worth visiting for its stunning setting and natural beauty if one is traveling in Nigeria.

  • Is Awhum Waterfall A Real Fountain Of Youth?: No

Visiting The Awhum Waterfall

Today one can visit the "fountain of youth" of Nigeria. It has become one of the West African country's most popular tourist destinations. According to one Google reviewer, women must wear a shirt or dress in the cave with the sacred waterfall and the monastery, so women should consider taking a skirt or dress. Women are also asked to cover their hair.

  • Admission: Free
  • Dress Code: Women Reportedly Need To Wear A Dress In The Monastery (Perhaps Waterfall As Well)
  • Photography: Forbidden In The Waterfall Cave
  • Opening Hours: Closed after 4 pm

To get to the Awhum Waterfall, there is a 45-minute walk from the parking lot. While in the locale, take time to explore the many other pristine lakes and stunning landscapes of the region. Some lakes have picturesque white-sand beaches.

The lakes and streams are filled with fish - some 50 different species of fish. Some even claim that some of the local lakes have been even been fished before.

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Guided Tours of Nigeria and The Awhum Waterfall

If one would like to visit Nigeria, there are plenty of guided tours throughout this stunning country far off the beaten track. Visitors are amassed at the beauty and diversity of Nigeria. Visit Nigeria Now lists a number of guided tours around Nigeria. These tours may or may not include tours to Awhum Waterfall.

If one would like to get a guided tour specifically to Nigeria's "fountain of youth," consider contacting a local guide for a custom tour. One can email or call local guides on Visit Nigeria Now to arrange a private and custom tour of Nigeria.