Scandinavia is home to stunning natural landscapes, postcard-pretty towns, some of the happiest people in the world, and delicious local cuisine. One of the best parts of visiting the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, is sampling authentic Scandinavian dishes.

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Often making use of ingredients such as salmon, herring, and potatoes, the cuisine is hearty and welcoming. You’re likely to fill up fast on Scandinavian fare, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to stop eating! When faced with stacks of pancakes, tasty meatballs, and some of the best seafood around, you won’t be able to say no.

Check out these 10 Scandinavian foods you have to try!

10 Sweet Cheese: Geitost

The Scandinavian countries aren’t exactly known for their cheese, but there is one dairy specialty that you have to try during your visit. Geitost doesn’t look like cheese—its brown and red coloring make it resemble a huge chunk of caramel. But don’t be fooled by its sweet taste. It still counts as cheese!

Plum Deluxe explains that geitost is actually caramelized lactose. The rich, sweet flavor is seriously addictive, and it’s often eaten with bread or used in cooking. Goat milk and cow milk are used in the production of this Scandinavian favorite.

9 For Sweet Tooths: Cloudberry Jam

If you have a sweet tooth, there are a plethora of sweet treats and desserts to try while you’re in Scandinavia. Many of them are complemented by the wonderful cloudberry jam. You can find cloudberries made into candy, drinks, and sauces in the Scandinavian countries, but our favorite is the crunchy jam.

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According to Tripzilla, the seeds aren’t removed in the ham-making process, which makes the product so crunchy. It’s often added to dishes like waffles to give them an extra dose of sweetness. After trying it, you’ll want to buy a jar to take home with you!

8 Open-Faced Sandwich: Smorrebrod

One of the most famous exports to come out of Denmark is the open-faced sandwich known as "smorrebrod." Originating as a heavy farmer’s lunch, the dish is comprised of dense dark bread, such as rye, topped with colorful combinations of ingredients.

You can find just about anything on smorrebrod these days, but the combinations of ingredients usually include meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, spreads, and pates. You’d be hard-pressed to spend more than a day in Denmark and not come across locals enjoying their delicious smorrebrod.

7 Seafood Lovers: Gravlax

Seafood lovers will enjoy their trip to Scandinavia since many of the dishes include some kind of fish. Throughout history, people from the Scandinavian countries came up with various ways of preserving and serving the fish that they caught in the nearby waters, which is why they have such a seafood-focused culinary tradition today. One of the most popular Scandinavian seafood treats is gravlax or raw salmon.

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The salmon is cured using salt, dill, and sugar. Trip Savvy explains that it is normally served on top of rye bread with a little mustard and dill, or with a side of potatoes.

6 As Classic As It Gets: Herring

Gravlax may be one of the most well-known seafood dishes to come out of Scandinavia, but there’s really no limit to fish-centric dishes in these northern countries. Visit any of the Scandinavian countries and you’ll probably come face to face with herring sooner or later.

This classic fish is served in a variety of ways. Shermans Travel advises eating it fried or smoked if you’re not used to the favor. But if you truly have a taste for fish, you can opt for something a little more daring, like pickled or fermented herring.

5 Better Than Ikea: Meatballs

If you’ve ever been to Ikea, then you’ve probably tried Swedish meatballs. But the ones you find in the motherland are much better! Often, the meatballs in Scandinavian countries are made using a combination of pork and veal and only use fresh ingredients.

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The way the meatballs are served tends to vary between the countries. For example, in Denmark, meatballs are often served with potatoes, pickled cabbage, and beetroot. In Sweden, however, you’ll find them served with jam and mashed potatoes. Whatever country you’re in, you can be sure that the meatballs will be seriously addictive!

4 The Best Starter: Fruit Soup

Due to the cold weather and long-lasting winters in Scandinavia, fresh fruits aren’t always available. Over the years, locals developed ways of preserving their fruit so they could enjoy the flavors throughout the extensive winter months. This is how the tradition of fruit soup originated in countries such as Sweden.

Fruit soup can be served both hot and cold and is mostly served as a starter before the main course is brought out. The traditional soups that you’ll find in Scandinavia have a wonderful thick consistency and will satisfy all your cravings.

3 Filling And Generous: Salmon Soup

Salmon soup doesn’t sound like it would be overly filling, but make no mistake—this dish will definitely eliminate your hunger. It is often served with huge chunks of tender salmon that fall apart in your mouth, as well as potato cubes. Sometimes, the soup is served as the main course rather than a starter, and you can guarantee that it will leave you feeling full.

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It has more of a watery consistency than many American soups, which are typically creamier. But it still definitely fits the description of comfort food that will keep you going back for more!

2 Beyond Breakfast: Pancakes

Pancakes come in many varieties in Scandinavian cuisine. While many western countries tend to pancakes solely for breakfast, they are eaten at all times of the day here. You can also get savory versions in addition to sweet. When pancakes are sweet, they are often served with whipped cream and fruit.

Denmark boasts pancake balls that taste like a cross between pancakes and donuts—to die for! There are also Swedish potato pancakes which are called "raggmunk." Finland is not technically a Scandinavian country, but the Finnish have oven-baked pancakes which also delicious.

1 Delicious Dessert: Ringcake

Ringcake is a scrumptious dessert that is typically found in Denmark and Norway. The almond cake is presented in rings that are piled on top of each other, each one getting smaller as the tower grows. In the end, you have a spectacular cone cake.

This is a common dessert to be served at celebrations and festivities, but you can still find them in bakeries and cafes through the streets of Denmark and Norway. The almond gives the cake a strong marzipan flavor that most locals can’t get enough of.

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