It's one thing to travel to Canada and try poutine (even though there are so many more delicious Canadian dishes) but it's another to go there and find products that aren't found anywhere else in the world, outside of importers. There are just some things Canada is home to that should be experienced and while every country has its own delicacies and special products, Canada's are truly worth traveling for.

From dinners that are easy to prepare but full of flavor to specialty desserts that can only be found in Canada's freezer section, a supermarket run is far from boring when it comes to finding these things. Ready for a future scavenger hunt? The next time you're in Canada, keep an eye out for these products that are sure to please anyone's tastebuds and if nothing else, you'll feel like a true Canadian.


Kraft Dinner

It might seem a lot like the boxed mac 'n cheese from Kraft, but Kraft Dinner, known as KD, is one of the unofficial official foods of Canada, according to Mental Floss. KD is delicious in its own right and, yes, while it is very similar to the mac 'n cheese you'll find in the US, this brand has many more flavors to offer and some would actually say that KD is far superior to the alternative. While this won't be found in the US, in Canada, it's abundant and one of the most purchased quick dinners out of any other in the supermarket.

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Butter Tarts

These delicious treats are pretty local to Canada and while there are variations found in other countries, no one makes them quite as Canada does. Not surprisingly, these tarts are usually filled with maple or corn syrup which is combined with butter, raisins, and more sugar. While they've made it to the modern age and are still ridiculously popular with Canadians, it's said that these small, sweet tarts actually date all the way back to the 1600s. So, while they have pioneering day origins, they're a traditional staple on the dessert scene in Canada, found at nearly every holiday table as well as in every bakery in the country.

Hickory Sticks

Snack foods are big in Canada and while they look pretty different from what one would find in the US, hickory sticks are one of the most common. These potato chips are thick-cut and flavored with the perfect amount of smoke and tang, giving them a similar flavor to BBQ chips but with a little more oomph to them. They're so good that many people eat them by the bagful with no regrets, and they're the perfect go-to snack for anyone craving that mesquite-like flavor profile.


A Caesar is also similar to what one would call a Bloody Mary in the US but this drink is a bit more complex. Whereas the Bloody Mary drinks in the US contain a whopping amount of toppings, the Caesars in Canada are all about the ingredients in the actual drink. With vodka, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and Clamato juice, along with traditional additions like celery salt and pepper to line the rim of each glass, this brunch classic is refined and full of flavor. To finish, each drink is also given any one of the following: celery, lime, olives, or even pickles.

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Red River Cereal

Unfortunately, this cereal was discontinued the past year (thanks, 2020!) but it deserved an honorable mention due to the fact that it got so many people eating healthy cereal. This grain blend contained rye, wheat, barley, and flaxseed and while it's not cereal in the traditional cold-cereal sense of the dish, it was a hot cereal that only required water to be made properly. It was more delicious than the average bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat and contained a plethora of nutrients, which were often mixed together with additives such as jam, honey, nuts, or fruit. This made for a seriously comforting breakfast dish that was as healthy as it was flavorful and it will definitely be missed.

McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake

Frozen cakes aren't anything unusual but McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake is one of a kind. This sweet and decadent cake comes in vanilla, chocolate, and marble flavors (and possibly a few more) and is topped with a perfectly sweet icing that balances out the moist, slightly dense cake and its flavors. It also comes in a resealable package so that the option is there if you want to keep yourself from eating the whole thing - but we'd recommend an icebox with a lock for that, as this cake is just that good.

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