If you are looking for something new to do while on location, then you should consider taking up fossil hunting. They can be found all over the world and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It could be the start of your next adventure as you hunt for these precious artifacts at the best places on Earth.

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We have compiled a list of the best places for you to begin conducting your search. You can find trace, mold, and cast fossils of footprints and bones of ancient species. Keep reading to learn about the ten best places to look for fossils.

10 Peace River, Florida

The Ice Age brought about many large creatures such as mammoths, whose fossilized remains you can find here. You have to jump in the water in order to begin your search, as well as obtain a permit before doing any sort of hunting.

It is best to go between the months of October and April when the river is at its lowest point, as well as search the sections of gravel. You should invest in a shovel and sifter to find fossils here, but the ones you do find will make the hassle worth it.

9 Big Brook, New Jersey

If you were looking to find fossils and stay cool despite the hot sun, then you should head over to Big Brook, New Jersey. The Ramanessin Brook has shallow waters where you can sift through the dirt to find precious prehistoric artifacts that will look amazing on your shelf.

Those with a sharp eye can find fossilized land mammals, but it is more likely you will find a fossilized goblin shark tooth. There are several sites in the area to look and each has its own regulations, so be sure to check before heading down to begin your search.

8 Nangetty, Australia

This section is filled with coal mines lined to the brim with awesome fossils. You should visit the Coalseam Conservation Park where you can find plenty of marine fossils. The nearby limestone cliffs drop fossils on occasion and they date all the back to 250 million years ago.

The park is open year-round, but after heavy rains, it sometimes closes due to extreme flooding. There is plenty to explore and do here besides fossil hinting, so once you collect your keep then you can continue on with other fun travel activities.

7 Montour Fossil Pit, Pennsylvania

This spot in Pennsylvania is made of shale rock, which can easily be chipped away with little force. You can travel here and spend a day working away until you uncover some amazing fossils. Most people find snails, shells, and sometimes even animals, but the best part of it is that you don't need a permit.

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This spot is open to the public ,so you can bring the whole family to work their magic and uncover parts and pieces of the Earth's history. It will be an adventure you never forget and you'll find yourself coming back again and again.

6 Western Cape, South Africa

This location has its very own fossil park where you can see exactly what a dig site looks like. If you want to look for your own fossils then you can travel to the local national parks where footprints, remains, and dinosaur bones have been uncovered at these locations.

They also have designated fossil-hunting trails as well as displays of their best finds at several of their locations. You will feel fulfilled by the end of your journey as you crave to find even more of these artifacts.

5 Denali National Park, Alaska

The Alaskan wilderness can be a pretty terrifying place, but it is also a great location to dig up some fossils. You can visit the Cantwell Formation to see a complete prehistoric ecosystem and there are dinosaur tracks scattered throughout the park.

They have everything from plants to dinosaurs to prehistoric birds whose remains have all become fossilized and now lie in wait for you to find them. It might take some digging and a good eye, but a determined fossil hinter won't leave without one piece of ancient evidence.

4 Kelley's Island, Ohio

This island, located in Lake Erie and a short ferry ride off the coast of Sandusky, Ohio, is a great place to begin your fossil-hunting search. You can find fossils all over the island, whether you are walking the beaches or trekking through along a trail.

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It is mainly home to Ice Age fossils due to the large glaciers that traveled across the state. You are guaranteed to find a bag full of fossils if you desire, but a true hunter will search until they find the best of the best to take home to show to their friends.

3 Bakersfield, California

The name of this location gives away the type of fossils you will be looking for, as it is aptly named Sharktooth Hill, but what you might find is pretty awesome. You will probably have to dig into the dirt, but people generally find at least a couple of shark teeth before the day is out. There are also other marine fossils to find, such as whale vertebrae, but be careful when digging so as not to damage the fossils.

2 Dorset, England

The coast of Dorset, England holds several million years' worth of fossils within its limestone cliffs. The fossils continually come loose through erosion and land on the beaches or are washed in by the tide.

You can't chisel them out of the cliffs themselves, but you are guaranteed to find at least a couple by wandering the beaches. You are most likely to find ammonites, but you can also find echinoids, shark fins, bivalves and brachiopods depending on where you decide to visit.

1 Zigong, China

If you are looking for something a little familiar yet prehistoric, then you should take a trip to China. You can live your own Jurassic period fantasy as you uncover numerous fossils related to these beasts.

They are well-known for their preserved dinosaur heads and they even have a dinosaur museum showcasing their finds. If you don't have the time to look for fossils, then you can pick up a bag at the local shop for a small fee. They might not be the best out there, but they are better than nothing to keep as a reminder of your trip.

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