Everyone likes to let loose now and again, and it’s especially fun to do so when you’re overseas enjoying a little bit of downtime. Nights out in your hometown are one thing, but it’s a whole different ballgame to go partying somewhere completely unknown to you.

Some might suggest it’s a little bit more dangerous, but as long as you’ve got your wits about you, then you could quite easily have the time of your life.

With that being said, it’s time for us to take a look at the ins and outs of this style of nightlife entertainment.

10 Try Different Drinks

You may be a beer or a cider drinker back home, but when you’re overseas, all of that can change. From experience, we can tell you that cocktails don’t taste anywhere near as good when you’re on home soil in comparison to when you’re somewhere a little bit more exotic.

Even if you’re not into alcohol, this premise can be applied to soft drinks, too. You may have tried the traditional Fanta flavors, but until you’ve taken a sip of the lemon, you have not lived and we mean that with all sincerity.

9 Take Risks

That bridge looks like something you could jump off of and into the water, right? Wrong.

For some reason, the element of danger surrounding taking certain risks increases whenever we’re abroad. This doesn’t always relate to actual stunts, though, because it could be something a little bit more daring.

Perhaps it’s kissing the stranger you’ve been chatting up for the last few minutes, or maybe even wearing a shirt that you previously thought was a bit ‘too much’.

It’s the things we don’t do in this life that we regret, as they say.

8 Meet Locals

Part of the experience when it comes to being abroad is soaking up the atmosphere created by the locals around you. Some of them may be friendlier than others which are to be expected, but making your own judgment is all part of the adventure.

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They might not be your cup of tea and you might not be theirs, but it offers up the opportunity for you to learn about an entirely new culture. That doesn’t come around every single day, so you may as well seize the moment while it lasts.

7 Annoy The Taxi Driver

A language barrier is always going to just about guarantee poor communication between a taxi driver and yourself, and that much is just obvious. However, there are also certain customs, especially when you’re on a night out, that can get lost in translation regardless.

Banter is one of the big ones because not everyone is into that kind of thing. You might want to crack a joke or two, whereas they might want to sit back and get on with the rest of their shift. It really is a case by case situation.

6 Treat Money Like Monopoly

Why do we all suddenly think we’re millionaires when we’re abroad? Well, in short, probably because we’re living in the moment.

The Monopoly analogy is particularly well suited to this scenario, in our mind, because we’ve all been there. Whether it’s that extra vodka mixer or a greasy burger at the end of the night, you just never know what you’re going to need to pay for.

Therefore, even if you’ve budgeted a certain amount, most of us will continue to go over that total and beyond. Sorry to our bank accounts.

5 Dance The Night Away

You aren’t going to run into anyone that you know and you’ve got absolutely no reason to be embarrassed in front of a group of strangers – so why not just sit back and enjoy the music.

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Dancing is a great release regardless of whether or not you actually enjoy doing it because we just tend to get so carried away in the moment. The song is irrelevant, too, because a lot of the time, it’s just as much fun to jive out to some street music as it is to get down in the club.

4 Sing Native Songs

National pride is a funny thing, and you’re going to see it on full display in the next few entries. In this instance, we’ve picked up on the fact that it tends to be pretty common to see natives sing a lot of their own homegrown songs and tunes throughout any given night out.

That might be because they’re missing home, or simply because they want the world to know where they’ve come from. Sometimes it’s a little bit of both, and that patriotism can go one of two ways: endless comedy or awkward tension.

3 Arrange The Next Night Out

“We should do this every month, or once every two weeks!”

We all make promises that we can’t keep, and that’s especially true when we’re on holiday. The atmosphere and the change of scenery are really refreshing and can lead to a lot of let’s do this and let’s do that.

Nine times out of ten it’ll never come to be, but the thought that it could is exciting enough.

Of course, as we all know, being spontaneous tends to be the core factor behind success with nights out like this more often than not.

2 Country vs County Tournaments

Whether you’re running a race, kickstarting the Beer Pong World Championships or going for a good old fashioned game of flip cup, the national ties will come out in full force with this entry.

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Because you’re somewhere unfamiliar it makes it all the more entertaining, as the games are a little bit more unpredictable. Sure, you might all know the rules, but if you’re in a team, you could end up meeting someone that actually lives just down the road from you – and you didn’t even know it.

Odd, yet magical.

1 Compare Prices

Converting money in your own mind is never easy, and it’s especially difficult if you’re trying to work out how much cash you’re going to be spending before making a substantial purchase.

The exchange rate can determine whether or not something is expensive or cheap in your own mind, but due to inflation rates, things will probably even out more often than not.

Unless you’re in somewhere like Switzerland, Norway or Singapore, in which case you’d better get saving because you won’t want to check the state of your wallet in the morning.

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